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I love Christopher & Banks. Was so upset to hear our store in the South Bend area closed. I heard the mall (University Park) was not giving them a renewed lease. Went to Kokomo Mall yesterday and bought 2 beautiful tops! Clerks were very nice!!

I am appalled at the employees at the store at tanger outlet on 501 in myrtle beach, sc. one in particular is very very loud and rude and should be fired for derogatory comments. I will never go in that store again and my friends stopped going in there because of her.

Great Service in Dayton Ohio

I have enjoyed C J Banks since it open. Things do change, nothing remains the same forever; the quality of the items I have purchased, are still just that, quality. They wash well and wear well. The only thing that has changed is some of those great sales you use to have. The ones you have now are sufficient enough for me. Keep up the good work Dayton.

need store

Please consider reopening a store in Red Wing, Minnesota. It would really be nice to have a ladies apparel store to shop in there.


Used to love the displays,now you see more wallpaper that displays. I used to go in and buy what was on display it helped me save time putting outfits together,and in ways I wouldn't have thought of. Employees said they were told not to layer any of the outfits for summer,it looks boring with lack of details and style. All the outfits are boring or sleevless, most women don't go sleevless esp. for wok.Lack of work attire. No longer have extended sizes:( Never enough help in the stores,I feel sorry for them they try so hard but when they are being called in all directions, have a line at register ,phones ring, clothes piled up in fitting rooms , and who knows what else they are trying to do at the same time. The company needs to invest in itself and their employees so they can give customer service like they used too.

C&B has clearly gone downhill

I just read the previous posts and agree with many of them regarding styling, etc. There was a time I would walk away with bags full of clothing. Maybe the past year or so, I am hard pressed to find anything at all to buy!! Not into the lacy, frilly, ruffly, gawd awful prints/designs. The store in Cranberry Township, PA always had courteous, more than helpful sales associates but I haven't bothered going into the store for months now. Also, I am disappointed the quality seems to have gone downhill. I take care to wash the clothes carefully and turn inside out, and I notice many of the shirts/tops I have are peeling and starting to look raggedy. Will not probably shop there again unless changes are made.

Failed as a company

I do not recommend anyone to work nor shop in any of your stores. The way you had treated me I want to see you and your employees out of business for good.

horrible employees

I visited a store in Waterloo, Iowa in mid January, before my vacation. I was checking out and a employee was standing in the middle of the walk way shouting and telling everyone how to make meals with beer and telling the customers which beer was the best to drink. This was horrible. Even after the employee that was checking me out apologized I still felt that the other gal needed discipline. So after I came back from my trip.I went back to the store to return one of the shirts and the rude gal snatched my bag out my hand and keptoffering me a charge card in which I have refused everytime I have shopped there. But when I told her no for like the forth time she was very rude and threw my money up on the counter and walked to the back of the store. This by far was my worst experience at this store out of 5 years of shopping there. Thanks to her CJ Banks will never get my service again and I will be spreading the word.


I used to buy a few things every couple of months or so, online. LOVE that I can return to a local store, but rarely did. However, I am an XS customer (or P/XS), and in the last several months C & B significantly reduced options in my size. Extremely disappointing! The local store confirmed this - they rarely get my size anymore. I've submitted customer comments, filled out surveys, and don't get any adequate response. As I told them in my comments, I'm glad I purchased what I could when I did, 'cause I sure don't buy anything from them now :( I understand that our US population of women keep "growing" so-to-speak, but I definitely feel like I'm being discriminated against for being small.

Store Closing

Christopher & Banks 12/21/12 Just minutes ago I learned that the C&B store in Stillwater, OK is closing. The news literally made me ill. That particular store is the greatest store to shop for clothes and other items. I purchase all of my clothes there, I purchase my two daughters and my daughter-in-law's clothes there, and for other people and friends. That is the only place I shop for my clothes and my daughters clothes. On occasion when I am shopping at Woodland Hills Mall, Tulsa, OK, I look around in that C&B store, but seldom have I ever purchased many items over the years. It is a dead store, boring and the clerks are nothing compared to the manager, Ann Denton in Stillwater and all of her employees, especially Alma Hayes. I love to go into that store... don't even live in Stillwater, but go there as often as I can. I have a daughter that lives in Stillwater, and she shops there a lot. She also purchases gifts there. Closing this store would be one of the biggest mistakes that C&B could make. The store is in an excellent location, it is "alive," outstandingly well kept, displays are great... all good things to be said about this store. If, in fact, this store is closed, I will never shop at a C&B store again because there is none other like the Stillwater store. It would be a great loss to Stillwater. I see lots of school teachers shopping there, a lot of different people. The service is outstanding. There will never be another store like the C&B in Stillwater. I have referred many people to this store. This holiday season I haven't been able to visit the store, however, I already had plans to shop there tomorrow. My plans were made prior to learning the unfortunate news. C&B should reconsider... keep this store open. Seasonal sales I average spending $400+. That is not my only time to shop at the store. C&B will be causing several people to be unemployed, and C&B will lose two outstanding sales ladies, Ann & Alma. I have been a customer there since 2002. That is the year my youngest daughter moved to Stillwater. KEEP THE STORE OPEN! I BEG YOU.

