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bad business

these people are crooks that stole my money and couldnt follow directions. I cancelled my order and they sent it and charged me any way then took 3 weeks to refund my money

unhappy customer

They closed my account stating I asked for it to be closed which is not true. I call corporate headquarters regarding this matter and for other unrelated issues (poor customer service), leave several voicemail messages, no one ever calls back.

I received my Items OK . And was paid up on all purchases; Then you try to charge me for Ins. I did not want .it and I cancelled it . NOW YOU ARE STILL CHARGING ME over and over again for it . I don't want anymore Magazines nor e-mails from you ever again.

I had to call 10 times, I kept getting disrespectful Jamaicans that would not let me speak to a supervisor and they hang up on me. I will never do business with finger hut again.

Horrible company ever!

I have never been so disregarded in all my life. This company is a rip off and they will not see another dime from me! I returned a fan and they claim they have not received it. It's been enough time. In addition, though I called to state my payment would be late, they charged me an astronomical fee of over $65.00! NO PROBLEM! will not see another dime....and it is done.

worst company

okay I was in the hospital and was icu my daughter was handling all my business these people while I was gone called my house 10 times a day plus they were told I was in the hospital and they just were rude I finally came home after almost 3 week and when I call them they told me I had a late fee cause they never got the check. well they would have if they would have gave her the info but they didn't. They are a joke and don't get Cancer cause that's what I was treated for these people will harass your whole family

Horrible I have been called 1049.1205,1215,1256,123133,135,139144,145,147 all these times in just this one day. When I call I get the Philipines and they evidently follow an instruction sheet. I have contacted my attorney general in Louisiana to lodge a complaint,under the fair debt collection act they are in violation. I ask to be transferred to America and they tell me no. My acct is paid in full.

bad company

I purchased 2 items of very high value and they never arrived to my home,My son had no Christmas in 2013! I have been dealing with this problem for 7 months....Still have not got it resolved! Bad company!!

Poor poor customer service and bad business

I paid off my acct to a zero balance was set up for auto bank with me being on a fixed income social security and have to pay for my medicine but they debited my account with a zero balance to refund me in a form of a check and to be without my medicine all the while.

No contact

If they make a mistake they will not talk to you, all their calls go over seas, and they don't have a clue whats going on.

This company suck they lie place false thing on your credit report this . Is really bad company , they item are cheap and the thing are junk they, are real. Cheap not real thing.

The costumer service Are rude to people

Worst Company Ever

My account was hacked. They reversed the charges but left my minimum payment set really high based on the fraudulent charges and refused to re-set the minimum charges back to what just my purchases were. Customer service is a bunch of robots who do nothing but read a script and are of no help. I reported them to the BBB.

rude customer service

This company gave me a revolving credit limit of 200 dollars . I have to return items and have never been credited back for them, also I've made my first payment and they want acknowledge it. Sending emails is a waste of time as well as calling them. Somebody help!!!

I will NEVER DEAL with them again!!!!

This is the worst company ever!!! They have rude customer service reps and supervisors!!?

bad business

they are very horrible with their business shipping is horrible customer service is bad


They were rude to me. Cancel my order without calling me. Now Dec 21 my kids have no Christmas. Told to celebrate Christmas on December 31 I will never order from fingerhut again. Thank you for ruining my Christmas

Illegal Mailing

Fingerhut illegally obtain people's names and addresses from some other means and send mailings to wrong addresses. When you try and speak to customer service they are completely useless! Someone in the government needs to take hold of this company once and for all

Poor shipping policy

when you order from them they automatically send it to your billing addrs and not your shipping addrs. Poor customer service when you call to inquire.


I thought establishing a professional relationship with Fingerhut was the best thing to build credit, But the cruel and unusual punishment I have experienced from "customer service" is beyond words. Everyone is named "Ann", English is NOT their 1st language, I have received 26 apologies but NO resolution. I have been transferred without notification or cause, my order has cancelled, my down payment was misapplied, I was denied the survey, denied the corporate address, and denied a manager. I have been placed on hold for over 8 mins at a time! I still have not received a tracking number. I am disgusted with this company.

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