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Juicy Couture, Walnut Creek, CA and Juicy Couture Consumer Relationship department both of them given poor customer service to me. I was very disappointed and unsatisfiable the ways they were treated me. Boycott this company is the only thing that I can do.

I signed up to be on the email list to get a coupon for my first order. "DONT DO IT" the coupon has never arrived on my email so I signed up on my husband email as well. Guess what it NEVER arrived. Its a scam to get your email. I placed a call to customer service that said keep waiting it will come. It didn't. I called again yesterday and the manager said she would send it over. Guess what it never happened. Called again today and they said they would send it, It hasn't arrived. Called Corp. Office to complain about the issues and my time of calling and she informed me that she could'nt do anything for me that I had to call customer service. This company is a joke and BEWARE..... I have been telling them for a week that if I wasn't going to get the coupon I wanted to place my order somewhere else as it is for a gift in 3 days. Now the shipping for 2 day air is 60.00. So my order of 500.00 with 100.00 savings is now going to cost me just as much with shipping. DONT ORDER FROM THE WEB, READ ALL THE BAD REVIEWS.

I just recently ordered a juicy couture day dreamer bag from the actual website juicycouture.com but when i received it yesterday it was not well made it was not authentic at all from the inside like if they had sent me a fake one i was so upset cuz i prevously own 2 juicy bags and they are both authentic from macys and from the juicy couture store . N still when i called they had the nerve to tell me are you shure its the bag you ordered i will never place an order online with them again in my life.

I have a very bad first time online experience with Juicy. I should say it's the worst online shopping experience that I've ever had! I ordered a large shoulder bag online for my sister's birthday and when i opened the box, I found that it didn't look like the picture shown in its website. Oh sth was missing, the detachable tassels. I immediately called the customer service and the lady told me to call the Operations dept to check if it had the tassels in stock. I followed what they said, but when I called, they were closed. So I decided to go to the store to see if they had any. I went to the store in Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. After the sales lady checked that there's no more stock of the extra tassels, I had no choice but have to return it. The manager came who is so rude, the tone she talked to me made me feel that I had done sth wrong by returning the bag. She asked very rudely without any smile, " Where's the tag?" I didn't know what she's talking about as the bag is in original package, even with the dirty carton box. I told her I just received it yesterday (in less than 24 hours I return it). Her tone was so so harsh. I told her I had no idea how come I received a bag with no tassels or even tag! No one wants to waste the gas to come and return it. Then she asked me what my local tax rate is. I didnt know why she asked, I said probably 8.25%, then she immediately replied, again very rudely, "it's not." I don't know why she needed to ask as everything was in the receipt. At last she handed over the refund receipt to me very impatiently without saying any sorry about the wrong shipment or any goodbye greeting..... I did feel that I was insulted by her rude attitude. I didn't do anything wrong by returning a wrong shipment. I will never shop this brand no matter online or on store. The customer service is so poor that I can't stand!!

I wish i could give this company 0 stars thats how bad it is. I know retail is a game but how they hire and promote people is soley based on there liking of a employee and there actual performance. The company possess no determination and the turnover rate is absolutely ridiculous. The employees at the arden fair mall are ridiculously rude and snobby. The vacaville outlet associates treat and maintain the store like a ross or walmart. Every time i come in they are talking instead of actually working or helping customers. The only one that is up to par is san francisco locations and roseville if your up for the drive or live near by. But if you live in the area your better off driving to walnut creek or roseville.

Juicy Couture has the worst customer service I have yet to encounter. I was charged full price for two items and the day I received the items in the mail they had both gone on sale for 50% off; a savings of 250.00. I was denied a refund even though they claim to have a policy of 14 days after an item goes on sale after purchase, we would get the discounted price. I have called the company now 5 times and still have not received credit, care, concern, an apology, nothing. It is like they hired a bunch of drunken dopes to run their phones. They are posers and should shut down their shameful store or rename it Juicy-mart. The leather bag I paid 400 dollars for now 200, looks like they shaved the balls of a lamb and called it leather! Couture. More like Poor-ture.

the juicy couture in camarillo cal.is the worst they are rude and disrespectfull ...when i spoke to the manager she was even worse her name is Natasha omg!!!!! never had such poor manager customer service in my life oh and the manager Natasha wouldnt provide me corporate num i had to google it on top of that never shopping there again ....

