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Don't waste your money on a membership at this place. Extremely Poor Customer Service. Products not on shelves, stored up in racks out of reach of customers.

Not happy with BJ'S. did not renew membership. management stinks won't ever shop there again

Terrible customer service

Try to call the store in setauket numerous times on a Saturday. Called every department No one answers the phone just rings out, try calling the corporate number on a Saturday snd the wait time is 40 minutes? Extremely poor for a huge company. This is a direct insult snd statement thst says we don't matter... Time to move on bye bye BJ's

Tire Replacment

I had purchase 4 tires Michelin for my car.....Last Saturday i had a flat,right tire. I went to BJ and the tires are discontinued. Tires not very old and I went to every Tire Place in in Ft. Myers Cape Coral Fl. No one had them, they all said go back to BJ and tell them to order the tire Amazon.com, The manager refused. and said they can't. I said then I will have to drive on three wheels and walked out. I know they would have to put two back ones in front, and the other on the back. a can of tire fix is not going to last long. But they did take tire off and not find anything wrong with it. Well I want it replaced, for its not going to let me. down. please HELP ME Or give me four new tires, I want all 4 to be the same....You know this is not right to do business this way, Nor none of The Tire places here . I will go to Fox 4I if NO REPLY

this address is wrong

I am part of a p.t.a. and I sent out letters to the head office the letter was returned to us I called the number they gave me 25 research drive. West borrow. Mass 01581

discounts and customer service

I have been a member for over 10 years; this tear has been the worst. 4 times in 2014 (including this month August) my coupon book has not arrived. Twice I called BJs customer svc. to get a new book but BJs does not have a way (policy) to send out individual or missing coupon books - so I had had to go without. My membership is up this month, and I am switching to SAMs or COSCO.

Club membership fees

My husband and I just got back from the Midwest and all the tornados when he said we have a card for a free membership at BJ's. We left to get dog food and gas. When we got inside the girl at the counter was more inthralled with talking to the girl in line in front of us about a possible new job. When we did get to talk with her she said our offer had expired but we could shop today and rack 15% onto our bill. Ya right. Who in their right mind would do that? There is a SAMs club opening soon I'll take their free offer or costco. I cannot believe that BJ's would want their employees doing business this way but I could be wrong. We've never had a membership there and it looks like we never will. That's just not good business.

Membership Duration

Please consider increasing your membership date.

racists comments from employees

Went to the store in Clermont Florida and i couldn't believe the racists comments came from the cashier talking about mexicans. Talked with customer service and they acted like nothing happened. Not going to that store anymore.


I can't believe in the usa there is a club that would remove the American flag from the club because they claim its offensive club 170 homestead,Florida

No stylis

Went to check out & had to use my finger to sing the pad after I scanned my credit card. Cashier called the "manger" over & she said they were ordered. No sorry I should of left the $2oo worth of products & left. will not be renewing my membership. Will be going to Costco.

Great shopping experience

I enjoy the experience at BJ's in Cuyahoga Falls, Oh. The staff are friendly, prices seem fair, and the mgmt. make a decision on the spot. Give them high marks.

Great shopping experience

I enjoy the experience at BJ's in Cuyahoga Falls, Oh. The staff are friendly, prices seem fair, and the mgmt. make a decision on the spot. Give them high marks.


I have been a member since 2002. My membership expired in October 2013. I did not renew until December 302013 and then only after receiving several requests from BJ`s to renew. After renewal, I noticed on a receipt my membership expires in October 2014. Today I went to BJ`s in Woodstock, GA and asked why I was cheated out of two months membership when I made a renewal for a year. I was advised it is corporate policy and nothing could be done to restore the two months membership. This policy makes no sense and communicates very poor customer service policy

Customer service

I thought I had bad service at the BJ's in Tilton NH but after looking over the reviews it appears this us common for BJ's... So sad doesn't look like I'll renew my membership!!!

yeah! customer service

We have been shopping at BJ's Club 066 for the last 20yrs .I have never meet a manager that was so ready to help or seen one meeting his customers on the floor.. bravo ! you need more John Husnay GM he gets it ...we own a land mark restaurant in Bolton Landing NY & we have branded our business on customer service.

Coupon Sales

At a local BJ's in New Tampa, Florida, a product was on sale with one of its coupons. They were sold out, except for the display (can't sell) and 12 on order. The membership for BJ's exceeds that by 10Ks, why on Earth would you have 12 of a particular item on order and do not issue rain checks? I rate BJ's as a 'Zero' rating on coupon sales.

BJ'S lied all they want is yor money

While at BJ'S I was cut by a jar cover. The store manager & I agreed that a fast settlement would be to extend my membership by 1 year. If not I was going to the hospital which would cost BJ'S a lot of money. So several months later I find that my card was not extended. Nobody knew anything. BJ'S is a retailer that will take your membership fee and then suck all the money from you. This took place in the Deer Park New York store.

Poor management

Went to b.j.'s for propane today. As usual the mechanic was also responsible for propane gas and there was a long line. We all had to wait for the store manager as there was trouble with the register. He finally showed and informed us we would have to wait 15 minutes as the mechanic had to finish a wheel alignment . When I suggested he could fill our tanks he said he was't certified. Thank goodness the mechanic took care of us. Maybe your managers should be certified so they could help the worker bees instead of sitting in their air conditioned offices.


Poor service ,rude hostess, not everyone at the table received their food on time. The salad came out before the drinks. Told the manager and he said he would take care of our concerns. Never did he offer us a discount nor did he ever return to the table to make sure we were properly served. Poor management leader.

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