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can't get proper service

REALLY !!!!!!!!!

I've been called a total of 40 times since October 8. 5 times today. I am not a customer, never have been a customer, never will be a customer. They don't even rate 1 star

Customer service lies takes your money from your account without your permission and has no accountability They falsify notes on your account Buyer be aware!

Vet Benefits

Your Vet benefits are VERY deceptive, I would really like to talk to someone in Public Relations before I start taking action. This is a common courtesy I am offering you.

Deception & Lies

Promised guaranteed price to renew contract. A month later $49.99 increased in prices for do it yourself installation. Following month $240.00 for equipment that wasreturned. Disabled customers had to wait 17 minutes for customer services. Representatives cannot give their names to customers.

Weather Channel

Whoever it is that made the decision to drop the weather channel is slightly out of touch with reality. There are quiet a few million of us that still us the weather channel quite regularly. I would advise that you should have at least sampled your viewership before cutting the channel off.


Worst service ever! They blocked me from using my 50,000 smart reward points after being very rude to me. Several tech issues that have lasted for several months if not years have not been resolved. STAY AWAY!

email suspended

I cancelled my internet service and I am not allowed to access me emails my email address has been suspended. When I changes from msn to Verizon I was still able to access my emails Verizon on the other hand has blocked me from receiving my emails and sending emails

Deceived and Lied to

I have been lied to over and over ,on several occasions when changing plans and or needing assistance. I will change carriers soon and I have been a loyal customer for 12 yrs and never late on payments. I have had enough of thievery from Verizon.

paiding and don't get it

I been paiding $50 a month for Unlimited Talk & text and unlimited internet for years and I never been able to contact to the internet so why do I have to paid $50 a month when all I had to paid is $45 dollars a month for text and talk I just got off the phone with Verizon teck support and he told me that they have little area in Montana so why did I have to paid 50 dollars a month when all I had to paid is 45 a month if you can't get the internet hers they should have told people in Montana they can't get the internet here

Very Disgusted

Worst customer service ever. You hear one thing from a person and then something else from another. I was even told that Verizon does not have a corporate office. What does that say about the people working for Verizon?

decetiful practices

I have spent 12 hour on the phone with Verizon customer service employees, including two levels of managers. I was advised i would receive a certain price, then that information was deemed wrong, then correct, then wrong by two levels of managers. When i requested to be connected with a corporate level manager i was refused.to be provided with that information. I have now twice requested a call back from corporate and have not received one yet. By far this is the WORST COMPANY i have delt with in 50 years, a major shake up at customer service is needed.


My bill is WRONG every month. You can not get through to customer service EVER. Plus I was lied to when Verizon claimed they were in Alaska WHEN THEY WERE NOT. I hate Verizon. They are the worst wireless service out there (second only to Boost Mobile).

verizon customer

Your customer service sucks. You put boggus charges on my bill and then give me the run around when I question them.

Your service

Your service is good. However, the phone I have is without a doubt is the worst thing I have ever owned. I have complained to my local store. The only solution they could come up with was to upgrade my phone and it would ONLY cost an additional $29 a month. I am retired and on a limited income. So needless to say, I will be searching for a new carrier when my contract runs out. Thank u!

Disabled Vet

All of your stores are nothing but Liars. They sell to you then dump you and your charges are not what they say they will be.

Bad Service

I have been transferred all over the place for months, and given 10 different numbers and my issue still remains unresolved. I'm trying to pay off my verizon debt and no one can tell me which collection agency my account went to. Bad for business. Even while I had verizon as a cell phone carrier, it was impossible to speak with a human and get my issues reselved, which is why I cut them off. The service is definitely not worth the amount of money they charge.

Your resent software upgrade

I have notice a lot of changes in the TV guide on my guide setup, I call and they told me it was not a problem but was due to an upgrade that had just accord. Well whoever did the upgrade should be fired, they got rid of many feature that made the guide work for example the set reminder is gone where you can be reminded of a show you want too see and you can no longer record a show that you do a search for and find that it is running two days later but you can't record. Like I said corporate should fired this person !!

Will Lose My Job-Thanks Verizon

Not impressed with the service and extremely tired of having to call support almost every week. After today's call, they made it their best interest to slow down my speeds even more, which will cost me my livelihood. It is very apparent Verizon could care less, so thanks for nothing.

Customer Service @ 611

After numerous calls to 611 and visiting our local store several times with problems. I spoke with some one who was willing to listen to the problem. After being with Verizon for 13 years or even before it was Verizon, the Corporate officer listened to me and took care of the issues. To Notch work. Thank you

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