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The Charlotte Russe in Tanforan is neatly organized but the customer service is appalling. When I went to the register to purchase my items, there was nobody ahead of me and I still had to wait almost a whole five minutes until the girl at the register finished her personal phone call. Even then, when she was ringing up my purchases, she did bot acknowledge me at all and at a very loud conversation about her social life with another employee. She did not once say a word to me and just rang up my purchases and thrust a receipt into my hands. I even said thank you and goodbye to her as I left but got no response. No wonder this store is always almost empty! THEY NEED BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!

CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!! NEver ever Again.. I agree with all post about HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Every time I go into the Fayetteville, NC store they have an attitude. The girls there are rude and lack professionalism. Someone needs to get a hold of them, they would be the reason why sales are affected.

this place is horrible to work!!! first off its minimum wage. They give you all the dirty work to do!!! the managment is horrible and all they do is talk and give you attitude!! they dont respect you and only insult you. ive been there for almost two months and i am leaving. I have three years off retail experience n never had i been threw so much crap. THe charlotte russse in Sunset place miami sucks the discount is great but if you need the job your best bet is to go to a fast food place cause as long as Sheila Lesly Maydelyn And the new girl that just got there and can never be on time are they going to give you hell..

first off i love the clothes...but absolutely HATE the customer service at the store i ahop at in square one mall in saugus ma. Honestly this store doesn't even deserve one star. I called in last night (3/14/12) and asked about a particular shoe i wanted. Well the women was talking to another associate when i tried explaining, and she said hold on...a minute later she said "i dont even think we even have that shoe in yet.." i told her i was there yesterday and the week before and it was there..she had no clue what i was talking about. so i went in the next day, did not get greeted or asked if i needed any help, and what do ya know....the shoe was there!! the store was a mess and made t.j. maxx look like a crate and barrel compared to them. i was going to buy atleast 4 pairs of shoes that day. but it took atleast 15 minutes to even get an associates attention. well she brought me the wrong shoe, and size...twice. now i'm getting upset. i had to keep going back and forth and putting my socks and boots back on and off to run around the store to find someone to help..again. i finally find three girls, one on the phone, and the other two standing around it!! one women had a customer waiting to purchase her things. i asked if i could please get anyones help and one girls gave me an attitude and said "one minute"...that was the third time she said that after 10 minutes of waiting. i dropped my shoes right where i was and walked out. these associates represnt the store so badly it disgusts me. i'm telling all my friends to stop shopping there even though they agree with the snobby girls that work there and HORENDOUS customer service.

First of all i spend over $200 a month there. I'm a long time customer and love your products. This the 2nd time I have felt harassed by this employee. I went to the store yesterday just after opening and the employee was still moving things around. So I understood she was busy. First of all she never greeted me. She smelled horrible, like she been smoking all morning. I asked for boot to try and was given an attitude. The other employee whom name tag I didn't see, I felt like she was new and not had been trainned. When I was ready to check out the associate Amanda whom was rude was chatting on the phone and told me to wait until she finished her conversation I felt. This was a horrible experience overall. This was at the port Charlotte town center mall. I don't know her last name but associate name is Amanda.

I work at a store in New Jersey. The store manager they have is a terrible one and whenever anything happens she blames it all on the assistant manager and keyholders. She's made associates cry on the floor before and if she doesn't like you she zone you in the floor so she doesn't have to interact with you. Real professional. The other I'm having is I filed a complaint on the hotline and now I'm supposed to have a follow up call, but how can I when no one ever picks up at the number I'm told to call? Not only that, from the original call, the store manager is now being passive aggressive towards me. Great job with how you pick store managers Charlotte Russe, now wonder you have terrible associates. It all starts with who you have interaction with them and if all they are it's negative, it's all you're going to get out of us.

