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Love the atmosphere

We eat at the BJ's in Cedar Park, Texas. We love it! The restaurant is clean, servers are attentive, and food is brought to the table quickly....you do have to give them time to prepare it, which I expect. My husband loves the beer and I love the hard cider. Keep up the good work at the BJ's in Cedar Park.


The food and service is good.... If you're trying to watch sports please do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. they don't even get espn2.

Consistent.. BAD SERVICE

College station, Texas location is known for slow.. Today, it was the very worst.. The house had a total of 5 tables.. Servers everywhere. We were sat, greeted by our server, received our drinks, but needed a couple extra minutes.. A couple minutes pass, 25 more pass.. Our waiter was engaged in conversation with the other servers who were all standing at the host's stand.. As we walked out, not one of the employees would make eye contact.. As I look at other comments, apparently, the BJ Franchise truly blows..

Glass in Food

First time at this resteraunt with 8 of my colleagues, order steak and Lobster with mash potato took a coupke of bits of the Mash p. Sput out a large piece of glass. Contact the maneger she ask was I ok? Did I need medical attention. That was it she ne ver came back. I end up going to ER by ambulance. What do you do?

Menu items

I go to BJ's in Carlsbad just about every week, just love everything about it. your servers are wonderful, especially Lauren, and the manager is very attentive and visible. The only complaint I have is that you have taken two of the salmon dishes off the menu. I have friends who order the Misu Salmon every time they go there, now it's gone, I also loved the blackened salmon which is no longer available. I feel this is a big mistake as iI've seen how many people order salmon in your restaurant. I wish you would consider putting these dishes back on the menu.

We love our BJs

We go out to our BJs in N San Antonio frequently. We have never ordered something we didn't like, we've always had superb service and the staff is excellent. They have call ahead seating and it works. Hard to believe other locations can have so many issues. Maybe all y'all need to come to Texas.

My husband and I stopped by Bj's after shopping at Westfield mall san jose, love the food, great selection of beer and not to mention the service, A+, we'll be back next week!

the mural painting

Who is the artist that painted the mural, oh and the food and service was OK.

I live 2 minutes from Bus in West Covina.. the staff is just horrible.But my family likes food. And its close to our home. It doesn't matter if you go on weekday afternoon or busy Friday. Hostess and takeout are ignorant and rude. I am going bring hidden camera and post staff literally talking about customers and totally ignoring.. no customer skills at all. Last Friday night I had staff who put her hand up and said she was on break and run away from counter.. and hostess laughed. I guess they thought it was so loud they could get away with it. In this crazy world they need be careful how rude and nasty they are to. Management doesn't care!! Maybe they should have dumb young servers peel potatoes and cooks greet...

Ripped off bad service

I ordered a large BJs Special Pizza. What I got it, it was a medium and they cut very small pieces. The pizza tasted old. I cheese was hard on the crust. Worst pizza I have ever had. Paid 27.00 for a medium pizza. Called them, asked the size of a large pizza, man said 16". I told him mine was 12". The he says oh that's a medium. Gets his manager and she says larges are 14". Mine was barely 12". The did nothing. Will never go back again or ever recommend them to anyone.

I've been to the Summerline las Vegas location numerous times, and it's great. The staff, the managers, and the food is AWESOME!!!


I went to the Bjs in Moreno Valley. Everything was just wrong. It took forever to get out drinks, food ect. We have little ones and its hard for us to enjoy our time when everything is taking so long and the little ones will not sit still anymore. We used to come here all the time and everyone was great in there. I'm not sure what happened but you have lost a lot of your best staff. Maybe you should look into your management staff. I don't think we will be back anytime soon.

