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fraudulent billings, scam corp.

I'm not wasting any more of my time dealing with this corrupt organization. I'm going to the AG of Ohio and to the NY Times. Do NOT get sucked into this scam of a "business. They even billed me for picking up their own empty shredder after I cancelled in writing, after being given the run-around in cancellation "protocol".


I turn in my uniforms but i don't get them back, i get them resized it may take a week or as about March of 2013 four months. I turn in set's but only get back shirt's, at this point i have only 4 pair of pants. How can i work 6 day's a week with 4 pair,i'm sat the end of my rope and i'm tired of going to cintas i am giving cintas till 7/11/14 .

Get your heads out of ur a#*

Thank GOD I read reviews before calling for service. Not getting screwed in Kansas


As a small business owner - we used Cintas bar rags and rugs. Billing makes no sense - over charge all the time. Stopped service months ago and still get billed. Small business BEWARE

contract = hostage

I have been a bar manager for 10 years and have never experienced being held hostage in a contract for services. I understand why a service company would create a contract but I do not understand why a company would not work with a business that can no longer uphold said contract. I will never do business with Cintas again!!!! Money hungry corporation that will do anything to meet their quotas, not a good way to keep long-term relationships!!!

did a drive along on 7/10 and STILL havent been paid for it, everytime I call I just get the runaround. 100 dollars must break the bank there as the policy about just mailing the damn check changes daily.

I have being giving the run around since 6-8-12. I ordered uniforms from Cintas and was only to be charged $10.00 every two weeks. Well when my paycheck came i was charged 100.00 and didnt understand why ,,i contacted the local area vendors who suplied the uniforms ,and after 6wks i still havent recieved a refund they said they charged by mistake> as to date i call to only hear im so sorry but we procesed the check fri,mon,tue, each time a different day, so i have decided to find out from corporate whats the problem they gave me a check number and said it was sent from ohio but to date have yet to recieve it > why do you do this to ppl and what biusiness does that who lies to there customers? i will never deal or tell any1 to do buisness with you ever i hope to get my 100.00 soon i have bills to pay also ..... mad

This was a great company when I went to work at the Montgomery Al location several years ago. The locations are broken down into groups according to the geographic location. Some groups represent Cintas the way it is intended. However, some are cut throat and looking only at the bottom dollar. Montgomery is a location that was near the bottom of the KPI'S but everyone knew they were trying to do it the right way. Out of fear of their jobs they have improved the numbers at the sacrifice of employee morale, customer satisfaction and good business practice. Employees are motivated through fear tactics and are treated very hostile if they aren't giving the NUMBERS managemeant wants to see. SSR's are required to achieve numbers that can't be done unless you either cheat the system or stick it to the customer. Loc 231 has taken on the mentality of upper management and pretty much said "screw the customer" as long as we are hitting our profit number. This is not coming from a disgruntled former employee as I was not fired. I left on my own after and on my own terms. This is coming from someone that was once proud to tell people that Cintas was my employer and am now embarrassed to let anyone know that I ever worked there. Cintas culture is "Honesty and Integrity in everything we do" but they seem to have forgotten the "Honesty" and "Integrity" in ANYTHING they do. The employees that are there are doing so because they have to have a job and real people understand that! What Cintas doesn't understand is that if the SSR is the "Face of Cintas" and you treat them like crap.....it doesn't take long before the customer realizes that you are not a company they want to be involved with!!

Loc 231 is the worst place I have ever seen. If you try to do things the right way you wind up at the bottom of the group because everyone else cheats to get the numbers that are required. Upper management knows everyone is cheating on the numbers but turns a blind eye and you are called out on the carpet if your numbers aren't what they are looking for. Managers have no accountability, everything is the SSR's fault, even when the customer demands for a manager to call them back it's still the SSR's fault when it doesn't happen. Customers are constantly left to deal with not having the product they need because a 3.5 billion dollar corporation penches pennies at the customers expense. The leadership of this group is horrible and that is why good experienced employees are leaving this location one right behind the other. Cintas should be ashamed of knowingly allowing such a hostile work environment to go on. But they don't care as long as it is creating that bottom line profit. I am glad that I left Cintas and am ashamed that I ever worked for a place that has no morals. They preach honesty and integrity in everything they do but practice none of it! Several employees have left in the last few months because of the bullying tactics of management. Good people that are willing to work for an honest living will find jobs elsewhere. Loc 231 should think about that instead of trying to motivate people with abusive fear tactics. I will always support my Cintas brothers and sisters no matter where I am. But I am also embarrased to tell anyone that I ever worked for this company.

I've been working for his company for a couple of years, we got new managers, new hr person but everything has turned into a nightmare! They are making people work 3x harder for less money!! Yes some pp had 8yrs they use to got $11 dollars an hour know they get 8.30 extra work for less money, they hired new pp, the thing is that they have the nice young looking girls doing nothing just walking around!!! And the rest busting their asses to get a decent paycheck. Horrible place for work if your are decent person gotta work like slave, but if you are a pretty girl and wanna get easy money just act like a h@e!

