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Pitiful customer service

two pricey sweaters pilled beyond belief won't take back since i tossed the receipt

Poor return policy

It's very disappointing when your unable to exchange an item you can't wear!! I understand buying things on line your taking a chance but you should be able to exchange an item when it doesn't fit!! I order from jcrew all the time even decided to get a jcrew credit card just because I do shop there often. But I'm going to cut it up after paying it off!!!

Marketing Manager

Very disappointed that after all these years this company is still WASPY!! we live in the MOST diverse country in the world. Where are the other nationalities that should be gracing the cover of their magazines?

poor business practice

Just ordered another $200.00+ of "new arrivals"...and today, a day late and dollar short, I could have gotten 20% off--but, since the order was 24 hrs ago---no such luck and I am stuck paying more on new spring/summer items. Not nice, not nice at all...... Closing charge after many many years, this is the straw that finally broke the camels back---and customer service must be full of part time trainees with no experience--because it is scripted and you are treated like you don't exist. By the way, I am a professional, 62 years old, have disposable income to spend and am still working at a professional level--and I wear J. Crew--excuse me make that use to wear J.Crew---not any more.

Love it

I have not shopped anywhere but Jcrew in these past 2 years.I love everything about the clothing, The prices, and quality. The one thing I would add is more sizes for men. In the Jcrew Factory stores I notice they do not have tall sizes, many customers are tall. They should also come in tall sizes at least the dress shirts. It would be awesome if they took this in notice.

(Cont.) and located the item in Gulf Port store. I spoke with Kelsey who completed the re-order. Please acknowledge both Brooke (tint on falls) and Kelsey (gulf port) for their wonderful customer service. Thank you Carolyn Arkenau


Who is your buyer? They should be fired! Your not the classic preppy with a twist anymore. Your styles are boring, your material is cheap, and your prices are a joke! Who is your clientele the chinese with these 00 sizes? Why when I go into your store you have all 00 but no real sizes. You appeal to the 20 year olds but its the 40 somethings that shop in your store yet you don't have sizing for me?! Stop trying to hard, and Jenna Lyons your super annoying, take it down a notch


I have seen many fashion magazines throughout my life, and while fashion models are normally tall and very slim, your catalogue seemed to me to cross the line. Your adult female models look anorexic. This "look" is unattractive and unhealthy. Young girls are especially influenced by images of beautiful young women and great fashion. It is irresponsible of J.Crew to promote an unhealthy physical appearance.

Poor business practices

Don't put it in your bylaws for employees to report employee theft if you're not going to follow thru on it. I'm very disappointed in your company and how my daughter, who was trying to do the right thing, and presented the evidence of theft, was treated. Word spreads among employees, don't expect anyone to report employee theft if you're not going to protect them from repercussion!

Bye Bye

As a JCrew customer longer than I can remember all I can say I finally had it with their shoddy merchandise since they were bought out by a private equity firm and I closed my account this week! See you at the closing sale!

Outstanding Company

I have not shopped at JCrew long, but boy am I glad that I do. Their Sales Associates (in my Northern California location) are always exceptionally polite and never pushy. They are available without being in my face. They ALWAYS go completely out of their way to help me find the item I need or want in my size or color. This company has a fantastic standard of service and I am indefinitely a loyal customer for life. Props.

Very pleased

I have to offer a bit of positive news about the J Crew catalog, the online catalog and customer service. Recently, I received the catalog and noticed some jeans that I wanted to get several pair of. They were the Vintage worn. Catalogs and online shopping offers only so much info so I called customer service, utilizing all 3 ways to connect with J Crew other than the store. Had I not received a printed catalog, I would not have had interest in the jeans, period. The website as an electronic version was not helping a lot. Calling customer service was my last option to get comfortable with my purchase. I am one who touches material and looks for quality in every sense. That's why I generally go to their store. I ordered two different shades in the jeans on two separate occasions, weeks apart. When I spoke to both customer service specialists, they were kind, fun, helpful, knowledgable, offered cost savings and knew what I wanted and assured me that I'd be happy with the product. They were right. The jeans are great. J Crew has always delivered. Regarding a printed catalog, most paper sold these days has some virgin fiber and recycled content. Unless there is an FSC logo on the catalog somewhere, I would never know recycled from a less regurgitated sheet. Marketing, sales, survival in a tough and competitive market all require printing, a website and CSR's that have to try to know hundreds and hundreds of ever changing products. In my opinion, J Crew is a company that has shown a significant improvement over the past 25-30 years. It is easy to complain and find fault. I make mistakes every day. I am extremely grateful that I don't get a stack of negative reviews each evening. The positive far out weigh a poor experience now and then with someone who might be in training. Just my thoughts.

