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wrong number

The number you have listed here is NOT the number to the headquarters office. The correct number is 410-332-3000. Citifinancial is now One Main Financial.

Predatory Lenders

Citifinancial has put us in a predatory loan. I would like to know how they even approved us...our credit scores and debt-to income ratio was so out of whack. we took a $5000.00 loan back in 2002 and we are still paying after all these years, after the repetitive refinancing, crooks, scams, predatory oh at 25% interest!!!!!!...Jenelle from the Wilkes Barre PA branch is the worst, all she wanted was her branch numbers up.....Also, let me tell you that i was late back in November because of the death of my father, I called to tell them i was sorry and her repose was oh then you will be able to settle this death, you should be getting a settlement from father .hmmmmm really lady???? how is the Federal government allowing this company to stay in business???? The government has their hand in everything else......I will be reporting them, along with contacting legal counsel....

Citi sucks i paid a loan off in 2007. They reported to the credit bureau i still owed over 2700 dollars. When you call them to update your credit report they state i still owe. When you call citi no one knows anything about me, nor even have me in there computer.They will not send a letter to me or the credit bureau to state so. this is to stay on my credit till dec 2015. Citi is holding me like a hostage. They are crooks, stay away from citi

I cosigned for a loan for my nephew in Sept. 2007. My nephew began to get behind in his payments in Feb.2010. I began getting harrassing phone calls from Lisa, the branch manager in the Abercorn St. office, Savannah, GA., after he fell so far behind that I could not catch up completely. I talked to my nephew about it, he said he purchase the insurance that covers you when you loose your job, but he couldn't use it because he got fired. I asked Lisa why wasn't I contacted earlier about this problem, she said that it wasn't her responsibility to watch my finances. Later that week, I got a summons to court for the full amount of the debt. I again called Lisa, after getting served papers, and asked her why she's taking me to court, I'm not the primary on the loan. She told me that since I have a job, I'm more likely to pay the debt. We argued about her response and I threatened to tell her manager waht she said. She then said if I made an interest only payment and paid for the month that was due, she would take care of the court action. Well, I made the payments, and low and behold got papers for a JUDGEMENT AGAINST ME LATER THAT MONTH! She never took care of anything and now I'm completely responsible for my nephews debt. Too bad he's working and I'm not now!!! How ya gonna get your money now a$$? Oh, and Corporate won't return calls about illegal business practices either!

i completely agree with all negative points listed here. only one thing to add, only 1 employee from citi has ever tried to help me, unfortunately every time I call her extension she is on the line, and I get the cranky woman who won't even listen to me, she just demands 1700$ for 2 months owed and next month. Job loss insurance covers you if you lose a job through no fault of you own - eg: lay-off. So, why do you seek a credit collector to give me 10 days to call and discuss this when i told you i was expecting the lay-off! Ugh! Now that I have re-started in my previous job, i will write a proposal for them, but i am sadly considering letting them take judgement upon me and focus on my other bills.

well all i can say is i borrowed 12000 from citi and have been making payments for 3 years now...iam down to 6000...if you people payed your bills on time you wouldnt have this problem...of course i assume citi was your best freind when they gave you your loan... SO QUIT YOUR DAMN BITCHN and PAY YOUR BILL

I would like to know about a revolving line of credit to pay off several exiting debts totaling 7000.oo to try to get our debt back on track. I can afford 200.00 or 250.00 payments a month. Nancy and Jerry Lemons Telephone Number is 57-47o-4882 Jerry Lemons and Nancy is 573-47-4883 I need a quick response if possible

I called my local office today to get a p/o on my account. I had to file Bnkrptcy in 2009. Since my husband co-signed & he was not filing bnkrptcy we continued to pay on this account. I was told to call another location, the local office could only give me the balance not a pay off.(you would think if you were going to pay an account in full anyone would be able to give you the figures.) After several attempts I finally got the legal department on the line. I ask her for the p/o. She gave me the balance of the account... I said that can't be right, this is the balance of the account. The p/o should be less the interest for the remaining term of the loan. She puts me on hold and comes back & says " I have put in a request for the p/o the other figure I gave you was not correct". Had I not called the local store & gotten the current balance I would have been skewed. I have not received a statement from them in the last 2 yrs. So I pulled an old bill according to my figures the balance is 322.46 higher than it should be anyway. I called the local office again to tell "Jordan" that the number he gave me was not the correct # for their legal dept. And that the "Alisha I spoke to could not or would not give me a p/o verbally. His reply to me " that's not my problem, they're in a completely different dept. I was always thought when you worked for a Company & got a complaint from a customer you told them you would do your best to resolve their problem.... Well not anymore... it's not anybody's problem but yours. And you might as well go @#@#%#%##% yourself & forget it.

