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Cold Stone suggestion

I would like to see Cold Stone in the groceries stores why not start with the basic flavors and when it sells continue on with the mixes of others ingredients and flavors It would be a top seller. Let it be an affordable price so that those you can't afford to go the creamery would still enjoy your wonderful product. There are many children and parents that just can't afford the enjoyment that others have. Please think about and let me know what you think.

Birthday Cake Fail.

I ordered a Kids theme "Cars" cake from the Lonetree, CO location. When I went to pick up the cake, it looked like a child made it. It looked nothing like the cake I ordered, it was sloppy and UGLY. I had to unfortunatly take the cake and cried because I was so embarrased about how terrible it was. I told the kid that rang me up that it looked awful and nothing like the picture, he just shrugged his shoulders and said "uuuuuhh... I dont know..." It was literally the worst cake I have ever purchased in my life and will never go there again. They obviously do not have a profressional cake decorater to fill orders and are very unprofessional. I can't beleive they would even present that cake to sell. I wish I could post pictures on here because I can't even begin to describe how awful it looked. FAIL Cold Stone!!

Playing in hair and expecting to wait on customes

I went to coldstone on 5/12/2013. The one that is located at 24th Street and Baseline. The girl that attempted to assist us played in her hair the entire time we were waiting. When it was our turn of course we get her. I asked her to was her hands and she disappeared in the back. I do not know if she washed her hands or not but I refused to let her to wait on my family. This is not the first time this has happened at that location. Why aren't the employees required to wear hair nets or gloves? I had to rate the company If could give a negative rating I would.

I live in Terre Haute, IN. just want to say ,I like cold stone , we had one here but it closed. I miss it . It was my favorite ice cream . the closest one to me now is in Plainfield or Indy and I don't make that trip to often would love to get cold stone back in TerreHaute.Ind. I was a frequent customer as well as my family's please consider coming backto our town thank you Claudia lane

On May 20,2012, a relative & I treated ourselves to some ice cream. We both had the signature "Gotta Have It" cup. Long story short, my Chocolate-choc-mint-mint... with the brownies had something unusual in it and ultimately chipped both top and bottom molars. Having just left the dentists office in April, my teeth were in great health. Today, I talked to their claims adjuster and was told to much time had past to do anything about it. I submitted an incident report#2454902 moments after the injury and a second#2460736 on a separate occasion b/c I had not talked to anyone. Now I talk to my attorney for gross negligence. To be honest, it's their common practice to procrastinate therefore having a better opportunity to deny.

I went to chase field some girl named britni was rude cursed an talked on her phone never will i go back

heard the manager talking about her customers and employees.is this how you run a business ?@the abilene Texas store.will be telling everyone to go elsewhere.

My girlfriend and I attended the cold stone located in gahanna, Ohio . Our service was amazing we were greeted as soon as we entered the store with a smile. The gentleman that waited on us was named erin he was so helpful and so patient. As soon as he finished making my girlfriends ice cream he I'mmediately walked up to me to get my order. He worked fast but still made some awesome ice cream!! It's rare these days to find customer service like that, I hope this as well as my call Into the store lets the general manager know he's got some future management potential in there :)

Lynbrook,NY Cold Stone Creamery is the worst! The two workers seemed as if they were both in need of some rest, and looked very depressed. They also lacked smiles. Very Nasty disposition.

Thursday May 24 2012, I experienced the worst service from 2 Cold Stone employees at the Carrollton location in New Orleans, Louisana. The shift was between the hours of 8p:m and 9p:m; I was so angry that I did not get their names. The reason being that I Told them that the waffle cone was stale and tasted very salty. The young lady ignored me and the young man only offered me a cup for me to transfer the ice cream from the salty wafflecone. They were very rude,I was a valuable customer but after that experience I am not going to reccomend anyone nor will I return to any Cold Stones; until your employees are trained better in Customer-Service.

