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I would like to know why your area manager for the Bp in Perrysburg ohio, on Fremont pike, can fire an employee for being robbed. All they care about is there money they lost, they pay crap wages, and expect there employees to risk there lives, well I will be changing where I buy my gas from and I hope other people will do the same, I can't buy from a company that think so little of there employees.

We just stopped at one of your gas stations on Route 18, East Brunswick area of NJ. The gas attendant came to our car and in a rude tone asked us to wait 5 fives and before we could answer he said are you going to wait. He offered no reason for asking us to wait. Not sure I will use you gas station again if this how your company allows your attendants to speak to customers.

why is this okay

I frequently visit the BP gas station on Lebanon road/Wade squareand I have a few complaints/ concerns. Why is it okay for workers to sit outside of the store while on the clock and drink beers. Why is it okay for the workers there to use racial slurs. Why is it okay for one worker to be on his 25th day straight without a day off and not get paid the correctly. He does not get overtime pay because the owners dont want to pay the taxes . Why is this okay This is what is wrong with big companies they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it since they have control peoples jobs if they say anything.

A bad store Manager

To Whom It May Concern: August 4, 2013 I had stopped in one of your stores on Friday August 2, 2013 (located at Franklin road and U.S. 52 also known as Brookville road). The store manager of that location is down right RUDE to customers! I purchased gas, cigarettes, two Gatorades and one Powerball and one Hoosier Lotto tickets and he threw the tickets down on the counter before I paid for them. I also had a friend with me and he did the same thing to her. We thought it was rather odd for a store manager to act that way since it is a "customer service" atmosphere. Of course he was a foreigner as to all of them have foreigners running the BP stores. Just wanted to let you know that store manager was very rude and inconsiderate towards myself and my friend. I as a customer will not tolerate this behavior as to me purchasing my gas somewhere else.


My daughter was accosted by one of your attendents in Cherry Hill New Jersey. We will be going to court for the third time. He still works for your company! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

roud.artVery unclean and no B P card reader

We stopped at the B P at the border of TN and KY The bathrooms were very very filthy and the card readers wouldn't work so after 15 minutes of frustration we left without gas. You should surprise this store with an inspection. I have never had a complaint about B P before. They are not doing you proud. Exit 98 on I-65.

Why is gas still going up, i am on a fixed income its hard to buy gas with all the monthly bills going up to.


I was at the BP station in Ford City, PA. They would not allow me to pump gas without giving them my credit card to hold until I was finished fueling my car. I was not happy about this and if this policy is in fact valid, I will not go back to any BP stations. It is illegal for you to hold my credit card


I buy gas from bp, like most people. I filled a claim for losses because of the gulf coast oil spill. I had a partner who got contracts and paid me for my service and use of my License. Since his death, I am unable to locate the Snowbirds he receive the contracts from. The Secret Service is investigating my default business due to the oil spill. I filled a claim for our business and have been Harrassed by BP. Investigation after investigation. My partner is dead and atleast he isn't being Harressed by BP. As a Senior citizen on disability I can't find rest because of the investigation from BP Please BP drop this investigation. My p/l statements show every penny I have earned. Please somebody help/

My review appears to be edited, I used no foul language and am surprised at what I am reading about my experiance dated 9/17/2012..My daughter deserves an apolagy, I allready gave her mine for having to meet people that carry that attitude as the the store did not even have the local map we were looking for and was treated in such a way... Am I wrong?

My family and I went to Tall. fla. to spread my brother in-laws ashes as per his final wish, I live near starke,fla. and filled up our Yukon Daneli for the trip. service was o.k. but not great but we have been lawel customers for years and know things happen, but when we got to Tallahassee we stopped at BP on Thomasville road at exit 302 to purchise a local map and use the restroom as we are, or atleast been lawel customers when the owner/operater was very rude and thertend to call the police on me for trying to purchise merchendise he told me my 16 year old daughter could not use the restroom in a very rude manor, unless we baught something!!!. Sooo , My daughter feeling embarressed and humiliated went back to the truck to get change for suckers and could not use the restroom after paying for her candy... Three of us are leagely disabled and outraged this is how a store treets there patrons.....

