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lousy service

After numerous attempts to contact a human and get some specific answers for my wife's cellular phone, I finally gave up. I cannot believe how ridiculous your lack of service is. I'm switchimg her to another carrier

how often has corp heard this

Has anyone ever said to Verizon that this corp isn't made up with people, but from the top down made up with creeps. Creeps of the lowest form.


I switched from Comcast to Verizon when they quoted me a $&0 decrease in my bill, it is now $130.00 MORE! I have been trying since Jan. to resolve this, spoken with many people-NOTHING. Don't use this company.


I have never been so aggravated in my life with a cell phone company.. The worst customer service ever!!! Can't wait till my contract is up..nothing but lie to customers!

the worst customer service

verizon sucks big time. the worst customer service, overpriced!!!!


In their corprape arrogance and greed - In order to train their customers to accept only compuuterized customer service... Now, if we do not push the phone buttons they want. We hear, " Oh, I am sorry your are having trouble." " GOODBYE"

Scum. They suck.

Hours and hours on the phone listening to ads and being transferred to no avail. Three weeks into trying to get problems resolved. A company that screws employees, customers, and pays NO TAXES!!!!!

No Complaint

I am aware of all the rants, but my experience with corporate, was positive. Being disabled, Verizon understood, called me and addressed all my issues. They even sent me a card thanking me for my input.

verizon benefits

have you called the benefits center? I have been on the phone for 45min can not get to a person,maybe you should move the center out of the snow belt, and move it to Tampa fl,


Verizon really needs to start listening to it's customers, I concur to this census of people that find the customer service appalling , I cant even find any English superlatives I can use to describe this unscrupulous organization, indefensible fees are assessed to customers with complete disregard, each time I realize that I still have about 18month to ago with their damn contract that really saddens me, I have totally lost credence with Verizon

This company will not be in business long not with the way they treat their customers. Customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced

bad customer service

I am a verizon stockholder. Sometimes I wonder why. The only time you can access an automated telephone survey is when they have actually resolved your problem. This is not often. It usually takes several calls to fix issues. Your supposed to help the customer and have them want to stay a customer. Not create more work and headaches for them. Sad to say its not just this company. It is all of them. Nobody cares.


Verizon has gone from Bad to extremely uncaring of the customer. My account goes back over 25 years before Verizon, from Alltel to GTE, now to you idiots. There is no customer respect or service. Regulators have allowed this type of poor business practice for way too long. It's time for an investigation of the poor ethics and shady tactics they've been practicing for far too long!! Horrible!!

high cost for phones

I have two phones and the third we don't even use no one will help with this problem phone bill every month is 230.00 to 250.00 dollars no one is over using minutes please help can't keep doing this expensive phone every month.

Wors Customer Service Anywhere!

Have had problems since instillation 10 months ago. Talked to numerous reps (approx 20) and not one has any idea of what the other rep said or promised or even cares. One rep even talkied over us to prove he was right and not us! And this is a communications company? You need new leadership of someone who cares about the customer first! Those are the true successes.

Please call me about the horrible service we receive and they can not or will not get our records straight. We pay up every month and they never get the records straight. They want us to continue to pay for other months over and over. We have tried to call them but they just yell in our ear so we have no idea what they are saying. I ask them to please speak quietly and they get louder saying they are talking quietly. I can not understand a word they say so I have t4ried writing to them many times no response. Please help!!!!!


You would think with all the neg feedback verizon gets they would fix their problems right? How could flying monkey goons from the wizard of oz who work for fire pelosi, at verizon, raytheon, and Lockheed, do anything right? Next time a flying monkey installs repeaters, transmitters in your bedroom window, shoot em dead.

Blight on the Neighborhood

Verizon on Second Avenue and 9th Street insists on their outsized flag, which is posted on the fence of a landmarked building. The store already has a big sign above the door as well as a big sign on the side of the door. Now this HUGE banner is a blight on the neighborhood, and the manager refuses to remove it. It's the ONLY such thing on the ENTIRE stretch of Second Avenue from E. 13th St. to Houston St. (I walked it.) WHY are they so insistent on destroying the integrity of the neighborhood? We residents are not going to take it. Verizon, you are on notice. Get rid of that blasted banner.

always telling me I orderd with the remote

Always charging me for movies and channels we do not purchase and they always blame it on us pressing buttons on the remote. They suck!

verizon does't care about their customers when it comes to a customer complait issue

I'm so mad right now I could spit nails at Verizon customer service reps. they do not care if they correct a problem or not.....I'm seriously thinking of cancelling my service with them

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