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Hello, Thank You for your wonderful wholesome movies that kids can watch without corruption. We buy your cards year round and thank you for them too. Keep up the good work and Thank You again. Blessings to you all. Kaye


How dare you diminish mothers from a traditional home. Your greeting card "if one mother is good, two is better." To insinuate we're less than is about as ignorant as one can get. Who put you in the superiority position.? It's the same old, same old, GREED.

Disrespectul employees

The Alabaster store refuses to let paying customers use the restroom. According to the International Plumbing Code (IPC), they are breaking the law! The employees are very disrespectful and uncaring!


Horrible Horrible service every time I call Corporate office there is this one lady who answers the phone and sounds like she hates her job she will not let you finish your sentence without interrupting you and putting you on hold or to go to the option menu which didn't help at all! I called four times before I just started clicking random numbers in the menu so I could speak to someone who would listen to me...

Horrible upgrade lost my acciunt

Your upgraded (downgraded) website is the worst I have ever seen. It has refused my temp (your) passwords five times, and refuses to allow me to reset my paswords. I did nit pay $12,00 for this mess.And when I go to the e-cards why is it screaming at me? At least the old site knew me.

I had purchased one of the Cupigs for our niece who is at UNC Hospital with acute leukemia. This has been passed around to others to cheer then up. All the stores are out and I was wondering if there is any way I could get 4-5 of these to give to the Oncology Floor at UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill NC. I am looking for the 11" cupigs. Thank you for your help in this matter. Christa B. Herndon

I am always impressed by Hallmark and use your products and your computer programs religiously. Question: When can I expect to see the 2013 Card Program in the Office Supply Stores? Thank you!

I work at a retail store that has a Hallmark section within it. The merchandising rep for Hallmark looks to be almost 70 years old. She is always seeking help from the store employees to assist her with her job! The reps with Hallmark are not store employees and they make more money per hour. Is Hallmark using people like this in these types of positions to fill some kind of EEOC quota? Who hires a 70 year old and expects them to be able to lift 50 pound boxes, which is a requirement for this job!

Triple Dog Dare Christmas Story, August 16, 2011 Bya0 (Tampa, FL) a0a0 Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: Triple Dog Dare Christmas Story 2010 Hallmark OrnamentLoved the story now have the ornmneat. Hallmark has done it again with an ornmneat true to the movie, A Christmas Story. There are many memorable scenes but this one is the best! Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0

stop complaining... if you don't want to buy hallmark - go buy the cheap stuff. i happen to think their cards and their customer service is great! We are living in hard times now.... please.... just be nice. i very much dislike complaining. i am hoping to be hired by hallmark.

The Hallmark Management at Amit's Hallmark in Bartlett TN is the worse. I purchased over $100.00 in Keepsake ornaments and this store offered a lay a way so I took advantage of that and purchased (7) ornanments. Then two weeks later they send me a voucher worht $5.00 off EACH Keepsake ornament, up to $50.00 so I thought they would honor this and take off my lay a way but no would not do that. So I asked if I could return the ornaments and re-purchase the ornaments using the voucher but no, no returns on ornaments. I said well htis voucher does not do me any good since I do not want to purchase anymore ornaments, that was the whole purpose of purchasing the ones I wanted and put in lay a way. Needless to say I used to really like Hallmark and I have spent a lot of money but no longer will I shop this store and maybe not any other as well as I am very dissatisfied. It is pretty sad when you can't even count on Hallmark.

