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Your employees lack customer service and so does your corporate office. When I called regarding my concerns I could get no satisfaction.

I myself have no direct correspondence with Check N Go except that which pertains to my grandmother who is elderly. They are very disrespectful to seniors, uncompromising and empathy, forget about it

crazy teller

Was picking up a Western Union transfer on Saturday, went to my nearest Check-n-go as they advertise this service. When I asked about it the teller said the amount was too large he didn't have the money. When I asked why they advertise this service he became irate and threaten to fight me. He said several nasty things and told me to come back at 2:00pm as he was getting done and wanted to fight. He said and did all these things in front of my 10 year old son. My son was very scare. I will never go to a check-n-go again. I did file a police report on guy. He has issues!


As I was driving down the road in Adrian Michigan there was the female worker stanging on the sidewalk with the sign haning sloppy around her back side as she was smoking. That looked so unprofessional and a for sure number one way for me NOT to stop. I went to a different loan place.

Plainview Office

I received a call today to remind me of my payment tomorrow she was so rude and informed me that if I cou,d not tell her exactly what time I would make my pmt tomorrow she would run my checks through she also told me the lady before her was fired because she did not do her job. This information should never be shared by one of your employees and threats should not be made simply because I could not tell exactly what time I would be in

POI National Security

Hispanic woman, manager, is a person of interest with regard to an ongoing project involving national security. This information is being sent to a government agency. This may expose your company to intense scrutiny related to your hiring and business practices. I would suggest that you have the FBI conduct a thorough background check on this person and any contacts she has who might pose a threat to the people of this country.

they will harrass you and your employer. I will never do a loan with them again

Lost business

Went to the location at 6:45 PM on a Friday night. Employee at 10442 Magnolia Riverside CA 92505 decided to NOT service me because it would require me to fill out an application. But she was more than willing to send me home with one. So worried at leaving, she cost the company my business. I will NOT be back, and I will be using the power of 10 but letting people I know so they can spread the word. There are several loan places in this area. I thankfully was able to secure the loan with a company that WANTED my business. I would rate the place a zero if it would let me.


So my loan is due on the 3rd of every month. So I'm in to pay my loan on the 3rd..and the manager Yesenia says" We couldn't get a hold of you so we sent your check through." What?? she say " we whats your number and i give it and she says we had the wrong number..but still its the customers fault right? omg.. now i have to pay a late fee for my rent like I have money to mess around with. Such rudeness!! Never been late on a payment ...never!!! I get treated like this? So rude! No customer service no comfort..just straight It's not my fault. omg. sad. The employees are not happy so it portrays over to the most loyal customers.

I filed Bankruptcy I then took proof from the court to the location I borrowed from before my due date. My due date came and went then check n go went into my account and took a payment. I called to get my money back they told me that I wouldn't be getting my money. I told them what they did was against the law they told me to take them to court. Very rude and nasty company I wouldn't advise anyone to deal with this company.

sick and tired...

I got a loan with check n go several months ago and I paid like I was supposed to until I had a cut in my hours on my job. I actually called the company and explained that I wasn't making the same amount of money anymore and it would be harder for me to pay on my loan but I was willing to give them whatever I could toward the loan. well the rep I spoke with acted as if they understood where I was coming from and said they would see what all I could do.... well to make a long story short talking to them was actually a waist of time I was told that the only thing I could pay them was whatever the agreement stated or come up with the entire loan amount plus interest.... I've still been trying to pay something on my loan but now I'm receiving calls that I committed check fraud and I the company is going to sue me and take me to jail and the calls come everyday all day Sunday thru Sunday.... check n go is not a people person type of company so I advise everyone to turn the other way when thinking about a loan with this scam of a company

Worst company ever!!

So I have sent a cease and desist letter several times and they still keep calling, the threats to put me in jail. I spoke to my attorney and they cannot do that. My original loan was 200.00 so in the state of texas its not considered a felony until it 500.00 or more and all they can do is file a civil suit. I hace tried to make pymnt arrangements but they wont help. Never use check n go


I have had an account with them for over six months nowI have been trying to work out payment arr. with my local office and they wont work with me. They have been demanding all of the money now!! they have harrassed me at work at home and even my friends. I have told them what I can do and they have told me that that wasnt good enough. and that corporate will be getting it that I will probably get arrested. Well I have tried working with them. Dont ever use this company. they are very very rude. I would like for someone from their corporate office to call me.


I want to comment about this rep here at check and go Laredo at del mar. I came to make a payment. She is very slow. He is not new in the position. She has been here forever but very slow. She talks too much and doesn't take care of business first! She works like a turtle and she was also chatting on her phone. Pls. I hope the corporate office will solve this because it's a pain!'n

wiring money

We went to Check and Go to send money to Palm Beach. Fl. After visiting with Susan we decided not to send the money, as things were questionable. She told us to contact the Attorney General Office to see if this was legit. Thanks to her we would have lost the money as we were informed a this was a scram? We appreciate her advice and want to let you know that your employee went the extra mile for us.


The people works for checkngo are very rude they try to tell me that i have 3 loans with them but how can someone have three loan's with the same company it's not possible and then one of my payments they sent back to my account that was close over a month ago and why would they send a payment back to me after a month an half i am starting to think that this company don't have any right giving people a loan in ohio and i have read other reviews and the same thing as mine they got to stop doing this to people

Western Union

The check n go store in my town is also a Western Union agent. I have a huge complaint with them as my ID had expired, and the person sending the money asked the western union station agent in his town how I would be able to retrieve the money, they told him since it was under 1000 US $ that all I would need is the security question and answer to pick up my money. The Check N Go employee would NOT release my money because I did not have an ID, when I showed them the form to send money and the clause that stated if under 1000 US $ a ID will not be required if the person sending had a security question, and the person receiving had the question and answer.. to no avail I did not get my money as the employee refused to follow the Western Union rules.. I will never do business with this location again!!! The location would be in the 61008 zip location.

If you have a title loan and small loan I was told now I will have to pay one loan off completely by next month and both loans are over 500 this is awful people go to these places for extra money which is probally due to an unexpected money problem that came up and ones who use these places at such high rates have no accessable other place to go can't get a bank loan and really can't afford to pay a 500.00 $ payment that's why we use these signature loan places now since this was just told to me I'm screwed this next month going to talk to a lawyer I'm thinking breach of contract maybe

Worse company ever. I have read many of the reviews listed and they are correct. I worked for them for a month, I've never been treated so poorly in my life, think twice before going there. They play up your interview as a wonderful place to work don't fall for it. Who ever wrote no breaks, lunches and such is correct. They talk to you like they are above you and if you say whats on your mind they don't want to hear it, they think you should learn it all in two weeks and go. My thoughts are with the interest rate they charge check out others first, don't fall for we compare to all others.

Went into my acct

They are very rude and went into my account while I was there in person paying them. I didn't know until I got back home and found all my christmas present orders returned for ins. funds. and $245. 00 in bank overdraft fees to boot. I'm going to the Vice President's son Beau Biden and let's see if they continue to scam people

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