Nver Ever Ever Ever do business with Citi-Financial period. They call your job and home all day long even if you are 1 day late. I asked them to stop calling me at work and they continue to do so. The one in Fayetteville, Ga is the worst.

Ditto to everything that has been said. We are currently 10 days past due on a payment. Citifinancial has called both my cell phone, my husband's cell phone and our home phone upwards of 20 times per day. As someone mentioned above, it is 3-5 representatives calling per day...and when you do pick up the phone to speak to them they harrass you to death. Everytime I speak to them I try to explain why we're late and when we will pay...but they DEMAND IMMEDIATE PAYMENT, so we have just started to avoid their calls until we have the monies to make the payment. Yesterday they contacted our son on his private personal cell phone at his place of work and told him they were tryinmg to locate us in regard to our delinquent account. This is totally against the law and a violation of our consumer rights. Our son is not a reference on our account and we did not get Citifinancial permission to contact him. He also has nothing to do with our bills. PLUS, Citifinancial knew full well how to get ahold of us....they were calling us and leavingt us messages 20 times per day, sending us daily notices in the mail and emailing us. This was the final straw for us. DO NOT GO TO CITIFINANCIAL! Their collection methods and practices are unethical and unlawful!!!!

Well I was going to write a bad review, however I think all of these reviews cover everything neg. about Citi financial. I made a past due payment on Friday, and today (Monday) they had my car repossessed. These people are crooks. how can they get away with everything they are doing to people ?

I had a loan with Citifinancial back in 2006. I then faced a divorce which took me back financially from a double income household to a single income household and fell back of a payment -- a judgment was placed against me and shortly after that I was able to get my debt caught up and eventually paid off. It has been paid off since 2010 and a Judgment still shows on my credit Report -- which is hindering me from getting a home loan at the moment. I called the Court Clerk's Office in the county the Judgment was filed in and a Release was never filed which should have been as soon as the loan was paid off. I called Citifinancial - the Lawton Oklahoma Branch and they informed me that I would have to hire counsel to prepare a release on my behalf. Unbelievable!

I made the mistake of borrowing from Citfinancial - payments we set up as automatic pays. I paid the loan in full (early) two days after my May payment was taken out of my checking account, but they still took my June payment automatically from my check account. I have been trying for 2 weeks now to get my refund but to no avail. Still this issue remains unresolved. I'm sure they won't pay interest for keeping my funds- but there sure would charge me interest if I were a day late!

Citifinacial called me and called me 4 years ago when the building industry went to shit and my husband had to take a job making 1/2 of what he was making and convinced me that rolling my first mortgage and second together with them would save me money and help keep my home and my life has been hell ever since! they have jacked around with my loan so many time normally without my permission so now i owe 10,000 more than when i started! Now with 1 payment behind and 1 due they say I'm going o lose my home and that i owe a "ghost payment" of another 750.00 all due in a week! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! THEY ARE A SCAM! THEY WILL COST YOU EVERYTHING! I am calling lawyers and HUD now to see what I can do to save my home!

Citifinancial is a rip off scam artist company that decieve consumer never telling them about the inerest rate most of your payment goes for inerest and other charges therefore resulting in your loan doubling and tripling the amount you pay back from the amount borrowed they charge you revolving interest rate like you have a credit card instead of a loan that not right you will never pay them off at that rate something need to be done about this a $2,000.00 loan take over four years to pay of at $200.00 amonth payment is robbery with out gunby time they get thru charging interest and other charges only $80.00 to $100.00 goes toward your balance this is unlawful veryvery upset and the agents never tell you before you get the loan.

When I made the application with Citifinancial, I gave them my information only. I have been having trouble paying this because of medical bills I have accumulated. I have been getting calls after calls. But my husband, who is not on the application, got a call yesterday on my account. I believe that is invasion of my privacy. Who are they to call my husband and how did they get his number. When I applied, I applied solely for myself. Also there was a rude girl that called me. She was horrible. I will pay it off but when I can.

Saturday morning. Citfinacial called me at 7:30 am. said they have been trying to get ahold of us for a month. I told her she can leave a voicemail if we don't answer. She said she never gets a voicemail. I took the message. Called my house phone from my cell phone and let it ring until my voicemail picked up. Law breaking harrassing Liars.



I have been trying to pay off a loan with citifinancial for three years . It started march 2008. The loan was for $8,000. I have paid over $5,000 on the loan and now I only owe $10,800. Something has to be done with this company. They wiil not work with you on anything, they just threating to take you to court. Maybe I should go to court and see what the judge has to say about this crap.

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