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Everytime I go to my location find out more of my favorite food is no longer available.my contract is up next month and not sure if I want to cont.been going for 4 yrs and same food is getting old

Soodeh Nezam is theif

She was consultant at Jenny craig she stole people's credit card numbers and made personal purchases. She borrowed money from clients and never paid it back to them. Now she has her own office located 4370 La Jolla Village Drive #400 and trying to cheat more and use peoples credit card to buy personal items.


It is truly scared that a company with no morals, and does truly endorse illegal behavior is allowed to operate. I want it to stop anyone on board?

This was the worst company I have worked for in my entire life. Totally unprofessional.


i'm need some help. i need to lose about 25 pound's i just started the smoking patch and i'm trying to get a schorlship at eastside center. I do not have any money to start your program.

As an ex employee of Jenny Craig I can only say how much I regret ever being employed at the company. The corporate climate at Jenny Craig is much like a mean girls sorority. They are not interested in the health and weight loss of clients or the welfare of their employees. They have absolutely no business ethics and I do not know where they find the corporate staff, they are inept to say the least. I am embarassed that I was every associated with Jenny Craig. My advice to future employees and clients-- run in the other direction as fast as you can. +

I work for Jenny Craig in Norman, Oklahoma and I can honestly say that this is one of the most pleasant jobs I have ever had. No, the the pay is not great or what I am use to but I would not change jobs for any reason. I am sorry for those people who have had bad experiences but please don't blanket all Jenny Craig locations because we are not all the same. I also began as a client and because of the caring staff I knew I would eventually work for the company. Yes, there are quotas to meet but lets be real here does that not apply to all jobs that are related to the retail industry? The program is phenomenal and it works! Take it from someone who has tried every program out there. When I walked into the center as a client I felt welcome and cared about and I now offer that same experience to the clients I see. Thank you, Anotinette Hathcock

It is so sad to see that nothing has changed in this company. i worked there 9 years ago and never felt so poorly treated by an employer and even by my co-workers who stole my clients and the amount of sales in products that they generated. The manager was good and corrected that but it was a pretty low class operation!

I worked for jenny craig in KY.The only thing good I can say is that the staff was awesome and really nice to work with! The company sucks and its pay. Seems like another wal mart ordeal to me. I had worked almost one month and only received one pay check for a few hundred dollars and I do mean a few. The company barely pays over minimum wage. This company is making a fortune and can afford to pay employees a lot better. I would not recommend working here unless you can live off of six hundred dollars a month. This is NOT a job for anyone with real bills and family. They tell you it is a full time position but full time to them is 30 hours a week?? They do not ever encourage over time god forbid anyone get exactly 40 hours. I was told for JCC I would be paid 10.00 during training. Once I got my check it was 9.50 per hr. I should have received 10.00 because that is what I was quoted. I am really diappointed in this company. The only successful people here have to be the ceos and so forth. Working as a consultant isnt working nor is it worth the hassle. PLEASE take it from me.

As a former employee of Jenny Craig in Texas...DO NOT EVER work for this company. I worked there for less than a year, had phenominal numbers (which is all they care about by the way) and during that time I was assaulted by an employee TWICE. She was written up once but the second time, which happened in front of our BOSS went ignored...instead because I raised my voice, didn't yell; merely spoke very firmly to her...I was told it went against their code of conduct and was terminated. Really? but assault is ok? This place is a joke! If it is close out week and you aren't at quota the last day...employees are EXPECTED to buy product and food until at least they hit Market Quota for the MD and AMD to get their bonus. I have never been fired from a job in my life, never been treated so poorly by an employer, never witnessed such a hostile work environment or women who were so greedy and agressive. For what? The powers that be didn't care about us. The employees at the Centre I was at were so greedy, constantly at each others throat. Constantly doing anything they could to get you fired if you made them mad. The theft was horrible! I witnessed food theft daily, bribery to JCC's by customers and even one JCC forced to buy a clients food at her discount for them because of something she did but didn't want anyone to know. Did it get looked into and did she get written up or fired? NOPE but I did because I spoke in a way the MD didnt like after being hit for a second time by a fellow employee. I had been looking for another job anyway, they just beat me to it and they make sure you can't get unemployment. They promise you the best and kick you in the butt and ruin your work record, your good name and leave you traumatized! Take my advice...DONT WORK THERE!

As a former Jenny Craig Employee, I just want to say that this is by far the worst company i have ever worked for, or that exists! Nothing but sales and quotas, and high turnover in employees. They could care less about treating people with respect or about supporting their staff. To work and survive in this company you have to either be A) really passionate about weight loss or B) have no life, education or cant do better for yourself. And even with having A, its still not enough to put up with the politics, and sorority system of upper management *MD'S/AMD'S etc. I would not want my worst enemy to work in a hostile and unproductive environment such as Jenny Craig. Even though i believe in the diet part of the prog, i dont believe in the unethical treatment of human beings/staff at this company. Suggestions to clients, do Jenny at home, or just buy your food and stick to the plan yourself. If you get use to having a personal consultant they will just leave in a few months. And understand its not their fault, as we are treated so poorly.

I am giving feedback concerning the new Jenny Craig commercial. I am sad that we have gotten to a point where we can't express what we have to offer without it being so racey. I would NEVER use this program because of their advertisement. Have some class Jenny Craig.

I am interesting in introducting Khalilah Ali. Khalilah Ali is in the process of writing her story. She was married to Muhammad Ali, had 4 beautiful kids and is now living in Miami, Florida. Khalilah is overweight and would love to be a candidate to advertise as a Jenny Craig model. My name is Joycelyn Norris and my contact number 7862674208.