I have had too many issues with CR in the past and recently. There customer service is HORRIBLE! The employees are rude and the managers are even worse! They constantly roll their eyes, talk back, and make fun of customers! I love some of the items they sell, but the more I go there I tell myself it's not worth going back. There's been times when I tried to return items with tags and receipts and they told me that the return policy has changed (what? You have the return policy printed outside your register on the counter and your telling me that it just changed?). Every time I ask for a dressing room the employee gives me bad looks for no reason, like she is blaming me for making her do her job. They are very unprofessional, constantly talking and sitting around while clients are looking for help. The last time I was there the manager was running back and forth trying on outfits to go out that night and all of the employees were gathered around talking about their plans (loud enough for every customer to hear). I do like some of their clothes and jewelry but everything falls apart after only wearing it once. I think I'm officially done with this store. Everytime I go in, I notice less and less customers in the store, I wonder why!?! They need to change their ways before they really sink.

I'm going to make a formal complaint about the Charolotte Russe in Plaza Bonita Mall, in National City, CA...job seekers beware. Charolotte Russe is engagin in unethical hiring practices. My granddaughter was hired, she worked one night on Black Friday, and was never put on the schedule. They kept giving her the run around...to call this day, to come in that day. One day, the person claimed she was going to put my granddaughter in the system, but then claimed the system wouldn't let her. They play games, and only hired my granddaugher for the one night. They never intended to be her on the schedule. The explanation is the guy who hired my granddaughter doesn't work there anymore, and none of the people he hired were put on the schedule. The fact that he doesn't work there, has nothing to do with my granddaughter being put on the schedule that is a very lame excuse for trying to cover there shady butts.

I am so happy that somebody posted about the Charlotte Russe Tanforan management. I also worked there and I know 3 more people who were fired with the same reason! The managers, Stina and Nina, are power tripping.

The reason I am rating so low, is because of CUSTOMER SERVICE! I can tell you one thing that will keep a business IN business, it is CUSTOMER SERVICE. Charlotte Russe lacks customer service across the board. I USE to shop at the charlotte russe in Fredericksburg, VA until I went to return items that I had not worn or used, (with the tags all on!) and the receipt. The store manager was called and would not make the return because it was over 30 days, (MOST stores are 90 days, CR needs to get with that). And she wouldn't give me a store voucher, which I would use later on or give it to a family member. It made me so upset, I didn't want the clothes I had bought. I wanted something else but she wouldn't even give me the value I paid for the clothes, she said ALL she could do was exchange them RIGHT THEN AND THERE for what it all was worth, and that's it. I laughed and of course said a few choice words, all because it is NOT ABOUT THEM, but about the CUSTOMERS. I am glad I made it a point to say it is about customer service and they lack it in front of other customers, because it is TRUE! Secondly, I ususally don't shop there, I was given a gift card so I had to buy things, which I shouldn't of done. In the end, I have money to drop, but I won't be dropping it there anymore. Very disappointed in CR. Their RIDICULOUS return policies as well as lack of customer service will NOT keep them in business for long, especially IN THIS ECONOMY!

A girl from Cherlotte Russe Tanforan was fired because apparently she wasn't able to attend a store meeting. The former employee gave her availability to her manager Stina Marshall and she kept on giving her hours on days when she isn't available, which BTW happened three times. She was even told to find replacements for those shifts even when it was her manager's fault. The store meeting was scheduled on the day when she had to go to school and her knows that she can't work during Mondays.

I was at the store today at Dulles Town Center in Dulles, Va and had a horrible visit. While I was looking at the clothes my 4 year old son was standing next to me and one of the girls that worked there pushed past me and walked right into my son, knocking him on the ground! When I said something to her about it she gave me dirty looks, like I had no right to be mad, and started talking about me to the manager over the walkie talkies. As I was leaving the store the manager was giving me dirty looks and laughing along with the employee. Every time I go into this store the employees are excessively rude and god forbid they help anyone! How do you have people like that working for your company? Charlotte Russe appeals to the teen/younger crowd, having those type of people working there is setting a bad example for our youth. Never have I ever had an experience like this at a store and I am completely astounded!! I will never return to one of your stores again. It's one thing to be nasty and rude to the adult customers but it's another to walk into and push children and then act like their parents are wrong for saying something. I will be letting all of my friends and family know about this, especially the ones with children. No customers should ever be treated this way, especially children!

