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no service

I will never use FedEx again. In fact FedEx should never again come on my property my package could have been delivered faster by pony express, when they couldn’t deliver it at all. It was only coming about 7 miles. And they could not deliver it but I could drive 28 miles and pick it up at one of their offices. Picking up a package at their office is not being delivered. I have two large shipments in the spring; I called both of them as soon as I got off the phone with FedEx and ask if they could be shipped in the brown truck. They both are coming UPS. I now know that they will be delivered.

UPS and USPS are better

When Fed Ex gets it right they shine fast delivery; great customer service, easy internet trackng etc. but when something goes wrong they have no back up system or mechanism for correcting the problem...the problem can go on for days with no solution you get empty promises and people that just make things up because they really don't know whats happening or what the real problem is.

FedEx sets the standard for others to emulate-Period!

I have used FedEx for the past 10 years and every single time they have always been prompt and on schedule. I work for the Department of Defense and everyone of the employees always talk about how great FedEx is and how quickly they are to deliver our packages. I hope all the FedEx employees give themselves a pat on the back for doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

Great Job!

I wish UPS was half as good as of you!! You are the best thank you

What is your problem? Someone calls the day before to have a package delivered the next day and they do not put it on a truck. Why? They were suppose to call if it could not be done. No phone call. The people working at the office in Earth City, MO are a bunch of idiots. Never again will I use Fed Ex to send any packages and I will do everything within my power to have my packages delivered by some other method. I am done with them.

The experience I have had with Fedex has been to most poor, horrifying worst experience with any carrier. You lack commitment to your customers.Your CSRs are very good about brushing off your customers and are never on the same page. It is because of us, the customers, that you have a job. I mailed a simple package overseas and was not educated on problems with customs in that country. I have called hundreds of times, spoken to CSRs and Memphis CAT teams and been told they would follow up and never did. I have even called that country's Fedex and they are worse than your employees here in the United States. I was never educated about "how and "what" to describe what I was sending. I had to submit numerous commercial invoices because the pdf format you provide on your website had to be in word or excell. The original CSR at Tech Rd, Fedex, Silver Spring, Md had failed to let me know the recipient had to pay taxes and fees over my package. I even opened a Fedex Account with much dissagreement of better judgement only to be told by Fed Ex in the destination country that there were no records of that. I provided a secondary number for the recipient 5 days ago and they are still trying to contact her on the wrong number. My pachage is being held hostage in customs because no one in your Fedex Company is bothing to followup and provide the secondary number or even making sure that the recipient is being contacted with the secondary number. This is horrible, I paid $85 for this package to be sent. I will further file a complaint with Consumer Affairs for this horrible experience your company has put me through. Obviously, you dont care enough for your customers to followup with satisfactory results, that I paid for $85.

I have very close friend that just retired from fed ex after 29 years. He worked out of the Garland Texas hub. You would think that after putting in 29 years of service for a company that they would plan something for your last day of work before retiring. Well guess what they did for him? NOT ONE DAMN THING!!!!!!!!! NOTHING they called a meeting and said he was retiring and everyone could say their goodbyes and that was it. NO cake no award no gift not even a card NOTHING! A fellow employee told him that is boss was going to get a cake but he forgot to do it. How is that for a send off for an emplyee who puts in 29 years of service for a large company like Fed Ex? You would think they could do something better than that wouldn't you? Uncaring crappy place to work if you ask me.


Time and time again I have had nothing but frustration with Fed Ex. First time the driver rings my bell, I ring back and instead of coming up in the elevator and handing me my package or leaving the package at my apartment door, he tosses it in a common lobby where anyone has access to the package. Second time the package stays in limbo for 8 days and then is lost. The company had to overnight a replacement as it was a Christmas gift. The third time, I am aware package is to be delivered Saturday so my husband and I stay in the entire day waiting for it. Monitor the Fed Ex website to see that the entire day it is in transit. Now it's 5Pm and no package so I go back to website to see that the driver claimed he attempted to deliver package at 4:40PM and no one was home. Are you kidding? Two people home and no one rang the bell. To add insult to injury I call at 5:15PM to complain and am told by one rep that the driver is gone for the day so they cannot deliver the package the same day. I question the fact that it is astounding that from 4:40 to 5:15 the driver managed to go from Westchester County to the Bronx, empty his truck, hand in his paperwork and go home. All this in 35 minutes. Now I am put on hold to speak with a supervisor who informs me that the driver takes the truck home with him. Okay, let's play devil's advocate, so what happens when the truck is home with the driver and is broken into and all the packages are taken. I am told well, they have special insurance that covers loss and theft. However, now all the packages are gone and consumers do not get their items. Besides, I don't ever remember seeing a Fed Ex truck parked overnight or in someone's driveway. It is totally mind-boggling that during a time when so many people are out of work including myself that people like this are gainfully employed and don't give a hell about their job performance or maintaining a work ethic. It is also unfathomable that you would not want to pull your hair out of your head when speaking to the reps who repeatedly say aha, I understand, aha I understand. Hire parrots, they work for crackers. So now I am waiting for a call from the supervisor (not holding my breath) and a rescheduled delivery for Tuesday. After all, they are closed on Monday due to exhaustion from telling all these lies. Paid $30.00 for this delivery and believe me I intend NOT to order from any company that uses Fed Ex for their deliveries. UPS is half the price and I always receive my package at my door in a timely fashion.

