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Not knowing much about your idunstry I can not give you any good advice, but I would ask your Sales Rep.'s. They are on the front lines and may have a better grasp of what might be needed. I would offer a reward to the Sales Rep with the best marketing / Ideas. We often look for answers and find out later that they are right in front of us. Good Luck ! In the Spirit of Success, Dan

your store in College Point is wonderfully accommodating...... your store in Middle Village however, is the complete opposite......messy, disorganized, unavailable by phone.......do you think there should be a change in managership????? I really think so!!!! How about it? five stars for College Point.......zero stars for Middle Village.

Dear bj"s. I went to your store in Watchung nj. tonight. What I was looking for was a change from Costco I have been a member for twenty years. I own before and after school programs in central nj. I spend alot of money on supplies and snacks for 130 children. I went to the main desk and asked if they had a free trial pass so I could try bj"s products. The girl behind the counter said they don"t have free trial passes now I said ok can I talk to a manager she then came to the front desk I explained to her I would like to try their products and could she approve a free trial she also no. I don"t understand bj"s employees. because of those two workers your company will lose alot of money from me. I think the corporate office should retrain there help and recognize when people are willing to leave their competition and have given me a free trial.

Bjs recieving manager antionne is a dumb rude. idiot that is the farthist thing from an asset for your company i drive for inter coastal trucking delivering for kimberly clark products our company thrives on prompt on time deliveries however your moranic manager antiones attitude is he could care less NICE EMPLOYEES YOU HIRE HERE

You can't return anything to BJ's. They give you the runaround hoping that you will just give up

Have been going to BJ's for many years and the service and prices have been excellent so far.

This is what I am paying a membership fee for? To pay more for merchandise that can be bought MUCH cheaper elsewhere? Examples Skywalker 10' trampoline BJ's Price $349 Toy'R'Us $239 Coca-Cola 28-Can Refrigerator BJ's Price $159 Amazon $139 Lifetime 8 Ft. Folding Picnic Table BJ's Price $399 Amazon $351 This is just a few examples.. virtually EVERYTHING at BJ's that can be bought elsewhere is MORE EXPENSIVE. Wise up people, BJ's is ripping us off!

My rating is for today's visit, at the customer service desk only.I stopped buy the gas station to realize my bar code was worn. Therefore I went to the customer service desk in Bowie,MD (Ballpark rd) and spoke with Lorrie Coates. She greated me without a smile,presenting a demeanor of off standish. I informed her of my bar code and without notice she grabbed the photo wand, if you will, and snapped my picture with no warning. I said WOW! "you took my picture? WOW!". She then stated, well you should have been ready and besides, the picture is blurry anyway. She was right, the picture was blurry but I was still dumbfounded by her lack of professionalism and preparation for a new picture. I informed her that they usually reprint a card,I didn;t think a new photo was needed. Lorrie Coates then stated, well it must not have been here,because I've been there for a long time. She then handed me my new card and I left. So I apologize, this does sound so petty. However I was just so irritated by her lack of professionalism and customer service skills. I did inform a supervisor who stated that there have been numerous complaints about her, but for anything to get done I would need to contact corporate.

I worked at bjs and this company sucks...its all about slave labor and the managers are all hypocrites and two-faced....this company is the worst..... club #44 sucks

The customer servioce at your BJ East Point,GA is the worst. I had a complaint about a product and the service attendant at the self-checkout line gave the product to another self check out attendantt and they laughed. I did not say anything. I called the customer care center and spoke to a representative, Tom (he said he was the only Tom in the center). I explain the issue to him. he said it will be resolved in 3 -5 business days. I will return to BJ's and if this item is still on the shelf, I will report it to your corporate office and also the manufacturer.

I am furious. I just left BJ's from maple shade NJ, I asked a supervisor to give me a coupon book, one for me and another for my sister who by the way has her own membership, the Supervisor ( Chrissy) stated that my sister couldnt have a booklet cause i had taken one already and is only one per household. I explained to this Chrissy lady that we are not in the same household. I then asked to speak to Chrissy's supervisor so this man come by the name of Ralph and looks at me with a stare as though I had three heads. I explained what had transpired and he begins to tell me that is a system they have. Omg I was even more frustrated that they were willing to loose a customer for a booklet. I had just finished purchasing $300. Boy did I feel like returning everything. But I will tell you that I will NEVER solicit that establishment. I am also going to continue to complain until someone listents. Buyer Beware Maple Shade NJ BJ's has very bad customer service.

6/4/2012 Just by way of an observation. Went to my local BJ's Auburn,NY and was rather dismayed by what I observed. I was there between the hours of noon and 2pm. The parking lot was full of cars. The lot was also filled with every cart the store had in operation. People had to go outside to get carts. There was one customer service person who was very busy and had a noticeable line. The was ONE cashier. The lines were unbelievable. I never go to the self checkout because it never works: it wouldn't accept my clamshell of tomatoes. I had maxed out my attempts at scanning it and I was locked out from proceeding with the checkout. I didn't dare look behind me at the line I was holding up.

