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I am a member of Balleys fitness on rte 46 Saddle brook NJ. Awhile ago one of the hand dryers in the bathroom was not working for over a month and sometimes they were out of paper towels and the men's bathroom at times stink today for the first time they were out of hand soap in the bathroom I asked a worker what happened no hand soap? he said no we are out of it could you believe this? out of hand soap? how unsanitary! this Balleys should be shut down!

I too have been a member since 1990....bad management, broken equipment, dirty facilities....no way to talk to corporate, young cocky managers at the club who don't show respect for your complaints! I am turning my energy to yoga and soon will cancel my membership! And oh by the way, you have to write in to a PO box,,,,,they don't want to make anything easy!


The Bally Total Fitness Corporation has been taking my money for several years now knowing they sold off clubs that I had access to which were sold off to LA Fitness living me with no access. I have been a member of Bally Total Fitness since 1987. The web site doesn't work their e-mail doesn't work and you get a run around from customer service. My membership is a nationwide membership and should be now honored at any LA Fitness Club in the US and Canada. I'd like Bally HQ head of Customer service to contact me.


Riverdale is a mess, that club have broken equipment, rusty machines. And this two weeks there is not hot water. Pool dury, sauna dury. No whirrpool working neither, nasty and shamefull. The employees don't take care of the soap in the showers. They say don't have cleaning supplies and the maintenace supervisor is not sending parts for the hot water problems or repair company. Its time the unopperate corporate do somethings. Or Health Department have to soon.

Bally's Rockville Centre NY

I couldn't wait to join the this gym, I had been a member many years ago when it was Jack Lalanne. It was beautiful and modern the pool was clean and inviting. But much to my disappointment thirty years later..NOTHING changed!! The ceiling is falling apart, there is no A/C, filthy equiptment ,you can't even touch the treadmills without getting your hands disgustingly greasy, they supply no wipes to clean machinery after you've used it either. I recently had a problem with my debit card, but was never told that my membership had been cancelled, because no one ever checked my card when i scanned it...they just let anyone walk in !! A very unfriendly staff.. Oh ..and about that pool that i mentioned earlier...It's the same one from thirty years ago!! (Makes you wonder how safe or clean it is)

30 year member

I joined as a lifetime member in the early 80's in ohio, but now live in arizona. All I wanted them to do is transfer my membership to LA Fitness instead of Red Fitness but they will not and do not the authority to assign my membership to Red Fitness when it was good anywhere in the country. I suggest a class action law suit before they sell off all their memberships or go out of business.

Absolutely Insane

I signed up to this company when I was 1980 went to the gym one day, got sick and went to office in Orlando fla and all within first week or two ask to get out of contract because of health reasons they said okay no problem, it is 2013 some 33 years later and they are still trying to collect for that one day i went . What do I have to do!!!! Are you that hard up for money. Really!!, let it go

Disappointed to the extreme

I signed up with Bally's in the 80's as a Life Time Member. Was very happy at first but they have steadily gone down hill as far as customer service, club cleanliness, manager attitudes etc. I was so disgusted the last time I went to a club in Houston I haven't been back for years. They were abrasive and extrememly rude. Looks like they are selling or going out of business and I say good ridance to another greedy American business. Now I'm trying to cancel and I can't find a live person to talk with nor anywhere online to cancel. Two friends canceled and then were sent to collection agencies for further payment. If you are with Bally's get out now! Bally's management you should be ashamed and disgusted with your business practices and management.

In November 1991, Mobil Oil Corp purchased Bally’s Total Fitness (Bally’s) corporate premier memberships for its employees from the Bachman Lake location. Although I never lived in Texas, I resided in Tulsa OK at thte time of purchase, I was able to enjoy the health clubs were I resided and when I traveled. My Bally’s member # 000 514 026 2006. I left Mobil in 1993 and have faithfully maintained my membership for myself and then my family. We have l resided in the state of Maryland since 2000 and have enjoyed the clubs during that time. In June 2012, I began to receive bills from Blast Fitness (agreement # 0366-72708) and when I called them, I learned they, as well as LA Fitness, had purchased some of the Bally’s locations. I also learned there are NO Blast Fitness locations within the state of Maryland. There are however many LA Fitness locations (formerly the Bally’s locations we visited) near our home. I thought a conversation could correct this oversight so I call several times to all three companies (Bally’s, Blast, and LA Fitness) seeking help to correct this situation, yet I received was hard to understand customer service representatives who were unable to do anything except offer a refund. My family and I do not want a refund, yet simply would like for your companies to reassign us to a club in the state in which we live – LA Fitness. Signed Frustrated and Out-of-Shape

Depends on what you are after. Cardio classes such as dancnig, fighting and aerobic based ones, definitely. Weights I'm not so sure.Although some gyms do allow young members to come in and do weight training, it's not really advisable unless you have a personal trainer who will work with you every session.Young people such as yourself, are not fully developed yet. Your bones are still growing and forming, not to mention still trying to strengthen and also grab good holds onto your tendons and ligaments. You don't want to do any damage to these because you lifted a weight that was too great for you.If you do end up getting a membership to the gym (weights), I would strongly suggest that you stick to very light weights or use your own body weight to exercise and strengthen your body.