My package was lost and the wrong package delivered to my house. It seems the only option customer service can exercise is to send messages to get additional information. I have been promised a phone call 5 times and gotten one so far. That call informed me that my package had been found and would be delivered in about a week (proposed delivery date today). Now no one there can locate the package or the record that I was contacted with this information. So far, what I have seen is that the level of incompetency is exceeded only by the apathy of the customer service department.

I could not believe what happened to my order going to my uncle in Maine. I ordered him a nice ham from Harry and David. I checked the tracking for the ham on 11-23-11 and it was put on a fedx truck at 8:01AM in Lewiston, Maine. Now I started to get worried when I checked the tracking around 2PM, it hadn't moved since 8:01. There was a snow problem, however being in Maine it should be expected that the smartest thing would to be to call the drivers in early especially since Thanksgiving was the next day and get a head start. Are you kidding!!! That is common sense, I talked to a fedx rep around 3PM or so, named Tory, he said, my order had not been delivered yet, which I already knew, and that the drivers would be delivering until 8PM due to the holiday. I call back at around 5PM finally asked for a manager and got a guy named Johm who said 'they had shut down deliveries at 4:14PM due to weather. Are you joking!! I spoke with my uncle and the roads had been plowed hours ago, and people were getting around just fine...I can not believe that this John guy is a manager of fedx no less. He could have cared less, and you know I wasn't the only one who disappointed a family member. My uncle had a turkey, thank god, but how many others didn't and were expecting their deliveries??? In an economy such as we have, fire them all and hire all those who would give their eye teeth for a job. AND I WONDER IF ANYONE FROM THE CORPORATE OFFICE EVEN READS THESE COMPLAINTS. When you have a manager with absolutely no common sense running a division of a company, it makes it bad for all the other delivery companies. Fire this guy, get someone in there who gives a damn we spend plenty of money there are no discounts to get our packages and gifts to where they are going.

I would like you to know people in Philadelphia are using your trucks to move peoples furniture out if there houses truck # 746848 was in loring st in north east philly on Sunday the 6do of november at11:30am

Fed ex just takes ur money and lies to you the managers dont give a hell about you or your belongings i wont ever use fed ex again lieing bastards!! My family spends hundreds of dollars sendig me packages every holiday and ill tell you thAt this year ups will be getting your money liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fedex dept. in France for customer service is the worst ever Why? Because they keep you waiting more than 20mins at 12 cents per min. They are rude, aggressive with a very bad attitude. They will even laugh at you too. They very turned up for delivery when they had my phone number. Zaceria or Zakiea the agent who even wrote down the problems for Bulsha (the next agent) read them out load and she laughted. I will NEVER use them again. This was the Fedex in Paris, France and I would sack the whole lot of them as they will lose Fedex clients in the longterm because of their poor service. I was going to write to the CEO in Memphis, TN, USA but I have given them too much of my time already and they will never do anything about it. Mow the best way for me is to boycott them end.

Fed-x hires package delivery drivers who refuse to deliver packages and lie about why they didnt deliver, so your waisting money hoping they deliver to an all white community, its too dangerous there, so i have them shipped to the crime free city of chicago. I was being sarcastic.

I have used FEDEX for many, many years and have NEVER, and I do mean NEVER had any problem with very important documents and packages that I ship on a bi-weekly basis. They have never failed and the staff people I have used have been very consistently a sterling group in Houston, Texas, I cannot say enough good about them or their excellent company, and by the way I have worked for many years for another airtransport company, and trust FEDEX exclusively

If my poerblm was a Death Star, this article is a photon torpedo.

I was relaly confused, and this answered all my questions.

I arranged for a fedex ground shipment. The driver arrived and did not have a label. He said he did not want to come back and would take the package. I gave him a fedex air label with me name and accunt number and put on it the receivers name address and number. He said he would make sure that it got taken care of. Fedex then shipped the package overnight for 138.95. I requested an ajustment and was told I could not receive on. I cancelled my small account but have used fedex for about 15 years because they always did the correct thing. I will not use them in the future !!

I have had a very poor experience with FedEx Delivery, I was to have a check delivered to me by an attorney , the check was coming FedEx and was suppose to have been delivered on April 29, 2011 at 2:04 pm. However, no one can find my check, the delivery driver did not leave a door tag, did not go to the office of the apartments I live in and leave the letter and fill out the required form. I have called three time to get help from the FedEx office here in Tyler , Texas and they keep putting me off. This is a large amout of money thet is missing and I feel that FedEx owes me the respect to find my check. I live at 205 Chimney Rock apt. 431 in Tyler ,Texas 75703. My phone at home is 903-565-4304, work is 903-262-2107.I need help and I need some one to do somethin, the last timee I call they told me the driver had been off and they neesed totalk to him, that was two days ago! Pleas help me. Than you, Vivian LaCaze

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