I received poor customert service at a local gas station, looked uop their customer service #, callwed it was told to call an 800 # sat on hold in a lop of press 1 press 2 press 2 again press 2 again waited 20 minutes and someone answered finally after 20 minutes and must havd had their hwead set on mute as althought I could hear them clearly they did not respond and then they hung up. i called back the corporate office the same lady answered she said " i told you yoiu must call the 800#, I told her i had and explained to her I was not going to go throguht the 20 minute fiasco again simply to let them know about bad service at a station. She hung up on me. I called back and each time she continued to get ruder. I asked for her name and supervisor each time she hung on and said " you must call the 800#. I asked for the presidents office she told me they did not have a President, I asked for the CEO or president's name, and she said " they do not have a name." I am not making this up!!! This company makes the Federal Govt of the US look good,The station treats you rude, you call to give them the courtesy to advise them and they hang up on you. BP can spend billions trying to get out of the oil mess they created, but they can not overcome their horrible lack of customer service. They are pathetic, I felt sorry for them during the oil crisis as Obama blamed them. not I get it they are a horrible non customer service company.

I frequent the BP gas station on 10 Mile Rd and Northland Dr in Rockford, Michigan. I had to use the restroom which is on the inside of the building. It was at about 11am on July 6th. Very politely I asked to speak to one of the employees working privately so no one would get embarrassed. I told them how filthy the restroom was. It was not only dirty but had an awful oder. The employee blew me off. I returned a few days later to get gas and I thought I would look in the bathroom. It had not changed. If the bathroom is that filthy what is the rest of the store like. I will not be purchasing gas or anything else from there again. I had my sister with me and told her to check it out. She agreed with me. Thanks for listening. If you have any questions please call Carol Cady 616-364-0333.

I will never go to a BP for gas again. I have heard from more than one person that they have had a 300.00 dollar charge show up on their checking account after having to go inside to run their card for their checking acount. I had to run my debit card inside because the one outside on the pump was not working and I wanted to fill up. The actual purchase price for the gas was paid but there is a 300.00 charge on hold on my account. I called the station and was informed this would come off in 24 hours. I called my bank and if it does not come off, I will have to go and file a dispute form and in the mean time, hope my other bills I have paid do not hit my account because the charge by the gas station will create over drafts. I am livid to say the least, especially since I was informed this was their practice and I have not encountered this with other stations. I will be calling the headquarters with a complaint and it is upsetting to be informed but others that this has happened to them also. Poor business if you ask me.

I was at your gas station at 507 Bayway Ave in Linden New Jersy I was pumping my gas on my motor cycle as I was pumping gas one of your employes watching someone steale my bag from the back of my bike I called the station and they told me call back in the morning so I did got on the phone with a manager name is Mahmut he told me he has no time for me and kept hanging up on me he said he has to look at the tape but he has no time I need my items back someone needs to take action to this matter ASAP all he has to do is look at the tape that is what you leave hanging around your stores if it wasnt a employee as he said it wasnt how does he know

BP provided me with a gas can and funnel which not I nor 3gentleman trying to assist could configure Some one came with a different can and helped us I tried to return the container $20.00 with no luck rough day can't bp afford a better gas can? Does anyone care?

I normally never get gas at BP because everytime I do something breaks down on my car. I was out of gas and low and behold the only station in sight was a BP. I had no choice but to get gas there. I filled up and 12 hours later my entire car started to shake uncontrollably when it came to a stop. I couldn't imagine what could have possibly happened until I recalled where I filled up!!! I drove it a little further then the check engine light came on! I took it to Autozone to have the code read and one of my cylinders was misfiring. I asked the clerk what could cause this and he asked me if I have recently filled up my gas tank and of course I answered yes. He told me the most common cause is dirty gas from the station you got it from and more than likely I will need to replace the fuel injectors which are $60 a piece and I will need 6 of them! I call the BP station to let them know whats going on and they pretty much told me to stick it! I need some help here because I don't believe I should be held responsible for your stations poor gas! I tried calling corporate but they were closed so I will try tomorrow. Needless to say I don't care if I run out of gas on the side of the road and have to walk to the next closest gas station to get gas, I will NEVER get gas at a BP station ever again!

Went to the bp at 1500 fruit dale rd in Florida. The restroom we awful we could not eve use it. I told the attendant he could have cared less. He did he did however put some toilet paper in it but let it filthy. We went to the McDonald's there restrooms are usually clean neve like this one

I wen't to BP Gas station located at655 northern Blvd Great Neck NY. I pumped gas and it never stopped when gas tank was filled it preceded to overflow ruining my sneakers and also charging me for an extra 2 gallons of gas that spilled onto the floor. Not only did it ruin my sneakers but now my car mats smell like gas. Went in to tell the attendant about the spill and defective gas pump. Attendant stated to me "are you done now". didnt even listen to what i was saying and did not really speak English. The hell with you BP and your defective pumps!!!!!!

I am writing a letter to BP's Corporate Office and I came to their website and they did not have it whatsoever!!!!! (the address) thank goodness they had it here... this is the address right?

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