Cold Stone is our families favorite place to celebrate. We went last night and had the new Retro, is was not good, there was so much topping and cherries and only 1 scoop of ice cream. I would not order it again. Also we had several children with us, you need to serve a small ice cream cone so they do not waste so much ice cream. Hope these are good suggestions. Will will continue to go to Cold Stone to celebrate. Beth Baugh 793 Ute Circle Murray Utah 84107

If there was a owner is a below poor businesswoman I would use that rating. I was an employee up until a few months ago. I had informed the owner Trudy that my address had changed several times however My notes apparently didn't reach her. After she fired me for 2 offenses in 3.5 years of loyal hard work and many corporate compliments I do not receive a letter of termination so I emailed her again regarding my termination letter. I got that about a month and a half after being fired. (Very unprofessional) so tax season comes and she sends my W2 to the wrong address even though I had repeatedly informed of her of a new address and had she been confused she could have hit reply and double checked. This lady treats her ex-employees very poorly after 2 months I am having to file a lawsuit because she is withholding my tax documents. This is a poor showing on the company's part. I loved Workong there the people were wonderful I loved my manager but the owner is a sorry excuse for a business woman and extremely bad at treating smaller employees properly.

Is there any possible way to get of terrible management? We have this manager named Rosanna Arcadi and she fired like 5 employes for reasons that were not even that bad. She writes people up for not being able to keep up wit her crazy demands, but she can hardly keep up with them herself! She is very vindictive and breaks the law, she does not even give proper breaks sometimes, and forces us to clock out earlier then when we work. She talks bad about all of the crew members to one another. It takes long to do her crazy demands, but if we clock out a little late (because we want to do it right) we get in trouble! She has to leave Cold Stone, she is like 35 years old and we are all young fun people, but she is just bitter and evil. I've had customers complain to me about her, now when customers complain about management to crew members, it is best for them to go! I've been told they emailed corporate about her but nothing came of it. She is extremely unfair and is treating people terribly! If anyone has any suggestions on how to re-locate a manager or where to go to let someone know what she is up to. Please call the store its on university pky. and talk to a crew member! not her who is the manager!

On two occasions now, lastly being yesterday evening we were refused an order to go for the lava meltdown. Apparantly according to Jessica our rude server, the manager of the store here in Mankato Minnesota (Nate) has openly informed his employees to refuse requests for a to go lava meltdown as it is too much trouble to cram it into a container and there is the possiblilty of melting (which would occur with any ice cream product anyway). We have never been so rudely refused a service at an establishment before. I would appreciate this being corrected or we will not return and will pass on our bad experience to everyone we can1

First I would like to say Cold Stone has the most absolute best icecream. For years I've been a customer which always has received great service but recently since the staff has changed at the Augusta,Georgia store the service is horrible and I'm paying $4.06 for the icecream I should atleast get a full cup. Well the trip tonite the girl only filled my cup half way upon which I ordered a gotta have it. The staff isn't friendly and the service sucks and by the way if you are an employee behind the counter manager or not you should wear a hat or hair net no one likes hair in anything they have to eat. I eat icecream from here atleast 2 to 3 times a week but horrible service will drive a willing to pay customer away. : )

The segment on Cold Stone was extremely surprising and frankly bitterly disheartening. In the past, it has been a favorite stop for my family after church service. I feel like I have somehow contributed to the suffering of their franchise owners. In good conscience, we know we cannot go back. We’ve already told our kids and although they are young, they completely understand and agree with our decision. BR and TCBY are healthier anyway. We knew something was going on because at least 14 stores have closed in the Houston area even though the stores I personally visited had long lines. I’m disgusted in what I learned about Cold Stone. I just always thought it was a wholesome brand. I now know better. It’s a shame what they are doing to tear families apart. Those five people who wanted to commit suicide were deeply loved by family and friends, yet all Cold Stone could talk about was their legal victories. That could easily have been my family and it’s disappointing to hear that they are so very insensitive. Besides, I’m always suspect when a company won’t show up and answer questions.

As of Sunday afternoon, October 24, 2010, my son worked for the Stonecold Icecream shop on Fowler Avenue in Tampa Florida. The manager, very unprofessionally, called my son on Monday afternoon and informed him that she had to fire him. The reason....there is none. She could not give my son a valid reason for firing him. He has never been formally reprimanded either verbally or by written reprimand. He always reported for his assigned schedule or had someone cover for him if he was unable to make the scheduled shift. I have tried to contact the owner of that particular store. However, the owner has not had the decency to return my phone calls. Is she hiding something...only a person who has a guilty conscience would avoid someones phone calls. I have also made attempts to contact the corporate office. I have had to leave messages both days. Is this the way a company should conduct business...I think not. I think a return phone call to acknowledge my concerns is not asking too much. Parents be warned....do notlet your child work for Coldstone. Obviously they do not pride themselves with any type of work ethic. Both at the corporate level or the local store level.

