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Your service

Your service is good. However, the phone I have is without a doubt is the worst thing I have ever owned. I have complained to my local store. The only solution they could come up with was to upgrade my phone and it would ONLY cost an additional $29 a month. I am retired and on a limited income. So needless to say, I will be searching for a new carrier when my contract runs out. Thank u!

Disabled Vet

All of your stores are nothing but Liars. They sell to you then dump you and your charges are not what they say they will be.

Bad Service

I have been transferred all over the place for months, and given 10 different numbers and my issue still remains unresolved. I'm trying to pay off my verizon debt and no one can tell me which collection agency my account went to. Bad for business. Even while I had verizon as a cell phone carrier, it was impossible to speak with a human and get my issues reselved, which is why I cut them off. The service is definitely not worth the amount of money they charge.

Your resent software upgrade

I have notice a lot of changes in the TV guide on my guide setup, I call and they told me it was not a problem but was due to an upgrade that had just accord. Well whoever did the upgrade should be fired, they got rid of many feature that made the guide work for example the set reminder is gone where you can be reminded of a show you want too see and you can no longer record a show that you do a search for and find that it is running two days later but you can't record. Like I said corporate should fired this person !!

Will Lose My Job-Thanks Verizon

Not impressed with the service and extremely tired of having to call support almost every week. After today's call, they made it their best interest to slow down my speeds even more, which will cost me my livelihood. It is very apparent Verizon could care less, so thanks for nothing.

Customer Service @ 611

After numerous calls to 611 and visiting our local store several times with problems. I spoke with some one who was willing to listen to the problem. After being with Verizon for 13 years or even before it was Verizon, the Corporate officer listened to me and took care of the issues. To Notch work. Thank you

Terrible terrible service

Since leaving Time Warner a month now I have had the worst service ever from Verizon, I've been lied too starting from the sales person too everyone in their so call customer service ( the worst). They're come up with an outrageous 1st bill charging for the problems I encored due too there software problems which I've told them I'm not paying, just too say this has been the worst experience ever with any company.

Nobody knows what they are doing

I have spoke with 4 different people through their customer service that have told me they will issue me the $108 that was charged to my account incorrectly. It still has not been credited to my account. Every person I speak with has a different story about what I need to do to handle this. Easily the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.


Unlike verizon stores and the 611 number, the corporate headquarters is top notch. The several times I have called, over quite a few years, have ALWAYS solved my issues. I am happy that this office exists. Many thanks.

lousy service

After numerous attempts to contact a human and get some specific answers for my wife's cellular phone, I finally gave up. I cannot believe how ridiculous your lack of service is. I'm switchimg her to another carrier

how often has corp heard this

Has anyone ever said to Verizon that this corp isn't made up with people, but from the top down made up with creeps. Creeps of the lowest form.


I switched from Comcast to Verizon when they quoted me a $&0 decrease in my bill, it is now $130.00 MORE! I have been trying since Jan. to resolve this, spoken with many people-NOTHING. Don't use this company.


I have never been so aggravated in my life with a cell phone company.. The worst customer service ever!!! Can't wait till my contract is up..nothing but lie to customers!

the worst customer service

verizon sucks big time. the worst customer service, overpriced!!!!


In their corprape arrogance and greed - In order to train their customers to accept only compuuterized customer service... Now, if we do not push the phone buttons they want. We hear, " Oh, I am sorry your are having trouble." " GOODBYE"

Scum. They suck.

Hours and hours on the phone listening to ads and being transferred to no avail. Three weeks into trying to get problems resolved. A company that screws employees, customers, and pays NO TAXES!!!!!

No Complaint

I am aware of all the rants, but my experience with corporate, was positive. Being disabled, Verizon understood, called me and addressed all my issues. They even sent me a card thanking me for my input.

verizon benefits

have you called the benefits center? I have been on the phone for 45min can not get to a person,maybe you should move the center out of the snow belt, and move it to Tampa fl,


Verizon really needs to start listening to it's customers, I concur to this census of people that find the customer service appalling , I cant even find any English superlatives I can use to describe this unscrupulous organization, indefensible fees are assessed to customers with complete disregard, each time I realize that I still have about 18month to ago with their damn contract that really saddens me, I have totally lost credence with Verizon

This company will not be in business long not with the way they treat their customers. Customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced

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