I would like to say that a Mr. Lovell, in the Meat Department at the BJ Club in Falls Church Va should be recognized. One of the main reasons that I shop at Bj Club is that the meat department and their products are top shelf. Lovell has consistently helped me out with my requests especially for the beef tenderloin, cutting orders, and giving advice. Our other big anchor stores here in Falls Church VA, Giant, & Safeway, don't come close to the service, selection and prices that the Falls Church Bj Club meat department offers. Thank you Lovell, I appreciate your service and will continue to shop at this store mainly because of you and your department!.

I needed tires at the BJ's tire area, or also know as the BJ's Bulls... area. After I wait for 3 hours to get tires on my car, I finally asked the guy at the Monroe (BJ's) what is taking so long? He said that he had to take a crap earlier and then he and his buddies had a 2 hour lunch. I was fumed. I told him I wanted to see the mgr. Some flunkie finally showed up after a 45 minute wait. After hearing my story he told the tire bay guys to get to work. Then he apologized to me and offered me a quickie. He said he would blow me for a rebate behind some cardboard boxes if I wanted some release. I was appalled. But, he had a big mouth. So, I let him suck away. This happened atthe Waldorf, MD BJ's.

The BJ's in Maple Shade, NJ discriminates against African Americans. I was in the store this past Friday, I purchased two items totaling less than $20. The cashier named Mini asked me for ID. Ironically the white woman in front of me used a credit car & purchased considerably more & was not asked for ID. The white couple in front of her paid w/a $100 bill & she didn't flinch. Clearly this lady was singling me out. For the record the name on my credit card & the name on my BJ's card match perfectly. I would not recommend this location to anyone. On top of that I purchased a vacation package thru their website & once the purchase was complete then they tell me my $25 gift card I can't get until after I get back from the trip! What a scam.

My husband and I was going into a BJ store with a walmart shopping cart that was right infront of the BJ door, The door monitor said we cannot take that cart in.I said to him can i have the BJ cart that was sitting by the vending machine with garbage in it and he said no. I said why not he said i can get a manager for you if you want but you are not allow to have that cart. The customer service at BJ at the Valley Stream store is the worst. You have your employee telling customer and have cart collecting trash verses having a customer use the cart where the would spend atleast $200-$400.

I am a member of the East Point Georgia location. I have ordered several cakes from the bakery department. Everytime I have Martin has been the person to assist me. He is always so helpful. He makes sure I get exactly what I need. He should be rewarded for giving such great customer service. He should also share his secret with some of his co workers.

(1) Why are the 2 BJs I shop at (Bowie & Cap. Heights) mainly stocking extra large eggs? The only large eggs are 18 ct. expensive eggs. I bake and was always able to get the 5 doz flats of eggs. Are you planning to restock the 5 doz eggs? (2)The Berkley & Jensen cooking spray recently purchased (in the last couple of months) has changed. It is certainly not "non-spray." You have changed the formula so that no matter how much I spray, the items stick. I will never buy it again. I always told everyone to buy it in the future and that they should not spend extra money buying Pam. Now I'm telling anyone and everyone that this cooking spray is the worst thing ever. You have to continue quality items in order to keep customers...not change to inferior products. You make it very hard for us to be loyal customers.

Ring Man. Just wanted to inform other consumers of BJ'S lack of training in all of thier jewerly departments. They never have an employee in the department if you want to make a purchase. Whomever they can drum up to help you, that is who you have to guide you with your purchase. I spent two thousand dollars on an engagement set for my "bride to be" and the sales rep never gave us a certificate of appraisal for insurance purposes. We were not aware of this benefit at the time. We had to get the ring sized at a jeweler and he informed us that the validation card that comes with the ring was not the right card for our ring. This card comes with the ring so that you have an accurate description of all the details about the rings make up. The sales rep just put the ring set in just any box because she was not aware of any of the details concerning what to do when handling a sale. Making matters worse is when a consumer tries to get help with the errors made. I was informed to go back to the store where the ring was purchased. There wasn't anyone that could even begin to know how to resolve my problem. They also explained to me that BJ'S is "not a jewelry store". This is my hope. Can someone in the corporate offices come up with a simple plan on training personnel specifically to handle all jewelry sales even though BJ'S is "not a jewelry store".

I talked to a nice lady at BJ.s corporate offices, I wish the morons at the Fredericksburg, Va. store were half as intelligent. You go to them with a problem or an inconvenience and they could care less. The store manager by the name of Everett makes you feel he is doing you a favor letting you shopping their. All I can assume is he is on commission and money is coming out of his pocket if they take back any returns. I hear great things about Costco, which is 150 yards down the road. Perhaps they will realize this and find a manager worthy of their store.

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