I have never been involved in a company where they treat their employees like dirt, and lie to try to cover their asses. I wake up every morning, to go to work to be downgraded and called names? I've slaved and worked non-stop sometimes not even getting a break, while Tom just sat there and ordered me around, and cussed me out. Am I missing something is that the way a "BOSS" is supposed to speak to their employee??I feel like no matter how much I complain and report to Tim Terry, He doesn't care! He just sweeps it under the rug as if whatever i'm going through doesn't exist. I've witnessed Tom Kinlaw verbally abuse not only me but everyone in that company like he owns the place and Tim Terry just stay's quiet like a mouse. It came to a point of only 5 months of working there that I've had to seek counciling because of the stress and abuse on the job. The job was tearing my family apart!! I was given the option to change shifts after specifically being hired for the 1st shift. I had to rearrange my whole lifestyle, couldn't kiss my wife and 4 kids good night, couldn't be a father and a husband I needed to be. Now I'm out of a job and I'm not able to support my family like a man should. Sincerely, Michael Kelley Industrial Maintenance worked for Cintas in Pembroke Pines, FL

Immediately after Cintas bought Van Dyne Crotty, it closed down its operations in my little northwest Ohio town. For many years now, the building has been sitting here falling apart because they don't keep it up. They cut the grass and trim the bushes; that's all. The rust on the building and all over the fence, which is falling down in places, is unsightly. The city can't fight to have it condemned because the process is long and costly, then the court fine the company would face is less than $100. Short of someone buying it, it just sits there falling apart.

This is probably the worst location to work for and the GM Tim Terry came to our location and made things worst. Now we are losing customers more and more. We never have products here YET WE HAVE TO BILL OUR CUSTOMERS which is wrong and increase there bill or if not your numbers wont go up which means no raise. So we have to lie and screw our customers so we can get a decent pay check. I'm not happy how this is being run and I want everyone to know this is not a great company to work for or USE THERE SERVICE. Trust me , i've been inside , I know how it runs. Beautiful female comes and talks you in to a contract and 3 weeks later you got us running the show with no proper supplies and increase to your bill is coming !!! Every year. Oh did I mention your stuck once you sign ??

Good evening, I have been employed by Cintas Corporation in Montgomery, AL. for a number of years. I am writing an anonymous email in order to inform you of the concerns and problems that we have currently going on at the Montgomery, AL. location. I have been working for your corporation for quite sometime; however the last year has been very trying and frustrating. The daily operations of this business has deteriorated to the point where the employee's moral has diminished to zero. No one wants to be there and there is currently no management personnel that can lead or assist us in the operations of the business. You should know that this is maninly why there is a high turn over rate of new employees and the employees who have been there for years are now quitting or leaving Cintas. The General Manager of this location knows majority of concerns and problems we have, for example one of the major concerns we have are the shortages in products. We have voiced our concern to our General Manager about not having the products available for our customers many times. How are we to provide customer satisfaction if we can not provide the customer with the products they need or want? This is very concerning as we, the SSR, are in the middle between an upset customer and a General Manager who is not listening to our concerns. Basically, we are really fed up with his lies, lectures, and fake promises. In my better judgment, I thought you should be aware of what is going on at your Montgomery location and to request your assistance in rectifying this situation. It should be known that if you are unable or not willing to look in to this matter, we as a group have discussed and decided that it may be in our best interest to sit down with a Union Representative to see what options are available concerning our employment and what rights we have as Cintas employees. I do appreciate your time and attention in this matter any assistance and information you provide will be quite helpful. I have been a loyal employee for some time now, but I feel if things do not change in the near future, I will need to look for employment elsewhere. Sincerely, A Montgomery AL Cintas Employee

Horrible place to be used and abused! The Westland plant is the worst place to be abused by management. I have worked at other plants and Westland is the worst ever.

Horrible company. I had a few of my shop guys sign up for uniform service a couple of years ago. Told Cintas this was between the employees and Cintas, NOT the company. We were going to use the company to collect from each employees' payroll and send in 1 check. I was told that was fine, and that we could stop at any time, no metion of any contract. The sales rep that was here had me sign an electronic pad acknowledging the uniform order. He said he had no paper work for me to sign with him but would file and send over. The next thing I know, my initials and signature are on a 5 YEAR contract between Cintas and my company. I tried to turn in the uniforms and cancel BUT was told there was a $4000 buy out to do so. So I negotiated a minimum weekly rate and had 2 guys continue the service. NOW, I am getting incorrect invoices and the account manager has not returned any of my 5 phone messages from the past 2 weeks. Not to mention, over the past 3 years that we have had this service, NOT ONE Cintas rep and stopped by to see how we were doing. I am now going to call cooperate and try to rid Cintas from my shop. This is totally ridiculous, how a company like this stays in business is beyond me. DO NOT do Cintas!!!!!!!

Scott Farmer (CEO) preaches integrity from his partners, but what about integrity from Management? There doesn't seem to be much of that around. He speaks integrity as a buzzword with no meaning behind it.

I work at cintas of bedford 524 we have a lady put in a job as a fs service manager and the job was never posted so everyone could see it. She was slipped in the back door this is a unfair act.We have rules to go bye . Also she had taken a job inside the company doing somthing else but then gets this out of the blue. Please Help

Cintas realy has a problem, they are abusers of people. Use people as much as possible and spit them out. People are disposable at Cintas!!!! I have heard time after time how Cintas abuses people. I have heard their locations called "sweat shops" many times. I once talked to my broker about buying Cintas stock and was advised NO, as he and many others do not agree with Cintas philosophy. That means that people are disposable!! I am a firm believer the American Corporations should stay in America, but Cintas, go to India where you can abuse peole even more. Move to Afghanistan!!!!

All I know is, today, an African American driver with Oregon plate: T564162 in a great big Cintas truck nearly hit my vehicle and went on to do the same with many others, swerving in and out of various lanes of traffic causing everyone to brake suddenly. Either he was drunk or did not care or both. Either way, I doubt this company cares because they are so big - and he is still employed.

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