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I am a 47 year old disabled citizen of the United States of America. I receive 100% disability and I receive no additional income from other sources. My situation which I have explained to numerous CitiFinancial Representatives over and over is that I am 100% disable. I lost my job and income in December 2008 as result of my disability. I began to receive disability in May 2009. After losing my job and becoming disable, I have been trying to work with CitiFinancial to explain that I am no longer able to make payments on this personal loan. My primary goal is to pay my mortgage and auto loans which are also with CitiFinancial. If you review my history I am current on both of these items. In the past I have asked CitiFinancial to work with me by reducing payments to a level that is within my financial range so that I can maintain good faith in meeting the personal loan obligation. Nothing has happen. I receive a call every single day Monday thru Saturday from 3 or 4 different representatives beginning anywhere from 8am to 9 pm at night. The calls are all day long. Multiple offices. Multiple People. No one listens to me. They don’t note the account nor do they acknowledge that the other offices are contacting me. They have become bolder and have started calling my spouse on his job, which he can lose if the harassment continues. It is really hard... because they call all the time without regard to my feelings, my health, or my mental state. I am not a sluggard nor am I someone who has made debt and not paid. I am someone; I am American who worked, paid bills on time and unfortunately have fallen upon hard financial times due to me getting sick. They hang up on me, they yell at me, the disrespect me and they belittle me. If I tell them I can no longer explain my situation because it has not changed since the last hour or day that the last representative called me. The cycle repeats itself every single day Monday thru Saturday without any relief. Once again, it is embarrassing, degrading, hurtful, disrespectful and downright insulting how CitiFinancial Corporation and the multiple call centers are playing ping pong with my financial hardship and health. My marriage is suffering, my friendships are suffering, I am suffering and I need it to stop because I am now getting depressed... taking anxiety medications and often have migraine headaches and feelings of giving up on life. One more thing, just today a call center representative told me that it is the corporate practice of CitiFinancial to call every single day until the account is current regardless if arrangements have been made or a payment is received.

When contacting the main office at the 1-800 number, the customer service number I was given, because my local branch could not help me There was a recording that said, no one can answer the phone right now as the Customer Service Department is in a training meeting on how to better serve you.Here is a clue...start with answering the phone. I need to speak with you regarding the hate mail you sent to my home and I am trying to get assistance on problem resolution to no avail. I DO NOT WISH to join the ranks of those losing thier homes because of poor banking practices. Please return a call SOON as you have only given me 30 days to fix the problem.

From the time I walked in the person that helped has very poor PR. When asked her name she said Mary and when asked her last name she responded I'm the only Mary in this office and u can get my card.very Rude! And she calls herself a branch account manager? I have dealt with this company in the past and never had encountered such poor customer service. Nowadays people need jobs. And I don't this person is happy with hers. She doesn't belong in this institution for good business. Maribel lujan is not cut out for this position.

I have been harrassed by Citifinancial of Raleigh every since my account was moved to their office! I was told that my account was closed and that due to deferred payments in the past that when I made a payment I needed to pay more than the actual payment. The guy was very rude and nasty. He proceeded to tell me that I WAS GOING TO GIVE HIM A POST DATED CHECK BEFORE I GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH HIM. I spoke with someone in that office about 3 weeks prior with a lady in that office and we had set up a different payment plan for that month due to financial difficulties. I also received a letter/certifed from Citifinancial in reference to my payment being late and how they could help me! Well I have been harrassed every since. I have made my payments each Month!!!!!!!!!!!! They may not have been on time always, but they were made and I don't appreciate getting threating calls from the Raleigh office. These people have called me I know at least 7 times each day when I told the guy when I would be sending the payment. IF I HAD THE MONEY TO PAY OFF THE ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW I WOULD AND NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN. I AM GREATFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY OF BEING ABLE TO GET A LOAN BUT THEY HAVE GOTTEN REALLY NASTY.

Do not do business with Citi Financial in Richardson, TX. They have no clue as to what they are doing. I will filing complaints with the BBB and their corporate offices. I attempted to pay off my loan in full with a check from a BOA line of credit. They told me this was unacceptable. I stopped payment on the check and the the bank said they would be the cash in my bank account so i could pay off the loan with a personal check. A few days later i get a call from Citi Financial saying that after discussing the situation with others in the office that they had decided to accept the check. When I called them they stated they put the check in the bank the same day they received it and that it cleared and my account balance was zero. I verified with BOA that the check had indeed gone through. I get another call from Citi Financial saying that they still had the check and that they could now take my personal check. This makes absolutely no sense. Not to mention they are very rude and harass you on the phone whenever they can. I also was quoted a payoff amount that I payed in full . When i received my statement in the mail it showed my balance as being eighty dollars less than what i was quoted. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

Citifinancial called me today and had a big attitude on the phone. My payment is due on the 5ht of the month. They called me today Sept 13 and asked when I was going to pay. I told them I would go online and pay. They worker then with a big attitude asked me what day and seemed to get hostile (voice flucation and raising of the voice). I answered back with hostility. I have never been over the 10 day grace period ever in the years and years of the loan. I always pay a little extra each time so why the attitude?

I received a loan over 3 years ago with Citifinancial located in Richardson Texas. I was told that I have a 10 day grace period. I sent my loan to pay on line from my checking account Friday July 30, 2010. My wife is ill we have asked that you do not call our home but your company refuse to comply with the laws(803-835-5100 5 times and one time before 8:00 am). This is a violation. However, I was told that the note was not late unless it was 10 day(tape recorded conversation). I will file a complaint against you company with my lawyer, FTC, OCC, Texas Consumer Commission. I want to find out why is the date of the loan is being changed and why do I have to receive a new loan for the 7th time with in 2 years. This is not fair to me as a tax-payer. My phone is ring for no reason. If I have 10 days for a grace period that should be the law. But I will find out what my legal rights are at this point. All documenation will sent to the Federal Government. John E. Shepard 3201 Key West Garland, Texas 75044 Law office of Ross and Matthews, BBB, Texas Consumer's Dept, President Obama, FTC

John E. Shepard 3201 Key West Dr. Garland, Texas 75044 August 01, 2010 This is another SCAM!!!! CitiFinancial Corporate Office | Headquarters 2007 West 15th Street Washington, NC 27516 (252)940-0977 Dear Sir: This letter is to inform your office that CitiFinancial Corporation Office is running a scam in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. We found out that CitiFinancial keeps changing the date of the loan so that the loan can be refinance and the loan will keep adding interest so that it will never be paid off. I was told after they refinance my loan that I have a 10 day grace period. But on Friday I spoke with the office manager who explains that my loan date needed to be changed again. I have sent this loan up on bill pay each month with my local Bank. But I was told that they are not receiving the payment. I looked at my account and I explain that the Bill was sent up several days ago to be paid on July 30, 2010. He explains that they had not received my loan. I asked did you tell me that I have a 10 day grace period. He stated yes (tape recorded conversation). Then want you received the money within 10 days. Yes, but we still need to change you contract to a different date. Therefore, I am requesting your office to investigate why this company does not comply with its own rules. Sincerely John E. Shepard Cc BBB FTC Consumer of Texas OCC

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