Please bring more merchandise from USA into your stores. I check to see if made in China, if so I go on continually looking for USA especially. I will accept some other countries but not China.

Have been in the Vienna WV store on more than one occasion when the manager and workers were behind the counter talking about other employees in front of customers loud enough for everyone to hear. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! They have a very young person as an assistant manager who in fact yells at other employees in front of customers as well, trying to push around her job title!!! Think this stores management needs looking into!!!!! Do not think I will be shopping there anymore!!!!

I have visited the Christopher and Banks located in Columbus, Indiana several times. The store is run by extremely unprofessional management. A young manager was too busy taking pictures of herself with her phone in the triple pane mirror, to pay a bit of attention to me. When I inquired for help from the young lady, she was very rude towards me and eventually walked away from me, scoffing. I will not be back to that store, thanks to the very unprofessional and immature "Jojo" as she referred to herself when I told her I would be taking this up with someone of higher authority.

Does anyone read these concerns. I too am disallusioned. What once was a wonderful company has taken a nose dive. I used to relish a visit to the store even though it was an hour and a half away. The service was impeccable. The clothes were of the best quality. The store itself was beautifully laid out, no crowding of items. All clothes were hung and displayed with the utmost care. Pleasant and happy staff that brought my selections to a dressing room for me. They even asked if I needed a different size, gave honest appraisals and encouraged new styles. I felt like a queen. The last 2 times were different. Same staff just not pleasant. No tissue wrapping. No assistance. The last time I traveled an hour and a half the store was gone. I've tried writing the company about this. Pat responses. Their clothes are now of poorer quality no style lots of ragged edge lace, bows, appliques, no classic, clean designs and the material is of cheap quality. They design not for the larger woman. They have designs and style for the younger thin people and hope larger women will want to wear cloth that are poorly designed for them. I have been a long time supporter and advocate for CJ Banks. I have turned a lot of people on to your retail stores. But I can't continue when your product has come so low and your stores are gone. I now shop at Cold Water Creek and hang onto the clothes I bought from CJ Banks when they had style and class! Come back to what you were and I would come back too.

Used to love C&B. In fact, I rarely shopped elsewhere for about three years. Appreciated being able to find classic styles, good quality knits, simple twill jackets that mixed well with other clothing, and nice cotton pullovers and cardigans. However, now it's just like everywhere else. Am 50+, size 14 and really don't care for all the gauzy stuff in wild prints, ruffly polyester blouses, acrylic shrug sweaters,see-through knits covered in beads and sparkles, etc. Seems like there used to be fewer styles in the store at one time, but they changed frequently. I'd stop in every couple of weeks or so and always found something. Now most times I go in I leave empty-handed, not even wanting to try on anything. It's the same everywhere, I know. Just walked an entire mall looking for a well made simple blouse to wear over a tank and slacks. But everything seems to be designed for a teenaged gypsy, with fabric so cheap and thin it looks half worn out before you buy it.

oh yes i have heard so much about this Karen Preston District manager of Christopher & Banks in Knoxville Tennessee , she is rude and hatefull to customers and her employees i am with the rest of you , so un professional!!

I was wondering if anything was done about Karen Preston and how hateful she is to customers that have complaints in her stores? She has this hateful attitude like she doesn't care what you say to her and thats ashame when i use to spend alot of money and loved your clothes!!!

I shop at christopher and Banks and spend alot of money in Knoxville ,TN and I wrote district office about the service in one of their stores and a lady named Kare Preston called me back and was very hateful if she is the one who handles your complaints well you will lose alot of buisness!!! She has a poor attitude.

I see you already have acomplaint on the distric manager of Christopher& Banks should i say more? I was in your store in west Knoxville where I shop all the time and over heard her being very hateful to the employees there in the store I spend alot of money there. It is ashame to have upper management that is so rude. That was very unproffesional I won't be shopping there again. There were also several other customers in there one of the employees told me who she was , because i asked i was very disgusted with her attitude and rudeness!!!!!!!

I always thought Christopher and Banks was a store unto their own. Always classy and in good taste and catered to young and elderly alike. Well, today I stopped in thinking I could purchase a few things like I usually do and was totally disillusioned. The quality and style has gone down several notches. Gone were the stylish jackets, slacks etc.instead I found short cropped ones etc. The store lost it's unique look even down to the wrapping of purchases. Gone is the nicely folded garments in tissue paper instead the 2 garments that I did purchase were just carelessly thrown in the bag. As one of the purchases was a gift I did ask for another bag and was given a very small bag that the garment would have been mashed into it. I did ask the clerk if she thought it would fit and she didn't even try it out she just put it all in the one bag. So much for the Classy Christopher & Banks that I liked so much. I hope you will give what I have written some thought - as for me I'll have to think twice before I buy there again. Too Bad> Respectfully, D. Gawronski from Livonia, MI.

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