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Why do you Always insult people with your commercials? Hate your vision.

4 deliveries to get an acceptable piece because of horrible workmanship. Check product while on truck, view much better of workmanship.

Haverty's Commercial

Make it stop!!! Those commercials are aweful!!! I will never shop there because of them.


The marketing department needs replacing. Can't imagine anyone enjoying your television advertising. These characters must really need the cash to be associated with such a dorky advertising program. Not to mention the fact that these ads run about every hour. If not more often. Wedding cake chair? Really? Now the newest bringing a chair and a side to a barbecue.??Does no one at Haverty's see how bad these are? So bad that people take time to write a review! Marketing director must be a Haverty!

Irritating commercials

The current commercials with the dweeb couple are enough to keep me from shopping at Havertys

Stupid Commericals

Let's just say I cringe everytime those stupid commericals for Haverity's stores are played. When will these end?

Disgusting Commercials

I have bought furniture from Havertys before and it is tops. Why would a large corporation like this have such stupid idiotic commercials? Every one is disgusting and would not make me buy from you if I never had. The girl and the guys are absolutely dumb! Please don't do such a disservice to your company any longer! Thank you!

Cake Chair

So annoying, please stop the commercial. I turn off the sound as soon as the commercial starts. Please make another commercilal and with new people. I will not shop at Havertys because of it.

Haverty's Chair Wedding Cake Commercial

I would not shop at Haverty's just because of the stupid commercial with the Lady that says "Picture and chair, now picture eating a chair" UGGGHHHH!!!!! Worst commercial EVER!!!!! Makes me want to barf, every time it comes on. It is so stupid, and makes no sense at all. You need to fire the person who is responsible for these commercials...and fire that annoying lady doing the commercials!!!

you guys need a life

I see all these complaints about a dogs, beds, etc etc....get a life. Nobody cares what you think, that is why this blog is here to make you feel special. It was a commercial...if your that offended it's no wonder you never amounted to anything. And never will....Havertys doesn't care what you think....lol...hahahaha. No they don't care if they get your business again because they have the business of millions. You don't matter....don't you get it?


your commercial for the woman that designes her own chair is outrageous, and the one with the mattress salesperson that yawns just as much as the customer really stinks. They both stink, can't you think of something better.


bought a sleeper sofa and 2 recliner, all 3 pieces were not fit to be sold in a furniture store. all 3 pieces went to a thriift shop, glad to get rig of them. will not buy anything more from this so called fine furniture store. The stuff stinks.

Are you kidding me???

Your commercial with the sofa and dog rejection is ridiculous! There are sooooo many pets in need, how dare you even assist in the idea of rejecting a pup looking for a caring home. Please remove this commercial and rethink your advertising staff.


Just saw your commercial. The one with the couch that the woman is trying to match a dog to. I thought it was asinine and discriminatory. There are so many animals out there that need homes. Really, matching a dog to a sofa. It's not even funny. It's stupid.


Your advertising campaign is an insult to your customers intelligence. Get rid of the lady that designed it herself and the man she is with. Disgusting advertising campaign.

Customer Service

No urge. table has failed twice to be delivered due to failing your inspection. Do you really care about your potential customers? I don't believe so.

Probably should have found this site sooner

I ordered a couch in december 2012 and took delivery february 2013. the cushion (a single piece of foam with a fabric casing) did not fit properly, so i accepted the option to have another cushion and casing made since it was a custom order. well, it's june and these clowns cannot seem to complete the order that is clearly written in my service ticket. if the problem is not resolved today, then they can come pick up their furniture. i will never even consider haverty's again in the future. it's not worth the risk of something being wrong with the order to have to deal with these bozos trying to resolve the situation. just send the furniture back if it's defective and ask for a full refund

horrible customer service

Purchased mattress and base. was not happy in the 3 day period and tried to cancel the sale. No luck. Then I tried to get them to honor their guarantee and still no luck. 20 days now trying to sleep on a mattress that is harder than sleeping on the floor. Haverty's does not seem to care about customer service. Poor service and sales people do not care once they get the sale.

I was given a defective mattress, the store would not give me a refund. Since I didn't want to get the same exact mattress I'd had previously because of the bad experience I'd had with it. I got the next available mattress which was a upgrade, and naturally cost more. So I had to spend more money for another mattress, because I'd been given a defective one. Seems like the store should have offered the upgrade or found another comparable one, neither was done. I would not recommend this store to ANYONE. They have the worse customer service !!!!

Horrible Company

This company treats their employees horribly. I personally know of an 18 year employee being fired two years prior to her retirement because of poor sales for ONE MONTH!! They do not have paid maternity leave for their employees. They force their female employees to eat up their sick time, vacation time and short term disability just to have a baby. They make their office staff work 10 hour shifts with one 1/2 hour break, that is ILLEGAL! This company treats their employees like crap! Do NOT support a company that treats their employees so poorly!! Hit them where it hurts, their fat wallets!!

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