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i recently had a problem in one of the knoxville stores and recieved a call from there district manager.Her name was Karen Preston she had the worst attitude of anyone i have ever seen. i spend alot of money in that store and had a complaint on the service in one of the stores and she more than told me to get over it and was very hateful , i would hope when you hired someone at this level they would be more professional and would think of the customer first!!!!

Unsubscribe our email address from your list! My husband says it's annoying to have too many emails from you.....I will not purchase anything from your store UNTIL your emials are removed. U have requeasted unsubscribe several times to no avail.....STOP

I have contacted your offices previously inquiring if you had a consumer council, as I had many observations regarding your product line, marketing, customer service etc. Weeks later, I recived an answer saying, yes, you do, but you did not need any additional members. Hopefully you recycle that group regularly, as new, fresh ideas are needed in any business. Unfortunately, marketing is often one of the first things that is cut back. Thinking back, I don't remember your company ever having an aggressive advertising campaign. In the Star Tribune article this morning, Kohls was identified as your competition. Perhaps a look at what the do to promot themselves should be reviewed. They are constantly before the publics eye, CB only seems to be via email to those who chose to share their email with you. Also, I see an ocassional mailing piece. I realise that your stores are small, however, it has been proven that many do not have vision, or an imagination. Displays do sell product. You don't design short little jackets for the 3X customer. The group you consider your targets are concerned with updated style, but not too much flare for them to be uncomfortable. I am in the higher end of your age scale and most of my coworkers for the past 20 years are concerned with buying something that covers their butt. I have taken enough of your time, but after reading the artile this morning, I needed to vent one more time. I have been a customer since you began, an hope to shop their for many more years.

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