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I FILED A COMPLAINT LAST WEEK - WITH AN EVENT THAT OCCURED IN THE JACKSONVILLE, FL LOCATION ON PHILLIPS HWY<<< I RECEIVED AN E-MAIL 'DIRECTLY' FROM THE SALESPERSON @ THIS LOCATION AFTER SHE WAS APPARENTLY NOTIFIED OF THE COMPLAINT - HER E-MAIL CAME FROM WHAT MAY BE HER PERSONAL GMAIL ACCT. Hello Toni, This is Michelle at Bassett Furniture, we spoke a few weeks back about your son's bedroom. I was informed by our corporate office today that you were dissatisfied with information I gave you regarding the prices on the covington bedroom set. I apologize for not informing you when the sale was ending. We run several promotions and I assure you that I will give you the best possible price. What pieces were you interested in? I will get with my manager and try to match the price that I gave you. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks, Michelle THIS MY RESPONSE TO HER EMAIL IN A FOLLOW UP TO THAT COMPLAINT --- NOTED THAT SHE MENTIONS THE SHE SPOKE WITH ME A "FEW WEEKS AGO" ACTUALLY IS WAS 8/1 - WHICH TELLS ME THAT SHE MAY NOT EVEN REMEMBER ME EVEN THOUGH SHE MADE NOTE OF OUR NAMES.... I did not see your e-mail until just now --- IN MOVING MODE & not checking. I stopped in the Showroom on Saturday for a quick minute -- As a result of that visitm I had several phone conversations with Jeff. He advised me that he could not match the price that we spoke of AND if the buyer's order had been written at the amount you & I discussed he would NOT have honored that price. He did speak with the owner and offered me a price considerably more than we discussed. He suggested that you and I were speaking of 'different' pieces, but I know that is NOT the situation. I was very deliberate in the pieces being chifforobe, tall chest of drawers and panel bed. Sale price after rebates you quoted $2890 and it was written on your card --- but due to Move Mode - can't seem to locate card. However, after conversation with Jeff the least amount he & owner will sell it for is $3382 plus tax - plus delivery for those three pieces AND I only have 24 hours to take up this offer. He stated the sale was " corporate sale" and not a store sale. We may find it difficult to meet his "Deadline" due to the move. Needless to say I am very disappointed in the whole pricing issue. I work @ GMAC and decision auto loans with dealerships for the last 38 years and the "low balling" and then giving the real price is a car tactic that I did not expect from a reputable Bassett franchise. I understand there may have been a 'mistake' but once that is done to a customer something more has to be considered to protect the integrity of your local business. Hopefully, we can get to Jeff today but if not we will purchase somewhere else . Toni Gossett 904 955 6373

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