I was a Bally's member for over years. I saw them go steadily downhill in recent years. The only reason that I stayed was that they were the only club around that had squash courts. Then, last year, they suddenly announced that they were closing their club. And then my membership got transferred to LA Fitness. Except for no squash, the clubs seem to be run much better. That you Bally Total F**kups.

bally's bay plaza sucks...it's filthy ...the women's locker room is gross, there's literally shit in the shower stall and the manager Edgar does not give a shit...all they want is your money...think twice b4 signing up...FRANCESCA

ive been a member since 1990 with a premier plus package to any bally's in the country. the place i i went to was sold to la fitness. i called a rep and she said i could add the bally sports to my membership for 120 dollars per year. i did not have my check book with me so i waited till the next day to reup. i got a different rep and he said i would have to pay 250 dollars...that was bullshit. first of all i should be "grand fathered in" to access all bally centers since i had a premiere plus card and paid my dues in 1990. next,how do you people in the corporate office come up with different prices? i have cancelled my membership with you and requested a full refund of 132 dollars. he said i should get it in 2 weeks. i cancelled beacause there is no ballys toatal fitness near me (they are all fading out and becoming bally sport). last year i went to the bally sport in nyc on w 32nd and had no problem getting in. last week i was going there and they told me i was not a member even though i could see my picture and name on the computer screen when they scanned my card...that is total bullshit once again. i currently live in lindenhurst ny 11757 and there are no bally total fitness near me. now im off to la fitness with my 132+250 dollars and join that club. how sad, being a member for so long and you all treat me like this. thomas f. sokolowski ex-member number xxxxxxxxxxxxx enroll date 5/24/1990. after la fitness i should go find a good hungry attorney. you all probably thought i would be dead twenty years later, but sorry to bust your bubble. i am stiil alive. whats really sad is that ballys doesnt give a shit about their members...the only thing they see is dollar signs in front of their eyes!

I've been a Bally's member for years and I'm about to BoyCott! The gym on 19th street 6th AVE in NYC is totaly Disgusting!! The machines are all old and rusty, Extreme Poor facility!! Staff members Suck big time. I think I will call the news channel 4 Shame on You so they can go in with hidden cameras and blow them up!! it's ashame we as members pay the monthly fee for such disgrace of a facility. No towels, no juice bar, the locker are disgusting! I would never shower in there may catch herpes or some type of other diease!! Get with the program Bally's I'm about to blow up this location on the media!!

My name is Kingsley Mensah I had a sixth month free trial with bally's and was later billed. I believe someone used my social to get a contract with you guys don't you check identification before signing them up for a membership all future members beware.

Today is December 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm. I just went to the NYC 32nd Street facility where people working out inhaling POISONOUS FUMES! I had to leave because I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. When I asked front desk,they have no idea of the source, nor are they doing anything to remove the members from the facility!!!!!! They are all standing there looking dumbfounded and doing nothing! What are you doing about this BALLYS CORPORATE?!?!?!?!?

Bally's needs a complete overhaul from filthy locker rooms to broken equipment. No air conditioning, & sometimes no music. Very bad & almost non-existant management. A complete lack of concern for their members.

I went to the Ballys in Alpharetta Georgia this week.. what a joke. The staff was not friendly, gave my friend different prices to join and blamed it on corporate. The steam room has a large hole outside the doorway that sinks in and all the tiles are missing.. a slip and fall waiting to happen. Inside the steam room tiles are falling off the walls and the entire place in general is filthy. The tile around the pool is full of mildew.. what a shame, because with the proper management overseeing the facility it could be great! The mgt staff cant even figure how to print a contract that a new customer wanted to see and had to make two phone calls and still could not do it!

I'm a member at bally's @ XIMENO/PCH AT LONG BEACH FACILITIES. due to i left my belongings there overnight such as towel,gloves and shower stuff. they cut my lock and took some of my belongings doesnt belong to them. i understand your not suppose to leave your belongings there BUT doesnt mean the employees and maintenance has RIGHT STEAL YOUR BELONGINGS. SHAME ON YOU, PEOPLE WHO WORKS THERE. WHAT COMESAROUND GOES AROUND.

I'm very disappointed in the services that Bally's have as well. I open my membership years ago, probally about 10 years or more . I have made many attempts to cancel the membership and to no avail has that happen yet. So i have paid for this membership at least twice so far. I too think Bally's is a complete scam, but I must be honest and say that the Bally's where I reside (Catonsville,Md) is very clean and the staff has always been pleasant. So please, anyone reading these complaints should be very aware of Bally's. My mother join Planet Fitness and she love it, and she only pay monthly, there are no contracts to sign.

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