The staff at the Old Town Pasadena location were very unfriendly. Then when I tried to look at the iPhone case from an already opened box so that I could decide if I was going to buy it, I was told not to take it out of the box by an Asian employee there. I wish I would of got her name so I could report it here. She was rude, so I didn't buy it after all and just walked out. Poor customer service!

What, people of COLOR are not good enough to be on your website? I don't see no colored people.

I placed an online order directly from Juicy Couture's official website -- www.juicycouture.com -- about a month ago. When I received my package, I noticed that the pants did not look anything like the photo on their website. I brought the pants to the local Juicy Couture store where the saleslady confirmed that they were not Juicy Couture brand at all. I immediately contacted their online customer service to notify them of their mistake. They told me they were sorry I had received the wrong item and that I could return it. I shipped the pants back with my return form, on which I stated that they were NOT the Juicy Couture pants I had ordered, and in fact, not even Juicy Couture brand at all. Someone named "Lisa Smith" had the nerve to ship them back to me with a sloppy hand-written note stating, "NOT A JUICY PRODUCT" and did not process my return as promised. I had to file a credit card dispute to get my money back. To this day, Juicy Couture still won't acknowledge the fact that they made a mistake in shipping a NON-Juicy product to me. Either someone in their returns department doesn't carefully check people's returns and accepted the pants that were eventually shipped to me, or someone in their shipping department stole the pants I ordered and shipped the no name brand pants to me. Their "customer service" is a joke. I have already filed reports with the BBB and FTC and wanted to warn any other consumers so this never happens to anyone else.

My friend and I stopped into your store at the Boca Town Center Mall looking for a dress. I asked the salesperson what the largest size Juicy carries. One of the salesperson said nicely we carry up to size 12, another salesperson overheard and commented rudely " I thought we only carried only to size 8 in this store" She made me feel very uncomfortable with her implication that I was to large to shop there. I was made to feel that I was not wanted as a customer because the way I looked. It is very upsetting to walk to an establishment and not be treated with respect and proper customer service.

The managers at Juicy Couture on fifth (52nd street) very racist and rude. Plain and simple rather shop online then deal with such nasty people in my life

I got a credit back from the store in San Diego 2 weeks ago that I haven't received yet. Every broad in he store doesn't have a damn clue what to do. Apparently Corporate was supposed to recearch this transaction and g back to me. Well no one in the store bothered to tell me that corporate was closed this past week. So Juicy has my money and no one knows how to get it back to me. Thanks Juicy. Nice work!

I recently purchased two hand bags from juicy couture i'n Valley Fair San jose ca. I ended up finding the style that I really wanted some where else. So I returned one of the purses and didn't need the 2nd one either so I went to return the second one i'n Stanford well I have never i'n my life seen such horrible customer service I'm my life!!! Both of these locations treat you like ur doing some kinda crime because your returning there purses! Plus they sold it to me with a missing key chain! So now they don't want to take my return even though it's only been 3 days and original reciept! Now it completely says they'll except it sighing the time limit! There just trying to make me' wait please don't ever shop at these two un professional locations! I can't get no one from corporate to call me' back either

Juicy Couture at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento is the worst. Anette, a manager at that location has the worst problem solving skills. She is low class and uneducated. I have never experienced such poor customer service. It is unfortunate that Juicy Couture has managers that are not qualified to be leaders in customer service to represent their company. I am definitely sticking to online shopping when it comes to Juicy.

Service very poor at ardent mall Sacramento california

I think you guys should come out with children's stuff. I am Italian and my name is unique. You guys should do like a pumice stone, nail brush, polish, nail file, foot lotion and foot scrub for children while the parents are spending tons of money for the kit for the children.

The Juicy Couture in Denver, Co , Cherry Creek mall is HORRIBLE! Poor management and horrible customer service!

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