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money grubbing fox

It is the lowest of the low to cut off the nfl games and refuse to livestream just to squeeze more money out of Directv, of which I am not fan,. You dare inconvenience the people who watch your programming and use us as pawns in order to enrich yourselves. may this backlash on your network and may your pets expire at midnight.

No Fox News

Get it together, this stupid play is pissing me off.

I believe their network should live stream local TV to people... Like ABC who can live stream local TV to people who subscribe to cable. Internet TV is starting to be a big thing, I want to watch my local Fox network on tv its 2015. FOX needs to maintain its excellence.

programming with Dish

Come on Fox. You people are rich enough. Be ethical. Be courteous to your viewers. Complete civil and ethical negotiations with Dish for your viewers sake. What you are doing with tripleing your rates or trying to extort money is very unwise and unethical.


I have watched FOX 365 days per year. But in negotiations with Dish, FOX is the bad guy. Please don't quit Dish, they are merely trying to hold the line on exorbitant price increases. Up yours, FOX, I can live without you.

Dish is saying that FOX pulled the programming with them. Is this true?

Almost human

One of the best shows of last season and fox in their great wisdom cancel their best show of last season. What a shame you folks finally get a hit and you cancel it.

almost human

why did you cancel this show? Nothing new on tv but almost human. I usually watch cable tv but watched fox for once when caught almost human surfing tv. became my favorite show but not now. It is gone. You can restart it. Now I will not watch fox again unless you want to put it on again.

Congressman's wife


Very rude staff who answer line

First impressions are lasting. With that said, I came in contact with a man and a woman who were very rude. It would behoove someone to review the calls that they are taking and counsel them. SERIOUSLY!!!!


I contacted Fox Entertainment and noticed that they are prideful, horrible and very unethical. I and my family will never view anything from this network. They are the worst l have seen in this current time. Stay away from this horrible employees of this network!!!

It is a complete shame you all will show the new two and a half men with Ashton. Can you please change it to the way it was. I quit watching it since you switched.

comment on new tv show

I just saw a commercial for a new tv show about crossing the lines at work and having the employees say how they really feel about each other. I immediately was repulsed and disgusted at the fact this was going to become a show. How dare you sink so low as to deliberately stir up controversy between coworkers who are trying to do their jobs. I can say with true distain and honesty that I have completely lost faith in the employees of this company and will never support this network. You want a good show? An excellent idea would be to have a crew film and broadcast the ignorance that takes place amongst the people responsible for approving something as vile and unoriginal as this show. this is the first time that I have actually taken time to go out of my way to voice my disgust for something this way. I hope you take my comments in to consideration and take the time to read this post thoroughly. thank you. sincerely, Leonard


I am a charter cable customer,and I watch show on FOX TV and I would like to know if you can put on the Demand cable,please i would appreciate very much.

I watched the X-Factor Wednesday for the first and last time. The show would be much better with one host, Lopez was great, Kardashian terrible, talent fair.

Hate the fact that TBS is showing all MLB post season games except for WORLD SERIES! And why is Fox showing NLCS games instead of ALCS???? Baseball post season is my all time favorite and I loved it that FOX aired it, so thanks for allowing TBS to take over...I HATE TBS!!!!!!!!! And I hate NLCS!! EPIC FAIL FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ruined October baseball for me and the Fall Classic will never be the same...congratulations!!!!

FOX entertainment is a useless corporation who refuses to relinquish the rights to one of the greatest shows of all time: Firefly. If they wanted it to be more successful, why the HELL did they show the episodes out of order, and show Firefly before sports games? It's not the lack of excellence of Firefly that caused it to fail, but the fact that the idiots at FOX don't know what they're doing, and will continue to botch things until they lose enough money to make their slithery selves uncomfortable.

I will NEVER NEVER watch X-Factor again!!! The show tonite was disgusting and insulting to me as a loyal viewer. I am bewildered as to why the judges did not throw off this yo yo Astro kid for his attitude and disrespect to us as viewers. Do the judges think the yo yo kid is talent??? I am DONE with X-Factor and think Simon is just going bring it down after he allows this yo yo kid to insult those of us that have supported his program. I AM DISGUSTED AND DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when I thought Fox was one of the better networks, their greed proved me wrong. I'm really disappointed to find that they are putting profit margins ahead of their viewers. It really stinks that if you don't subscribe to Dish Network you cannot watch shows online for 8 days!!! Your competitors put shows online the next morning. If it's going to take that long to watch a show, I'll just find something else to watch, or something better to do with my time. It's just entertainment - I have a life, and that's why I watch tv shows online, as my schedule permits. Guess Glee will no longer be one of those shows.

I don't know why ther is no more Fox programing foe the Springfield Mo area. I'm very disapointed.

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