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Do Not Work For D&B

My sister was called into an interview at the D&B in Frisco, TX. When she went to the interview the manager had not read her resume or even looked at which job she was applying to. The interview went down hill from there. He took every chance he got to verbally abuse and degrade my sister and her accomplishments. It is no surprise that the Frisco location has such a high turn over rate and is one giant lawsuit waiting to happen.

Drug use in the work place.

Really think you should conduct some random drug testing on your employee (s) at your kansas city location. I've noticed on two separate occasions the strong odor of marijuana and obvious signs that some usage had taken place during working hours. On my last visit when I asked to speak with management, I was asked why but told no manager was available. I'm pretty sure that employee felt I was going to report them. Conduct a random drug screening.

So inappropriate

I went to your Dave and busters location In franklin mills , PA and your staff was very rude, it was terrible service the waitress only came to our table twice for drink order and food order. It wasn't busy at all and she never ask us do we need anything additional. When I asked to speak to a manger she was very rude and threw down the bill! I would never go to that location again in my life and will be sure to tell everyone I know about the horrible customer service I received in your establishment !

worse service

I went to d&b in Syracuse ny at the mall amd I tried to buy an alcoholic beverage amd the waitress said that the I.d i has was NOT me and I showed him my credit card and he asked for my birth certificate so I left and went to T.G.I.F and the waitress there said that picture look exactly like me

Your location in Addsion, IL is not a family oriented location and you have very rude employees!!


Service was very bad the waiter kept forgetting things and disappeared for long periods of time didn't take my order right and I come here a lot that is unacceptable location is in Addison

I book by daugters 10th Birthday party. Was to have the small party room. When we arrived we where place at the bar and no party room for us. Needed sitting for 16 ppl. Only had sitting for 10. A Horrible Time, Horrible Birthday for my daughter.

Greg Sims, Scott

Terrible people/management team in Lawrenceville, Ga. Do not go there! Cobb County is so much better. The two managers named above, would do nothing about an employee named Tracy who was trying to sell us tickets she had for money. Kids running around, dirty midway.

Fire the Lawrenceville Mgmt. Team

Crooked, asking for items out of the a Winner's Circle. Management looks right over it. L. Lewis in home office, does nothing about it! Totally below board operation. Sims, Ledford, et al.

16% gratuity

After having lunch at the Hollywood,Fl. location, I paid with my credit card.When I got my statement, $5.42 was added to the card for 16% gratuity charge I was unaware of. I was told that it was printed on the menu, so if you don't need a menu, you don't see it. I was told that they did it, because there were a lot of foreigners and tourists that didn't leave a tip. That will be the last time I ever visit a Dave and Busters. It takes a lot of balls tell you that they all ready added in the tip. PISSED OFF !

Horrible holiday party

We reserved a "Theater Room" only to arrive and be told the theater equipment would not work. After doing a gift exchange among staff, all of our gifts were stolen while we were enjoying the arcade. Management said once we closed out the room tab, they were no longer responsible to provide our party service or the promise of a secure room. All holiday presents and several personal items were stolen and no one is willing to help recover them. Thanks for nothing!


Interestingly enough there is another story JUST like mine on here. I went to DnB a couple of days ago..signed my receipt for 35.89. After checking my account in following days I realized my card had been charged for 136.00!!! I just got off the phone with the mgr at the location....let's see how this turns out. I can only imagine if I had not been paying attention, i'm sure the money would not have been refunded, very poor customer service.

Cheating employees

I have friends and family that work for Dave and Busters and I am shocked that you would cut honest and dependable employees hrs to not have to give them benefits. Maybe new hires but not the people that have been in your employ for years. That's just selfish on upper management part. I won't be back

cover up

Managment is covering up missing money to cover there ass at the walnut location . Because of a review on mangment lastn week or two weeks ago. I would look into this matter serious wrong doings. Are taking place. Books will not show. But look at the make a wish coupons .GM. lori will know exactly what ur talking about.

for camera lady

Watch your own fucking kids and dont leave them unattended while drinking at the bar and expect them not to get lost, we're not babysitters!!!!!


It is in my opinion that this facility should have camaras for the safety of all of its patrons especially the children!!!! In this day and age children are being kidnapped all over the world and with camaras people will have a sense of security knowing that they are being watched. Thank you!!!

As a former employee

As a former employee, I have to say I am very disappointed and surprised at the negative messages and responses. As an employee and a frequent consumer of both the restaurant and the entertainment sides, I have to say, without prejudice, that I never have had that combination of entities be so much fun, provide so much entertainment for both adults and children, and that the service I received, without exception, was always far above expectations.

My CC paid for two dinners.

Dave & Busters has very poor customer service. I was there last and paid using my CC. Everything was fine untill I got home and checked my bank account. D&B had charged 138.75 of someone bill on my card. My bill was only 53.00 and thats what I signed for. I never saw the 138 bill. Someone got a free meal. I have left 2 messages for them and I haven't gotten a call back. This happend at the Arcadia D&B in CA.

Unsatisfied customer

I was in the D&B located in the ward center Hanalulu Hawaii. I was kicked out after just getting there due to chineese buying them out for the day. I didn't think that in america this was excepted. All I was offered was a crudy power up card. I took that as an insult. I loved the D&B back home in jacksonville. They never discriminated. The 1 in Honolulu Hawaii will never get my business or any of my colleagues again.

Best time ever!

Took my daughter to the Atlanta zoo for her birthday and decided to give Dave and busters in lawrencville ga a try.... We had the best time ever. The food was excellent and the service outstanding! We received friendly service and the general manager Greg sims made the experience one we will never forget! If we pass through Atlanta again Dave and busters will definitely be where we stop to eat!

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