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hello ya all.Fox is simply awesome.pls,am a prospective writer wishn to get a competent agent/entertaiment attorney.IF u knw hw i cn achieve dis,pls contact me on +23408069040253/nekescastle@yahoo.com.THANKS

Bring amw back best show ever.better than the cartoons for adults you play.No wonder we have a dumbing down of america. You would have to be on drugs to watch that crap!!!!!!!!

This ifnroamtoin is off the hizool!

Knowedlge wants to be free, just like these articles!

Since you decided to take amw off I won't be watching anything on your tv stations. That is a really good show in that it helps children and adults get justice and closure and gets the low life crimals off the streets.The last episode I watched they were hunting pedophiles. So if your going through with this you'll lose alot of viewers

You are about to lose two viewers for your network. The reports are that you are no longer going to carry "AMERICA'S MOST WANTED". This is probable the most valuable program you carry. The last time you air that program, is the last time we will tune in to your network. Don & Marie Buergey donbuergey@sbcglobal.net

Fox is just too much.Keep ur unmatchable feats.Every sensible writer,will love to partner with u.I feel priviledged associating with u.Pls all fox pals,join me on facebook(d guy in a white shirt),I'ill be glad to accept your request.

I really enjoy Chicago Code. I will be extremely disappointed if the network decides to take it off the air. I think it is a great show. I really hope they will reconsider.

Chicago Code is one of the smartest police shows on TV. The story, characters and attention to detail in scripting and filming make this a 'Must See'. Keep up the quality and good programming.

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