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Location in Santa Fe Springs

Walked into this store, they have a small area of produce. Their produce section is no good. All the vegetable were going bad, there was a lot of fruit flies & other bugs flying around. I guess its no different than the Jax Market that was there before.

new store

I visited your new store at west pico blv'd.I think it musty be the "flagwaver"of all your stores. I love it and I think ut us bigger and better than the Wilshire and Fairfax store,and i like the location . s'Wonderful


Save mart employees love your store so you should buy save mart Walmart publix

Sales tax exemptions

I went to the 99 cent store on 35th Ave. and Peoria in Phx, AZ. I showed them my sales tax exemption letter and was told they don't honor those things. I tried explaining that it was for a non-profit org. and no one understood what I was saying. So I put my 3 items x 70 =210 items total back I guess that there is always a first for everything. I went back to the Dollar Tree

What were you thinking when you changed the layout of the stores to long isles where you have to go all the way from one end of the store to the other to get to the next isle. I hate it and haven't heard anyone that does like it. I like to be able to go half way down one isle and change to another isle rather than walking a mile to get all of the things I want. I'll be doing my shopping at Family Dollar where I can get in and out quickly if I just want a few little things.

to district manager

Why is it on Tuesday or any day of morning trailers ur mangers take and goods that come to us your customers are hide from. Us to buy r we are told only two per customer while they're buying by the case McAllen TX we are told ran out of products but managers and employees are buying by the bulk shame on the person who runs that store

Terrible Customer Service

Went shopping to the Corona location. First I have to witness how an elderly man in a motorized wheelchair asked a staff member for assistance, and the staff member very rudely told him that she was off the clock and kept walking before the elderly man said another word. Then I bought over $40 of stuff and I asked the cashier if she can have someone bring a cart in order to take the things to my car. She just stated that there was no one and kept ringing the things. I literally had to struggle with taking 10 bags to my car. And while I was grabbing the bags, she just kept ringing people. Poor customer service! I will never shop at a 99 cents store again. I rather go to Dollar Tree! If I could give a -10 rating, I would!!

over charged on 25 items

I went to the 99cent only store in Lake Forest, Ca. to buy some Holloween decorations. My wife and I found some center table lanterns, they were marked at the shelf for.99 cents we needed 37, we took them to check out and were told they were priced at $1.99 each not .99.. They charge us .99 for 12 and 25 at $1.99. Across the isle there was an item marked at $5.99 and still sold at .99 cents I think this is false advertising due to your stores name, if your going to charge more then .99 cents, take out the Only in your stores name

upset disabled veteran

Until today 9 17 2014 I shopped only at 99 cent stores in lake Elsinore when I tried to park in the handicapped parking the spot was full of carts.i parked in a different area used my walker to enter store informed.mananger about the situation and was told they would take care of it imeadentley ,2 hours later nothing done. This time I was told they couldn't do anything about it. As a vet I will never spend another cent in your stores again.john p.cable

Its horrible when you fall and no one botherd to call from corporate, my knees wrist n back hurt. I havent got a call from them.


It is terrible when you can't enter a store because there are homeless vagrant's hanging outside the 99 cents store. When you do enter the store they are inside the store making shopping very uncomfortable for the PAYING CUSTOMER.

store clerk

as i was shopping getting rung up by the cashier i was told she couldnt ring me up do to knowing a family member she said employee and store policy is she can't ring up family member or someone you know is this true ?

you are nuts

i just shoped in the yuma 99 cent store #242 who is stupid enof to pay $3.75 a pound for blue bonnit . wen wal mart has it for under a dollar a pound . plus why cant the people speak english . this america not mexico . PRICE CHECK YOU LOOSE .

The bait and switch pricing is getting totally out of hand in Phoenix. Almost every time now something is labeled clearly on the shelf for 99 cents and rings up for more. This time Izzy soda for$1.99. I have started taking pictures and will contact the local attorney general's office.

Disabled Veteran

My husband is currently in hospice, our son came from Texas to help he was hired at the 99 cent Store in Lake Elsinore on Collier, overwhelmed devastated and my mother who is 80 recovering from breast cancer both two important people in my life no words could ever do justice to the battle with grief and pain I feel..we only have one car my son do to emergency missed a few days I begged them to understand and allow him to keep his job no HEART help the veterans right I called corporate what a disappointment


I shop 3times a week or more and shop this (99Cents Store Only 130st. Hawthorne Blvd.) for more than 3yrs.I was very dissapointed in the way I heard the lady Manager speak down and rude to the employee in front of custormers. I got a sense That NO ADMINISTRATORS Oversee or speaks to the employees and questions how they their moral is doing in working as a team.

bate n switch

I purchased candy at the 99 cent store in Riverside Ca today and the price clearly reads 59 cents on every shelf in the store that this candy is displayed... but when it was scanned it rang up at 60 cents...I asked the teller why is the price wrong...She said...I don't know and just kept on ringing the rest of my items. Watch for price switching ! It may only be pennys but I bet they add up for this company ...But the consumer is being ripped off 2 cents at a time...

very getto additude from all staff

So as I'm shopping at the 99 cent only store on bristol buld in santa ana ca the cashier (pregnent female) was very rude didn't say anything as she stareted ringing me up and then there was two co working also next to her laughting at a customer as she walked by calling her a hamburger very disrepectful there's to many getto employes working in this store...very on happy and will not shop there agen... switching to Doller Tree

prices change

I'm an avid shopper and I have a concern, I've noticed that some items are not just 99 cents anymore. I was at the store in Salinas, California and I was going to purchase grapes and found out that there not 99 cents a bag but 99 cents a lb. Not to mention motor oil, eggs, milk and toilet paper. So, now I have to be careful and read all the sale signs, when before I would go in and purchase. Thank you for reading my concerns

99 Cents Only Store

My family and I have been shopping at the 99 Cents Store Only for many years On Hawthorne Blvd.133 st. close to El Segundo.Blvd. The Manager was very rude and had women lifting Heavy Boxes while he stood their to watch (with a smile)Knowing that they needed Help.And put a lot of stress on them they can barely move the items. Almost to the point of dropping all the boxes. I will be calling the LABOR BOARD on these kind of non-leadership management.

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