Tried to buy a very expensive leather skirt and spent over 30 min on the phone giving all personal info including my credit card and at the end of the conversation the operator said she could not find it on~line! The J~Crew operator proceeded to tell me that a consultant will look for it in the stores and send it to the shipping address I provided. I did not hear back for 3 days and called the J~Crew 1-800 number to find out what was going on with my order! I was told there is no skirts left in the country that they only made 6 of each size!! How absolutely ridiculous and the fact they kept it on the website despite the salesperson telling me that it sold out in September just 2 days after posting on the website!! The gentleman was very rude whom I spoke with when I suggested they should have removed the skirt in the on~line inventory, as it is false advertising and the fact it did not even say 'sold out'. What a waste of my time and the obvious disregard for common courtesy. Complete lack of kind and respectful customer service. DONE with J~Crew.

I just received your new catalogue printed on extremely costly unrecycled stock. I am sure it was very expensive to produce and distribute, including printing, photography, and shipping. You have cut down trees for this, incurred overseas shipping and then delivered door-to-door. Further, demographically there is one Caucasian blonde woman throughout, hardly representative of a broader demographic. In our times every company must embrace a culture of consciousness. Consumers care about the global footprint. I urge you to seek more cost effective, politically correct and creative marketing solutions. The very consumer you wish to reach is put off.

This is the very worse retail company I have EVER conducted business with in 28 1/2 years! They were RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, ARROGANT, and POMPOUS after being a contractor with their store fronts for over seven (7) years. They would NOT pay me for three to five months at a time, expecting me to literally work for FREE and float my bills. These were the most pugnacious individuals (CEO,CFO,and COO) I have ever had the displeasure of encountering.

I was recently in a waiting room and saw one of your catalogs. I am a 51 year old woman who picked up your catalog thinking that I might find a product that I would like to purchase and now would never shop in your stores because of what I saw, the model was obviously anorexic. The pictures were not even attractive and as a matter of fact I found the pictures revolting. I have a family member who is suffering from eating disorders which is why I am signing anonymous to save the identity of my family member. One major reason women suffer from eating disorders is becasue of catalogs like yours and magazines who exploit women with eating disorders. I couldn't look at the clothes the model was wearing in your catalog because all I could imagine is that she looks so much like the patients in the eating disorder unit of the hospital. I would only hope that your corporation considers the effects your poor judgement has on girls and women.

I bought my daughter a jacket from J Crew that was $250. Its all shredded and falling apart the store on columbous circle said sorry cant do any thing about it.... I am contacting the main headquarters tomorrow to see if i can email pictures to Mr Drexler. Im sure they wont let me. I am totally unhappy with the quality and $250 is allot to spend and have it shread. Its Terrible!!!!

I'm looking for a Response for Proposal (RFP) that is on the street for J Crew for POS systems, how can I get hold of that RFP? Thanks,

I made an online order last night and less than 24 hours later, items were considerably marked down. The order was not even close to shipping. It would be to your advantage to do price adjustments within a small window of time, especially since you seem to have more complaints now than ever before. You've now lost a good and loyal customer. I didn't appreciate the way you hid merchandise anyway. You never could explain why merchandise on your site disappears when sales begin, only to reappear in bulk when sales end. Good job, J Crew!

I have a friend who works for J Crew. She has a home and bills as do we all. She can't rely on he employer to provide her with enough hrs in a week to even start to pay her bills. Hr "crew mates" are pretty muchin the same position but most are young and still living at home with their parents and without bills we adults have insupport of our children. Wouldn't be to bad if they would even come up with a permenant schedual in order to obtain a second job to be able to live a decent life. Don't be surprized my friends at the attitde of the employees at any of your J Crew stores as the management at the corporate level couldn't care any less for the well being of their staff. This is a very sad time of corporate greed run crazy. Please when you enter a retail business stop and ask one of the employees how they are treated by the corporate office. If they aren't supported by their company then we as consumers shouldn't support that company. DON'T BY J CREW! Thanks for your time.

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