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Your company has terrible customer service. Your polices and procedures are not right. You do not value your customers. I'm talking my business else where's.


THis is not a good bank for the consumer. There are very bad with comary sevice.There nothing good about them

Terrible Customer Service

The bank failed to post 2 electronic payments in 3 months for a HELoC, in October and December 2012 that came from my CU bill pay. I brought this to their attention in February2013, as of 2/14, this has not been resolved (simple math would solve it), every department is blaming another. I am now getting past due letters for fees that should not be applied.


Your customer service sucks! They are not helpful in the least. Also this bank sucks fees out of a customer's account by paying items they shouldn't and then charging fees for overdrafts because they paid them. I hate Citizens Bank!!!!

I currently hold a balance on a refinance with Citizens Bank from 2009. I applied to refinance this into a 30 year. mortgage. I was approved within 1 week of application. It has been TWO full months and this matter still has not been resolved. When I applied in 2009 I had closed in a matter of a few weeks. there is no communication from your bank unless I call. I would like an explanation as to why I was able to refi in 2009 and close in a matter of a few weeks, yet now I am at a dead end with this mortgage. I now am forced to consult with another bank, consuming more time. I have never been so dissatisfied with your customer service before. Ronene A.

Your post catprues the issue perfectly!

Absolutely don't borrow money to pay on bwroored money. You are creating a foundation of disaster. Pay for you necessities first food, shelter, and utilities and attack the debt with the lowest balance. If you can't pay minimum payments on everything, call the ones you can't pay and tell them you can't pay. If you do happen to get a loan probably at a ridiculous rate if you have bad credit cut up all your credit cards so you won't dig a new whole. It happens very often when people get loans to pay off other debts. Then you have all your old debts back plus a new loan. Try to sell stuff, work overtime, get a second job, whatever. Earn more money of your own.

I was charged 7 insufficient funds fees and only one is legit!! I went in to a branch to have them explain why when I looked on line it says a different story...lame excuse!!! It is bullshit...they keep doing this to me. I know the difference between my "available" balance and my "balance" I closed my account because it was not justified...my word against yours!!!! You win!!!! I had two business accounts with you guys and the teller didn't even try to keep me as a customer!!!! You suck!!!

I HAD a credit card with a $10,000 limit..mailed in the paper to get auto draft from my checking..they said they never received it..so I thought my payments were coming automaticly out of my account untill they called me and said i was late...so i payed the payment and also post dated a payment for the next month..then a letter that my credit limit went down to $4,900 for late payment...I was only 10 days late...WTF are you kidding me..deduct $5K for a late payment...I heard of charging a fee but deducting 5K for a few days is CRAZY! lucky my balance was $4,900 so they couldnt lower it any further...not a good way to keep customers because now I am not going to pay the $4,900...so thank you for the gift and F#@K You! Stupid move thats why your going bank rupt..dont piss a customer off who owes you $4,900..Stupid People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now your FUCK*D again!!

i have my company one day i was try to use my debit card and was able to use it i call costomer citizens bank and i ask why my debit card is not work they say my account is under review ......and i have over 50k and i was not able to pump gas or use my own cash ..and on top of that they did not have explanation why my account was under review ......i have to call my wife to come cause i have no way to get gas .......this morning i getting over to the branch to get more info why my account is on review .......

I am having the same problems. I also applied for a home loan almost a year now and no one get back to me although i keep call the branch, finally they told me i was pre- approve and no one call are even send me a letter from june 2011, they told me the loan officer will get in touch with me seeing that i am still interesting in the loan. for the past six weeks i have being calling leaving message to this branch and no reply. I am so sorry I did not try another Bank for this home loan.

I had open a business account with no monthly fees about five years ago. Now Citizens decides that I should pay for them to keep my money. Screw them. What happen to service? The addendum for the new accont arrives today with no mention of services being provided just five pages of the new fees being charged. Here is a novel idea. Every body close thier accounts with with Citizens Bank. I am.

I heard they charge all these fee's because there going bankrupt heard that from other banks, my company use to deal with citizens and because of problems employees were having and they were having they pulled out. I stayed because I had no issues till recently. They say they charge you account 6.99 on the 3rd business day your negative, I am single mom and work pay check to pay check as i'm sure most people do, My account went neg. 4/4 knowing I will have direct deposit on the 6th I would be safe from being charged 6.99. Then 7pm I checked my account and I was positive, but I knew there would be check clearing on Monday & I knew I would have 2 more direct deposits put in on Monday 9th which deposited 12am 9th. so I get charged 6.99 first they tried saying well 6th u went neg late night, 7 8th and 9th is 3rd day that was weekend which i called her on, then stated OOooh because even though I had deposit on the 6th and even though banks are closed after 6 & 7pm end of night my account went Negative so system updates and does that charge...because you were neg 4th 5th and it went neg again on 6th ...its BULL SHIT! I know few people who worked at banks and they said they can see your deposit the day before its posted they just play these games so they can make people already struggling, struggle more - I hope they go out of business forever!!!! cause they are not doing anyone any favors -I also plan on closing my account I have been with them for 13 yrs or more. I will also tell family and friends to pull out, its bad enough the charge $37.00 for negative then they add add'l 6.99 and $3.00 for atm and what ever other fee's guess they are going poor too so they have to take from the poor!

