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Broken Dishes

My sister asked the Fed Ex office in Milledgeville, GA to bubble wrap 2 sets of our mother's wedding dishes (70 yr old) and then send them to me in Seattle. The idiot moron didn't wrap a single dish, no packing and sent them to me. They were broken, unreplaceable antiques. The employee should be FIRED. Stupid Stupid Stupid I am so mad I can barely type with without use nasty nasty nasty language. Rated minus 100 it is so bad

Sad Story

I have tried to call the FedEx Headquarters; no. listed on your web site. I do not have an ID number with you, so I cannot complete my call. Long story short - I'm not happy with the Atlanta's Norcross Station.

Liars/Terrible Services/Lazy Drivers

The title says it all...YOU SUCK FEDEX!!!!!!!

poor service and liars

I DON'T RECOMMEND FED ex they have poor service i just find them as please who are doing a fast cash business they don't care they just ignore you like u don't exist hens they have what belongs to you,they are not professional at all,i will never have anything business with fed ex anymore...

Terrible service/worse follow-up

Not going to waste too much more of my time on this. I've simply seen better service at a WalMart. YOU SUCK! ( why not able to select no stars)?


Apparently, if Fed Ex has a box to deliver, it is their policy to climb a locked gate with a no tresspass sign posted when they see no one is home, instead of calling the phone number on the box to see if I want them to leave it, Calls to the office manager were a waste of time, as he was a rude and a smart mouth to me telling me they are paid to deliver packages and not to spend the day making phone calls. Unbelievable rudeness. Great theft alert to anyone driving by that sees a package sitting on my porch. I hadn't ordered the package and had no idea it was coming or would have been at home. My family will never use Fed Ex again..

Arrogant,Rude, Lazy Drivers. Tired of packages not being deliveries because the drivers do not want to enter a gate code. One Driver even told me no I don't want the gate code I will just take back to office. Which is a one hour commute one way. Also customer service is no help called them to leave gate code with them after I sent email and still did not even put package on truck for delivery! This is a horrible company to do business with..Never Again!

Horrible Liars

Paid for "next day". The tracking showed "recepient not available" which was a lie. Home all day. No delivery attempt notification anywhere in the building. In other words the driver never got out of the vehicle. Package did show on redelivery date, in the mail lobby of the building. No one ever knocked on the recepient's door or called the telephone # on the package. FEDEX Rip Off.

Horrible Service

I'm not sure how a simple 2nd attempt delivery can go so horribly wrong. I called up in advance to coordinate my second attempt delivery around a time that works within FedEx's schedule limitations. They confirm on 2 separate phone calls that they would show up the following day with my package at our agreed time. I rushed home early from work and waited well past the agreed time. I called to follow up and learned that my package never left the FedEx holding location (not even at the holding facility closest to my town). I followed up with a request to keep my package at the holding facility and I can work out a pick up. The next day, I show up to pick up my package and learned that they shipped it the night before to another FedEx location over an 1 hour away. I requested an alternate delivery option or a Saturday dropoff since the delivery has become overly complicated and horribly inconvenient; their only options to correct these errors is for me to pay more money for a different delivery. Say what you will about UPS (they do suck), but at least they were able to accomodate and do what they can to correct their errors with my previous packages. They're customer service is much better, if only their delivery can catch up slightly.

Fed ex is heart less

Fed ex gives no chance to adjust there start time and work with employees sometimes I feel like just a cattle number its fed exs way or the highway

Lazy drivers

I have watched Fedex driver sit in front of my condo and write out the paper works and paste it to the intercom and leave, them when you complain to Fedex over, and over they do nothing about it. They are by far the worst deleivery company I have ever deal with.

Smarpost service was terrible

Ordered two memory cards from a seller back East and it took 17 days to be delivered to the West Coast. Many phone calls and just terrible customer support. They seem to have very little tracking ability as to where packages are located. They deserve 0 stars.


On 2/12/13 I shipped 2 Boxes to Hewlett Packard via FedX. One was destined to California, and one to Lavergne, Tn. that is missing. Both boxes were picked up at the same time, but now FedX is saying that they picked up only one box. Unfortunately, I have no proof that 2 boxes were picked up because I failed to make copies of the labels. Let this be lesson to others. Always get a signature from the driver, and make copies of the shipping labels. FedX is in the process of trying to locate the missing box, but so far I haven't heard from them. I give them a C-.

Speed Demon Driver

OMG! The driver in the Fed Ex Ground Shipping truck (green logo), was driving in the subdivision was driving so fast. I called corporate office to let them know and the girl on the other end told me at first they could not do anything about it because I did not get a id off of the truck. WHAT? I had to keep pushing the issue for her to even direct me to another representative. They can easily look that up by location and zip code. He was better and said he would take care of it. Who Knows if that is true, but....

Horrid Service!

Sent from Perrysburg, Ohio Fedex office tax documents to my accountant in Las Vegas, Nevada, a business address. Fedex tried to deliver the documents on Saturday, four days later, but said the business was closed, Not True! This is tax season & the office was open for business at 10:57 a.m. when the mis-delivery allegedly took place. Waited until Tuesday to try again, then delivered to State Farm Insurance who delivered to my accountant. I paid over $15.00 for this awful service!


FedEX, delivered my package to my neighbor without my permission, this is not the first time, it just happen that this time the neighbor has been away for few days and its my weeding dress. My wedding is in two weeks and this is extremely inconvenient . Be aware, Fedex is the worst shipping company. horrible customer service

Lost or Stolen Package

I had to give them a rating of one star, but FedEx doesn't even deserve that! In December, I mailed a package (as a guest) without creating an account. What a huge mistake that was! I dropped in the FedEx box at my office and it has never been seen again! People please ship UPS! Over the years, I have shipped UPS and USPS without any incidents. I shipped FedEx because of convenience since there was a dropbox and it was the week before Christmas. I wouldn't doubt that the driver saw it as easy pickings and stole the package. I filed a claim and they denied it. I also contacted Robert Carter the CIO to no avail. If you want to ship FedEx then take your chances otherwise be smart and UPS!

lost pkg.

I mailed my Business Pkg through Mail Box Inc. in Douglasville, Ga on Dec 31....By mid-January, still no pkg. Cl'd Mail Box Inc., very nice young man advised me of my Tracking no. and I called FedEx...lady said to fill out a claim through Mail Box Inc., did that...called 7 days later, nothing done, he cl'd his boss (owner) not home, left msg., still no return call from owner. So far, my business is not operating as all my business records/drawings etc. are in my box that I shipped from Mail Box Inc. (I suppose Fedex will blame the small bus. owner (Mail Box Inc.) for this. I am like a dog with a bone. Not going to drop this because of a lack of concern on FedEx's part. You haven't heard the last from me.


this company is horrd. spent 65 grand a year for shipping. corp customer service has an iq in single digits.

Aweful business

FedEx employees are the most unprofessional, rude and unreliable employees I have ever come across. They not only have inappropriate side conversations during business hours, they force customers to react to there every demand. I am specifically talking about employees at the Fed-Ex store in Spring St, NY Never, ever will I do business with Fed Ex again. Fed Ex do you ever train or screen your employees before hiring them? Or do you just hire anyone? Totally not worth it.

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