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about opening a store in westendpoconos. rt.209 broadheadsville pa.

we really need a store on the west end to be built and opened. we are faithfull wegmans shoppers. and have to travel 70 miles round trip to shop at your store. so please come take a look at area.

Rude To Disabled Vet

The Niagara Falls Blvd. location in Amherst NY has a man who is a head cashier that told my father, a disabled Vet, that had his Veterans card on him- that if he wanted the beer he would go out to his car and get his license. The man is 60 years old! He explained his hip bothers him and that was his response. Terrible customer service!!!!


Be cautious and watch your receipt I have had items where they bait you by having a good price and when you check out it is $1 or more higher. I have contacted management about this and they ignore me so now I will make sure more consumers are on the alert and watch prices

Pharmacy Dept at Manalapan Store

Amazing group of people!! Kudos to all at the Pharmacy Dept. For all you do!! Very hard workers and always so pleasant! Thank you!

Wegmans Market in Dickson City, Pa. is seriously lacking in professionalism on all levels. Their Pharmacy is in violation of federal mandates that oversee them. They 'carded' my 83 year old mother for alcohol, causing distress and embarrassment. Their Pharmacy Manager overrode a qualified and approved PACE prescription for my mother, and charged her full price when she should have paid her normal Medicare copay of six dollars. This is illegal and is subject to Federal sanctions for noncompliance. When the Feds come in to audit your pharmacy records, don't be surprised. I urge locals to shop and acquire their pharmaceuticals and food anywhere other than at this location. Alert your staff legal council...you will be hearing from my attorneys.


Wegmans off 512 in Bethlehem need a lesson on phone manners. I asked three quick questions and heard....yup, yup, yup. As it if were bothering their seafood department by asking if they had live lobsters The lady who answered was no more polite. What happened to greeting customers with respect. Guess I'll shop elsewhere


Wegmans sushi 75 is bad food because they always never look what they put in the roll. One day I have it they roll the roll inside out and there is fish not shrimp I want. Please them to make best roll. Almost the head sushi chef at is Angela. And sometime Antonio.

Dog left in car

I had an experience at the Warrington store in PA. The customer service agent did announce the license plate overhead and came out to the car to see the animal. She told me store policy was to do nothing because their hands were tied as employees. Please change this policy within your company. I love these stores and first had the knowledge of them when I lived in Rochester, NY for a year and used the Greece, NY store as my primary grocery store. Consider the puppies of America and keep up the good work.

Wish we had stores in Florida

I have lived in Florida for 7 years and nothing here compares to the freshness or quality or service of your stores up north. Hopefully as WaWa has realized Florida is a untouched market and both would benefit greatly!

Product decline in quality

My wife and I've been shopping at Wegmans for a combined 60 years, Throughout the years Wegmans provided top-notch quality produce, While at the same time providing good pricing. Over the last three or four years We have noticed a decline In the quality of the produce As well as a, Reduction in the number of name brand-items that compete with Wegmans, thus their selection is slipping, I do not like to be forced into buying a product via limited selection, Not to mention, That some of these products are less than acceptable quality. Recent notes are Driscoll strawberries, In one week we bought two seperate quarts, both rotted within two days. Their bread also tends to rot very quickly. Overall I've reduced my purchases by more than 80%, And we are always looking for new alternatives to Wegmans. Congratulations keep trying to raise your profits, All you will end up doing is sacrificing your customers.

Love Wegmans in NJ.

Need a Wegmans near Manchester/ Bennington, VT please!

95 dog left in car

Downingtown, PA. I was entering the Downingtown Store as I was walking thru the lot there was a dog locked in a car with the window's part way down...the dog was having a very hard time in the heat that was inside the vehile..pantting real hard. I rode the the PA license number etc. I when to the service desk to asked them to annouse the license number and make and model of the car and the reason why...I was told my someone that came out of the office..that they are not allowed to do that....I was told they were tell me how to call the police.

horrible manager

Dickson City Wegmans been shopping there for 10yrs, today went to order a pizza and it was made all wrong so talked to night manager Steven who happened to be on day duty. Steven was rude & argumentative,and we are very unhappy customers & totally turned off of Wegman's.