you guys are finding new ways to charge stupid fees every time i blink not only did i close my account but I am trying to get as many friends and family members to do the same.Now I am told if I got to you bank to cash a check there is also a charge of $7.00 give it a break you bunch of thieves.The only good thing I have to say about your bank is your not as bad as bank of america but keep plugging im sure you can catch them

When my mother passed away, I was out of town and unable to make my deposits as they remained at my home. I spoke with the customer service department to try to stop overdraft fee I was told that someone would get back to me regarding my account and solutions. 72 hours later, no one called I finally phoned when I got home and they told me (although they are good citizens) they were not able to help me. They did not even say they were sorry for my loss. I was upset and asked for their "Good citizen" policy, of course they do not have one. Don't advertise you goodness when you could care less. Good citizens help other good citizens. They can only help their own financial gain

I'm from Vermont. I just checked my 2 savings accounts today and found that on both accounts there was a $2.00 service charge. I called them up because I never recieved notice that this would happen. I was told that it was because I recieve paper statements. While looking around the internet I found alot of other people have had this problem this past year. This was the first time it happened to me. I quickly changed to online statements. What is up with this? I understand the whole "go green" concept and maybe that is what they are trying to do but why didn't they tell me? They are my savings accounts. That means I want to save not have them take my and my husbands hard earned money. We are 34 yrs old and are trying to save for retirement which I know is at least 30yrs away but we should be saving now. Urg I hate banks maybe I I should just put my money in a coffee can and bury it in my backyard. My bank card is also a credit card are there less fees for using it as a credit card or using it as a bank card when I am at stores? To the woman above me: If you don't mind me asking did your son use it as a credit card or a bank card? That's pretty messed up if they are charging him that nuch for a cheap soda.

My mother is 91 years of age. A couple of times, she cashed a check of around $23.00. Cicizens overdraft her account $ 37.00 service fees each check and also charges $ 6.99 per day. Mom is on SS limited income. The bamk has minupulated hundreds from her account by the time I found out,her budget in in a stoop as she could not understand why she was short at the beginning of each month with hundreds taken from her account. It is true what these complaints are as my son is getting hundreds taken from him also in the same mannor. He has been charged $37.00for purchasing a $1.50 cocacola several times, not realizing that Citizens took action and helped themselves to his money. It's like identify theft by citizens. since when was their name on anyones account with approval to take and help themselves? I have used Citizens for years and recently heard of these nightmare complaints in this past year. This bank should not get by with this, it's plain robbery from honest customers who get overdrafts not realizing the bank had dipped in and shorted their accounts. Corporate should step in. Where are you corporate help us.

I am closing my account with citizens as soon as possible. They scheme to have my account negative all the time which has at times cost me hundreds. They recently charged me 185.00 in fee's for 5 debit card purchases each at 2.50 a piece,I questioned how this happened when the day I did these debits the money was in my account and deducted out of my balance.I was told it is not actually taken out of my account but rather put on hold to be paid,really ? then why does the purchase get deducted right away out of my account.They are making huge amounts of money off their illegal practices. They do not have customer service,they are rude and arrogant. I will be looking into their practices and filing complaints with the proper people.I want my money back,that they schemed to get.I am outraged that they are getting away with this.

Hands down the worst bank I've ever had to deal with. I have 4 accounts, all of which are being closed ASAP because of their manipulation of atm and debit practices. I've documented CLEARED items in my account that they've reversed in order to get me, and if they can manipulate something in order to bring my account negative, THEY DO!! I've brought this to the attention of their branch managers, who, also couldnt explain what was done!! I've actually spoken to former Citizens district managers in my area who no longer work for Citizens who flat out told me they left because of the not only immoral, but illegal practices Citizens has and the fact they wont own up to them leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth I've spoken to. If they had a negative rating on this page, I'd use it. Even MY Better Business Bureau rating is better than theirs and im a very small company... I'll join that club along with anyone else who's against Citizens bank.

I am sick and tired of Citizens Bank abusive fee structures. I have had nothing but endless problems with them, and this is the last straw. I am a student, and my wife and I are trying to keep together our family of five on her paltry salary until I am finished. When you are forced to live a life where your monthly expenses are very often more than what you bring in, charging $74 (or $110 or $500!!) for small errors is egregious. So I have decided to take advantage of the age of social media and start a group. A group that I hope I can raise to thousands of followers so maybe the banks will listen. It is called Citizens Against Citizens Bank. Come join and tell your story, then tell your friends!

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