As a Jenny Craig employee i started as csc (front desk/food room) then was promoted as a consultant only after they walked out an employee for being late several times. I was given a crash course in consulting. Well having done the program myself successfully it was fine that i was not trained the proper way. I have worked for four different CD's since becoming a consultant. All LIARS !! they keep really bad employees over good ones. There are so many problems with this one center in MA that they have a revolving door for employees. I have to say my clients were great. I serviced over 247 a month. Well recently they walked me out. I would recommend not working for Jenny Craig as a matter of fact RUN the other way!

Awful place, awful, unethical behavior. LISA, THE MANAGER, AT THE SAUGUS MA STORE, STAY AWAY FROM HER AND JENNY CRAIG IN GENERAL. Have been promised a refund of my $149 worth of food (for first week of membership, which I had never picked up) -- because had death in family of a young person, knew I would not have the time or energy to start program --- NEVER GOT A REFUND, AFTER 30 OR SO PHONE CALLS. Promises, "wait a month, it will come". This is RACKET. STAY AWAY FROM JENNY CRAIG.

I belonged once before and it was good. Now? Horrible. The last 6 times I have gone in ON TIME, they made me wait at least 20 minutes. "Our system was down and we are trying to catch up on paper work." So you let the customer wait so you can finish paper work? Really? Anyone who has ever worked in customer service for a minimum of 5 minutes or less knows the customer in your office takes precidence. Can't the gal who I can hear down the hallway calling people at work and at home confirming their appointments get you caught up on paper work? Very poor management skills. I also found out they FIRED two of my favorite counselors and never bothered to tell any of their clients. They just keep booking appointments under their name, and then tell you she couldn't come in that day. Liars. They also charge multiple times for food. Both were fired for what I would consider descrimination. One has a sick mother and they refused to work around her schedule, and the other wanted to go from full time to part time as she is a new mom. Both were fired as 'at will' and 'not in compliance of work ethics'. Really? I don't want to support a company that treats people that way. Oh, and both were 'walked out' in front of their clients, as if they had done something criminal. Bad bad bad. I am no longer a member of Jenny Craig. I don't want to support that kind of atmosphere! They only want my money anyway, they don't care about me personally.

I have been a member (lifetime) of Jenny Craig since the mid 1990's; When I first started the program it was absolutely wonderful. The consultant's were committed and caring. This has drastically changed over the years. I've had numerous problems with Jenny Craig consultant's and center director (Carol). When I returned to the Brockton, MA center this year, I was put on the wrong caloric intake. Each week when I would go in to the center to meet with my consultant and get weighed, I was not losing weight. This went on for over a month until I finally questioned the assigned calories and the consultant realized that I was on the wrong plan. I wasted over a month's worth of money and food. When I requested a refund, I was met with rudeness and resistance and at one point a consultant even tried to convince me that this was my fault, just to avoid refunding my money. In anoher instance, I received a flyer advertising a "comeback" special for JC client's who have left the program. The offer included a $25.00 off coupon on "Jenny's Cuisine" if I were to come back anytime in September. The flyer advertised as a "Weekend" of Weight Loss Celebration" beginning friday, Sept. 16th. - Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011, at the Jenny Craig Centre, 165 Westgate Drive, Suite 2, Brockton, MA. When I called the center and spoke with Carol (the Center Director) to find out the Centers hours for Sat. and Sunday, I was told that they are not open on Sunday. When I mentioned the flyer and what it stated, she became rude and arrogant and told me that she did not know what I was talking about, that she had been there for four years and they are never open on Sundays. She was absolutely useless. The consultant's, and "Center Director", are definently worse than those from many years ago. They are rude, uncaring, arrogant and serve no purpose, in my opinion.

I'd like to rate them with no star. Awful wretched company to work for. CEO & many people from Corporate recently jumped ship because the environment has gotten worse since Nestle completed their takeover. The program itself (as intended, not the version Nestle see fit) is the best way to lose weight, yet is not anything ingenious. Hire yourself any GOOD personal trainer and they can teach you far better than any of the actors that Jenny trains as weight loss consultants. Trust that any employees that currently remain, continue only because they have to or because they are delusional and just don't know any better. Management consists of even more delusional inexperienced people who are nothing more than gophers for Nestle's new vision. Now that Patti Larchet and other good people have left, I am counting the days until I can leave this horrible company. Do yourself a favor and stay away. Although I would not suggest Weight Watchers, Lindora or any of the other programs out there... All a waste of time. Be on the look out for something new on the horizon in weight loss centers. A lot of smart people who care about our clients are leaving. You may just see something bigger than Jenny Craig ever dreamed of.

This company stinks. I finally decided which program to enter, Lindora, WW, GC etc. I started last week and they started me in the wrong caloric intake rather than the one the computer told them. Therefore I used food ($165) for a week and gained a pound. The office girl said you're on the wrong caloric intake, you were directed to use 1500 calories and the plan says 1200. Teh counselor made the error in her plan. Ginny says their sorry but nothing they can do to recoup the $165. The director says no refund is warranted. This sucks.

A classic corporate sales rip-off. Too much to even go into here. Any problems, I suggest doing what I'm doing: challenge the credit card charges and let the credit card bank request legal proof that they have been honest and held up their end of an agreement, which they will not be able to do; contact your state's attorney general; complain to the Food and Drug Administration; complain to the Federal Trade Commission. Best thing to do in the first place: stay away from Jenny Craig.

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