On 2-3-12 I purchased my new membership for $30.95 and picked my free hallmark ornaments. Who-o-o Doesn't Love Snow and Christmas window 2012. As of yet - I have not received them. When I went to the ornament premiere weekend (and bought $250.00 worth or merchandise that day) I realized I hadn't gotten them so I called customer service and was told that when I ordered the membership, and by the time the ornaments shipped (sometime in May) my visa had run out. Well, when I ordered them, I didn't realized that they would not ship until may so my card did run out (in March) but I was sent a new one - like happens every few years. I was told that I should have been notified, which I was not. So I guess someone just dropped the ball. Well - a supervisor came on the phone (now this was a month ago) and told me she would flag the order so I could get my ornaments. In the meantime I ordered Mrs.Clause's cupboard (which I received yesterday) but still no ornaments!!! What is the hold up? This is not my mistake and I have called twice and gotten the tun around. I am ready to call up and cancel the whole thing. I have been in the club for years, but I am probably not going to join again. No wonder companies are going bankrupt in this country, if this is the way you cannot even handle a simple problem like this. I am totally disgusted. And if you want to verify that I spent $250.00 on premiere weekend, I was at the hallmark store in Garden City, Cranston, RI. I am sure I can get the store number for you.

Walter Wagner ---I and many of my friends wioll join the boyott of Hallmark, until the tea party ards are pulled and a apology is publily gien by Hallmark.

What has happen to the great American Company Hallmark? Now when I look at your cards 75% or more are made in China. Well that is the end of Hallmark cards for me. I will look for other cards, that are made in the good old **USA** Hope that more people will start looking at where their cards come from.

i had a bad experience at the local hallmark store. I talked to them last week and told them I accidently brought my granddaughter the precious moments years 5, 6 and 7 and had them up in the closet then bought them again at her birthday and forgot I had them already. I had bought the oldest one who is now 22 the blond hair girl series and was going to buy the other serious of precious moments for the next grandchild. she said no problem just bring them back and we will exchange them. I brought them today and the manager said would not take back because they had some dust on them. I told her I hadn't even took them out of the box so It must of been poor packaging. She said there was nothing she could do. Also said that I didn't buy them there because the sticker was square instead of round. I told her I didn't go anywhere else but there. I had even offered the other girl to take them back at a lesser price as they weren't going to do be any good. I was very disappointed as I have spent hundreds of dollars on the series and will now have to go somewhere else because apparently my business means nothing to them. I will also let my friends know that too.

I am curious as to why there are no mothers of color featured in your Mother's Day commercial.

I took my grandson (4yrs old)shopping yesterday to look for a Mother's Day card for his mother and was shocked to find at least 4 Mother's Day cards with cuss words in them. I have enough respect for my mother to NEVER give her a card that had profanity in them.I don't know if I will ever buy another Hallmark card again. SHAME ON YOU HALLMARK GREETING CARDS.

Hello, we received a Schroeder wireless band member ornament along with the others for Xmas, and we had just got out of the hospital with an emergency appendectomy, so Xmas was hard this year! Well our Schroeder is defective! The speaker box is all distorted sounding even with fresh batteries! Now we are unable to find another anywhere!

I have decided to cease my lifelong religion of purcha$ing greeting card$, during the multiple time of year. For the multiple people in My Life. As another phase of personal financial pressure, supercedes. I went to 2 stores, in searching for the correct composure of wording. Both stores had bothering low inventory -- for consumers who want the low-priced cards. As that being the fault of the employees & stores: Rite-Aid & Vons And as I told my comments to the on-site c.s. of them: they not care. Purchase of 'on-line' cards be even more expensive. Recently, UNTIL NOW: consumers cannot even report customer service situations ---- to "Hallmark Greeting." As "Hallmark Greeting" does not greet their consumers, via the(ir) website. Be it ph# Be it contact form "Hallmark Greeting" === a very concealed, do-not-care business. (be like me) I DO NOT ENDOR$E HALLMARK ANYMORE That Be The Freedom In Why Other Brand Names To Exist This Chrtms, my receipt be "$17.72" for 5 Hallmark Greeing cards. That's way too much $$$. Almost 1/5th of a $100.00 bill

I did not purchase your Christmas cards this year because they are now being made in China. I will not send out any kind of card made in China or another foriegn country. I'd rather write a letter. I did find another Company that manufactures their cards in the U.S.A. that I did purchase.

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