I printed out the ice cream coupon, verified we had a Cold Stone here in Escondido (we used to have 2 and then they both went away, but I thought we had one back, which we do, on E. Valley Pkwy.). My husband & I went to Cold Stone to get my free birthday ice cream Sundae :) this evening, Monday, Oct. 11th, as this was the last date that the ice cream coupon could be used. I had received other birthday coupons (from other food places), but was most excited about the Cold Stone coupon, as I love their ice cream! When we presented the coupon to the young lady behind the counter, she showed it to another lady also working behind the counter, and we were almost treated like criminals, as if we were trying to rip off a stupid ice cream sundae from Cold Stone. They kept questioning whether or not my coupon was good for this specific store, that they couldn't verify something - I asked if they needed to see y driver's license to verify that it was, indeed, my birthday, and they said no, they didn't need to see it. I told them that I had, indeed, checked this store to be used for my coupon, when I printed the coupon out on line, as it is the only Cold Stone in Escondido any more! I wanted something that had a mixture in it (the German Chocolate Cake), and she said it would be just a bit more money because she had to mix it - my husband also got a mixed one, in a Like It size. As a good PR move, I would've thought they could've just given me the extra ingredients (not charged extra for the "specialty"), since my husband was also purchasing a Like It sized ice cream, with "special" mixed ingredients. We ended up paying $8.44 for my free ice cream birthday Sundae and my husband's small one, and were treated with zero courtesy and friendliness! The one young lady (who commented that her 18th birthday was coming up on the 24th of October) was nice enough, but the other lady was very abrupt, and not friendly at all. When we left, my husband commented to me that this would be his last time ever in that Cold Stone store, that he felt the obvious vibes of the one lady being very cold, yet friendly with other customers, and making us feel like we were abusing "the system" to come in and get my free birthday ice cream. He also commented to me that we will go to 31 Flavors in the future. In this economy, with stores being so competitive, I would suggest that customer service be a top priority! Thanx for the birthday ice cream, Sue birthday 10/04

Our company purchased a Cold Stone Creamery bday cake at our downtown Sarasota, FL Main Street location and in the past I have been told the bday cakes are great. Well, why wouldn't they be since the icecream is awesome. Well, a young kid took my order and had me choose one of the many bday cakes from the book. I chose a simple all chocolate with chocolate chip ice cream and covered in hard chocolate with simple pink frosting using only the person's name and the Happy BDay words and a couple of pink hearts. To my amazement and embarrassment, when we opened the cake after lunch for the wonderful birthday woman, everyone gasped and then looked again and said "who made this cake", and I was quick to say that it wasn't me because I could have done much better. The problem is, a five year old could have done better! I paid almost $40 for this cake and it was a disaster. Not only was the chocolate cover shell put together in obvious pieces, there was a huge dip in the middle of the rectangular cake that looked so bad! The letters on the cake were stick with no cursive lettering or not even legible as to what it said. The hearts were done as stick hearts. The ice cream was good but when we cut into it, we saw that only one side of the long retangular cake even had cake in it. One side had ice cream and cake and other side of the cake only had ice cream hence the reason for the big dip in the middle. I could never and will never purchase a cake from Cold Stone Creamery. I want everyone to know because we do business with lots of people in downtown Sarasota, Florida. I am not sure that it would even be worth it to let someone know. From the call I made the next business day, it didn't seem like anyone would necessarily make a difference. Don't buy cakes from this location.

my daughter was with a friend on tuesday evening august 31st at your crown point indiana store and was treated very poorly by two employees shannon and shelby. Unfortunatley at one time shannon had dated my son, when my daughter and her friend arrived they were the only two people in that store at that time neither girl behind the counter could decide who was going to wait on them, after some whispering between the two employees shelby waited on them, they ate theit ice cream inside of the store my daughter decided to ask for a lid for her cup to take it home and shannon questioned her as to why she needed one after that she tossed the lid to the cup across the counter to my daughter, sometime later that evening she sent a message to my daughter over facebook asking her not to come back to your store. I found this ridiculous and thought you needed to know. thank you for your time dolores kelley 808 w. 10th st hobart, indiana 46342

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