BJS San Rafael Terrible

I work at the Bjs in San Rafael and it is terrible. The managers play favorites and are racists. They are also biased against people who catch the bus to work. I cannot help if it the bus breaks down, but someone who is between 45-3hours late because their car broke down or because of traffic barely get a slap on the wrist. The asian supervisor is on a power trip and a complete lunatic. He has no social skills and tries to belittle people all the time. He tells people around me good job, but skips over me, although that does not hurt my feelings. There are many accounts where the black employees have been yelled at or fired for reasons beyond their control. The managers make excuses for host/ess and servers that are not doing their job because they are buddy buddy with all of them. This place is terrible to work for. They have a high turnover rate and tries to keep people by movoing them up to a different position before people who have been there before. This place is too sack!

We have eaten at BJS in Fresno 3 to 4 times a week since it opened years ago and always used to enjoy it there. The management used to be the best when Ryan and Kelly were there. They used to be out in the restaurant talking to customers asking if everything was ok and how our meal and service was, it was a happy place to go. Now it's gone downhill. Service is not as good and smaller portions. And the management is nowhere to be seen it's just not enjoyable to go there anymore. You need to bring some happy faces back in there again. And management that generates happy employees..

Went to the BJ's in Jacksonville, FL As entering the restaurant we were seated immediately. As we were all walking to our table 10 of us, my feel slipped right out from under me. It was if I was on Ice. I did not have time to break the fall and fell flat on my left knee. The fall was so hard that everyone in the restaurant turned around and some were even laughing. It hurt so bad for at least an hour where I could not even breathe. My daughter Raimi asked for ice and the waitress said when I get a moment. Raimi said my Mom fell really hard and our drinks can wait. she finally went off to get the ice. I was 10 minor more greeted by a manager who said these words: Oh, what a shame what happened to you. He saw I got ice and later returned with a form said I would need to complete and he would be back later to check on me and get the form. we were there for a long time of coarse with 10 of us eating and kids. He never once came back to check on me or even give me my meal comp. I have been in pain since this fall. What a way to get treated. Extremely disappointed in your employees. I was also told I would receive a call from corporate, which I still have not. Wow!

Not At All Happy

After hearing great things from my east coast teammates about BJ's seafood items, I treated the clubhouse staff to dinner, especially since Phoenix is not the best place to find good seafood. To make a long story short, my bad for thinking BJ's would be any better. Not one of us would recommend any seafood item. And I can't figure out how they get their overpriced "16oz" micros into a 12oz glass....

Poor Service

Went to lunch at 12:05. At 12:35 we asked about our lunch and the wait said "first come, first serve and we do them in order," instead of saying let me check. We will not be returning to BJs in Glendale for a long time. The serve and attitude was very bad.

Poor service

Went with family to eat at BJ in in Ranching Cucamonga. We order our food. Food arrived minus one. Our waiter came to see if everything was ok. I told him yes everybody's eating but me. My plate hasn't showed up. Manager showed up and Apologized and would take care of it. 20 minutes later my plate still hasn't showed up. The waiter went to see what went wrong. 30 minutes later my plate was in front of me when my family was finish. Lost my hunger land really mad. The waiter apologize again. the manager never checked back with us or did a fallow up. Never got charge for my plate and no to go plates either. NEVER AGAIN.

Good food but poor service

I visited the BJ's fresno fashion fair with my family, took us right in. We asked for a booster seat for our daughter but never got one. Then the food was served but did not provide utensils to eat with. We had to ask for the napkins and utensils. We ordered a pizza to go for which we waited like 30 minutes and when I went to ask for it they handed ask cold which means that they forgot to handout to us. Poor customer service.

Food poisoning

My wife and daughter have visited the Clearwater, FL location several times. We always get to-go orders, and we did so again a few days before Christmas. We were rewarded with severe food poisoning. Three days of extreme illness. Luckily our 18 month old daughter had mac and cheese and escaped the poisoning. Whomever or wherever our food was prepared was not sanitary and caused us a horrible 3 day experience. Happy Holidays from Bj's. After contacting the restaurant, the general manager said he would put in a report to the home office and they would contact us. Two weeks later, no word from them. I called them directly and am now waiting for a reply. We haven't received one offer of rectifying the situation, and we are still waiting. Really pathetic. I will make sure to tell everyone i can not to visit this hole.

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