i weto take nt in to the store in kissimmee florida and spend 35.00 and bought a pair of shoes they hurt my feet had to take them back they would not give me a refund they kept my money only offer me store credit for more of there bad merchaneise

Im an employee for Charlotte Russe in Stamford store #342. All of the associates cant stand our managers they talk all day and they start working right before we're about to close. All the extra hrs that Corporate give us are taken by them. I honestly don't think way corporate rewards managers is fair, we the associates are the ones that do all the dirty and hard work but when they make the month sales plan they get a bonus? That is really unfair. Everyone is on the verge of quitting.

i went to charlotte russe in kittery maine store 566 and when i walked through the door, i wasnt even greeted by the girl behind the register. she was laying down ON THE COUNTER! i then had to ask her for a fitting room. the girl Kammi was very rude and when i asked to speak to the manager she insisted SHE was the manager and then when i came out of the fitting room and tried to pay for my purchase she was out back of the store. no where to be found and came out talking on her cellphone on the sales floor. To me this is just terrible customer service and to think that shes a manager!

Just got back from the god awful store. The clothes are eight sizes too small, and even those with the highest self esteem break down crying. Honestly; the staff is TERRIBLE, the fashions are DEPLORABLY SLUTTY, and I am never going back. By the by, GET MORE PROPER SIZES. NO NORMAL PERSON HAS A 32 A BRA SIZE AND AN ANOREXIC BODY TO MATCH AND FITS INTO A SIZE 8!!! Thank you, you–urgh, whatever! I'm going back to making my own clothes... Bastards...

I was in your store in Fayetteville, NC on yesterday and watched your shift manager or what ever she was name Leathea treat several customer very poorly. The first thing she did was send out the store worker that basically accused these three young african american young ladies of stealing one shoe! When the young ladies got up set she thought it was very funny! Than there was another woman waiting on her daughter she spoke to the woman very, very rude "What do you want? I don't have all day for this!. It was very ironic who would still one shoe all of the young ladies had two feet! I was browsing but after this I left the store with out purchasing anything I don't think I will be going back to this store again. My daughter's like this store but they will not be purchasing anything here again.

I went shopping at the San Marcos, TX Charlotte Russe Outlet this past Sunday. I bought a short cardigan sweater for my daughter there. Upon arriving at our home near Fort Worth (5 hours' drive from San Marcos) we discovered they had left the security "knob" on the sweater. Now I will have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Charlotte Russe store near our home to get it removed. I called the store manager, and was told, "There's nothing I can do for you. I have reminded the girls on staff to make sure they remove all these tags once an item is purchased." To that I said, "Whatever you're doing is obviously not working!" "Well, I can't do anything else for you. Sorry." She quipped. You've lost a customer who used to spend $100-$300/month there. Never again. You owe me more than an apology. It's 45 miles and half a day off work to get this fixed. I'd rather trash the sweater than be obligated to drive 1.5 hours to fix YOUR mistake. Customer service is nil, while your prices continue to sky-rocket. You should be ashamed.

First of all, you get what you pay for. All the clothes are either worn, damaged, or just plain ugly. The staff is rude, incompetent, and trashy. I recently had a situation where the assistant manager rang up an item wrong. I brought the item back and was talked down to by both the assistant manager (who claimed she was the manager at first) and the manager. I was finally offered a store credit. After all the drama I could care less about their store credit. I even called customer service and was treated the same way. The man had no clue what he was talking about and didn't care to understand the situation. This is not how a real business is run and this isn't the first time I've heard of problems with charlotte russe. They are so desperate to keep my 20 bucks then solve a problem and keep a customer. Do NOT shop here. Keep shopping at forever21.

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