Rude employees and poor managers

I have been shopping in the Bel Aire Wegmans store for sometime now...I can't say enuf about the employees that work at the service desk being very friendly and eager to help. The other depts, i.e. the pizza and sandwich dept where the dirt and untidiness is very evident. There are managers of different depts., prepared foods, meats, cheese, who are especially rude and seem to care for themselves more than their employees...on a number of occasions, I have personally witnessed a form of bullying by these managers to their employees, if I remember right that was not and is not acceptable anywhere, especially where customer service should be the norm. The store manager seems to have no b***s when it comes to discipline, because the same things have been going on there for a very long time according to different employees, some of whom have since quit. If you expect to have good employees, then treat them with respect...but, you have to give respect to get respect. If Wegmans hired mature adults, instead 20 something year olds who really don't know about life then they really don't have to look too far for customer service mistakes...I personally have seen a manager talk very degrading to an employee more than once...if it was me or my child, or spouse she was speaking to I would have demande discipline, but from what I am told the store manager wants to be everyones friend instead of a boss...sad but I think the positive write ups that Wegmans gets are from themselves and printed so people think they are the best...I agree with one of the other comments here that Wegmans is the WalMart of super markets.

Job Well Done!

We recently were served by a Wegman's employee, at Holt Rd., Webster, NY, which we feel was above and beyond the call of duty! This young lady, Barrie, found me in the special foods section of the store completely bewildered on what I should be looking for. My husband needed an urgent gluten, sugar, salt and fat free diet, before radiation begins. She took my list, and with me by her side, found each item that I needed, explaining the ingredients in each package, and made me feel like I was a "special" customer. I know she does this everyday, but you need to know that this girl knows her job, performs it graciously, with a smile, understanding completely what your customers need. She is definitely a credit to the Wegmans stores, and should be used as an example for all employers to follow, when hiring personnel for their workplaces. Wegmans does have the best employees and working conditions anywhere in the area. Barrie, from Holt Rd. was the one who served us so beautifully that particular day, and one we shall never forget. Thank you, Wegmans for having the insight and recognizing her qualifications when you did hire her. Bless you and your staff.


Will you ever be building In Va Beach Va?

Wegmans has been in Maryland now for several years and we like the concept of a supermarket that is suppose to have better products and better customer service. We split our shopping between a membership-only store and Wegmans now and probably will be switching over to another area supermarket. Last week at the Hunt Valley store, the woman in the cheese department could not have been ruder when we asked her to try a particular cheese. She basically sneered at us as if we were bothering her when that was what she was suppose to be doing and that was having customers sample these two different Italian cheeses. My husband and I were the only two at the counter at the time and as soon as she reluctantly gave us a sample she walked away from the counter and started stuffing her face with cheese. This week at the Bel Air store, we purchased a bag of "Premium" citrus. The first orange we cut open was half rotted in the center with black decay. Lovely. This is the second time we have purchased rotted produce from the Bel Air store. The first few months after the Bel Air store opened we enjoyed the customer service. Employees put on a Disneyesque performance. Yesterday, when I wanted a loaf of bread sliced, I had to wait for the woman in the bakery to get off her cell phone. I think enough is enough.

Am I the only one? Wegmans has a new way of packaging their boneless skinless chicken breast, and in my opinion it sucks. I wash my chicken before i freeze it and their packaging traps all of the foul blood and dirt from the slaughterhouse. If you want to pack it like that you should have to clean it first... And I still am waiting for a reply from my first letter about how our wegmans had no beef ribs but had Ox tail, I am not Vietnamese, I am a Vet that likes Ribs, it is an American thing. And why can't we get Birdseye green bean stir fry, you carry the asparagus stirfry and you haven't been able to make your own yet. Why is it that it is legal for you to copy Doles salad mixes and then get rid of Dole from your shelves. Seems like a copyright or two has been broken. YOU ARE THE WALMART OF FOOD STORES you drive off the competition and then you close your doors.... ST

The best shopping experience ever. My wife and I have shopped the finest and are very fussy.We would go out of our way from our home and put on 30-40 miles to shop. Whole Foods was our favorite until Wegman's arrived here in Massachusetts. The most pleasant staff, the finest, and largest selection of top shelf meats not to mention the vegetables and a list to long to mention. Keep up the good work!

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