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Your Prsident Dan Beem was on CNBC today, Friday Aug. 13th. He could not and did not understand or know how to answer the question: Is the U.S. Economy going to experience a Double Dip in economic activity. I could not believe what a Dip you have running your company. He was so far off on the economy that he was referring to the stock market back to 2008, early 2009 (Dow at 6,500 vs. today at 10,000) He could not even say if your stores were hiring. He said "He thought so." You won't have a future which a President that is that far out in the weeds with his thoughts. God help you, he really made your company appear as isolated from current economic realities. Also his plan to rev sales by introducing budget items is so stupid, downselling yourself leads to a way out of business and a contraction in revenue. Call me if you need a CEO that understands business and economics. 816-591-7200

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