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Horriable follow through

Your voice computer is getting worse all of the time and so many times you are told Your script will be ready and when you go to pick them up they only filled on or two instead of the order.Your firm use to be the Best now not so.

Refuse service

Today 01-20-2915 i was at the dentist got a wisdom tooth out the doctor gave me a prescription took it to Walgreens at 84th st and greenfield av in west Allis and the ask me for my ID I gave her my expired drivers lisence an my consulate ID an she denied me the service because you don take Mexican IDs! Is this true? Because I took my prescription to Kmart an they treat me real nicely accepted my expired drivers lisence an only took me 5 minutes you need to teach you workers some manners !

Employee discount

My sister was told that if her immediate family members use her employee discount that she will be fired. I will not shop at walgreens again until they retrain their staff in Chestertown MD. I am disgusted with their level of customer service and knowledge of their policy.

Delivery of Medication

Always thought they were the best for 25 years. I am having trouble getting medication from them. Very unhappy and dissatisfied.

Horable VRU on Corp #

I tried several times to contact your corporate office and kept getting transferred to the operator who wasn't available and then the VRU disconnected me.

Product Availability

I think it's a shame Walgreens puts items in their sale flyer which are not available at any of the stores in the Greater New Orleans area. You advertise Fruit of the Loom Jerzees sweatpants at 2 / $10 then don't stock any of the stores. Very disheartening.

Poor Service

Very poor service in the pharmacy. There is always a long line. It's very dis-organized. Location is 1300 Hallandale Beach Blvd. In Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009

I love my walgreens!!

I get great customer service every visit. I'm always greeted multiple times and I love the clearance shelf!!


Why is that when you visit the Walgreens on Augusta highway in west Columbia SC you have to wait 30+ mins every time you go morning noon or night can you please get employees scheduled for this location. You are a pharmacy right!? That should come first. I would like to hear something back please .

Poor service

I shop at Walgreens regularly and I went yesterday 9/23/14 and spent quite a bit of money, and when I was checking out, I asked the clerk if she could give me change for a $5 bill and give me $3 in quarters and she said she couldn't because of company policy. I'm sorry, but I'm a paying customer and think I should be able to change if I need it. I ended up having to make another trip to a different store just to get change. It sucks, so much for killing two birds with one stone. I think you should rethink your policy, because it stinks.

Your Ads are Deceiving

Whenever you show getting extra 5000 points you show how deceiving you are. In the picture for Metamuscil you show you can get extra points if you buy Metamuscil. However, in tiny, tiny, print on the bottle it reads sugar free. Your extra points are for sugar free ONLY. That's DECEPTION!!! In another ad for 5000 points it reads in large print "When you spend $25 or more." However, in small, small print it says "cannot be redeemed for some items". That's deceiving too. I will not shop at Walgreens ever again! Target, here I come!


My wife has an ear infection and there is a line of 12 people on the inside. 2 lanes 6 cars deep. You need more staff and a priority line for people with immediate problems! Tried to attach picture to show 15 people pissed as well. The Seneca Sc location has a high volume of customers and a slow output.


You move you don't deserve any ones business because the USA made you what you are today. Greed All you are doing is destroying this country if you leave. If you move take your businesses with you while you are at it.

make sure you check medications before leaving.for as much medication i purchase and if i use the drive thru. they for get to key in my phone number so i get my points. but it's a promotion,even if i remind the young ladies they forget.if they stop chatting,consentrate this won't be happening..

pharmacy,brick,nj hooper ave

this pharmacy has to be the most incompent pharmacy I've ever dealth with. I'm a diabetic and they never have my insulin.levermer changed their pens walgreen's called me a n month ago,stating they would call my doctor of the change and they would have the pens. well to day 25 august I went to renew my medicine and they didn't have the new pens, and they didn't give me my insulin,because now they have to call the doctor again. I left emptied handed.if I did this in the military I'd be hung!!!!!


Corporate Headquarters needs to read the reviews online about customer satisfaction. Your pharmacy is short staffed and consequently four out of five people trying to get prescriptions are either yelling at the slowness to the assistants, or so stressed out they are making themselves sick just waiting in line. The waiting time for a simple pickup can be over an hour. The chance of not having a fax or phone call to the doctor is over 80%. The unbelievable service and attitude should be reviewed by CCTV or spy. My guess is two people are required to make this switch to customer satisfaction - another pharmacist and another assistant, as well as training for customer help on the floor and when to put more than one checker out..... three or more people for instance.


I received unappreciate service back in December.I had to be told by a clerk my medication (Lyrcia) was no longer covered by UHC. i NEVER received a phone call. They knew weeks before me and the clerk had this smile on her face when I go to pick up. I let that pass, never said anything. On July 8, Dr. appt. waited out my 3 weeks due to side effects,per the docter(seizure). and I must wein off the drug (Gabaptin).Today, I get a call that my sleeping pills ready and I accidently ask about my (Lyrca) now back on Lyrca and here we go again. The CLERK is who telling me again, UHC has change out on retail pharmacy with certain drugs.I need to call the 1-800 number.o.k. But! When was I going to be informed. I guest my point to all this:The clerks are not Dr. or Nurses and don't understand the important's of some of the medications is to us, and All the side effects. Some drug we just can't stop taking without assistant of our doctors. I left CVS because I could not take the DRAMA no more. Where do run to now.

Business owner

As a business owner I can say for certain that we can use Walgreen's approach to Customer Service as the text book example of what not to do. Horrible company. Care nothing at all for customers. Horrible. We will boycott from this day forth, and I will tell as many people as I can about my experience in the hopes of helping them to avoid the same horrible treatment.


You will lose a lot of business if you move your HQ's out of our country. Have you thought about store closing.......


I've have shopping and filling all of prescriptions at Walgreens for pretty much my whole life. I shop there everyday it's at the front of my neighborhood. This month refuses to fill my prescriptions when they have been filling my scripts every month until this month without notice. They are not doctors and should not have the power to make me sick because they know what the medication will do if I don't have my normal dose. I'm a father of four and married. I who's going to pay my bills when I have to miss work all because of Walgreens. They should be liable for all my pain and suffering, hospital bills and missed work.

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