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Lemon Meringue Cheesecake <3

I don't usually take time to write reviews but this lemon meringue cheesecake blew my freaking mind. No seriously this is the best dessert I've ever tried in my life and it der serves a standing ovation!

Park meadows Restaurant Colorado

Love this place and was VERY disappointed to learn that they weren't taking reservations for Easter. Our family is 11 and we can't do a first come first serve with young kids. We went ahead and reserved with another very popular restaurant.

treated unfairly at work

the cheesecake factory in Glendale ca is the worst place to work the managers treat us like scum they are all sleeze balls the do illegal things drugs bribes and mistreat the employees they dont give raises when there suppose to


Recently went to the location at South Point Mall in Durham,NC The tables and seats were so dirty, the entire restaurant needs a snap back for cleaning every morning before they open, dust and dirt every place you looked. Very very poor housekeeping. My cup of coffee was dirty and had an egg smell. Very unhappy with the quality of food the only thing they should stick by is the cheesecake everything else needs a total makeover.

Over Tipping on misled suggested guide

This review is to inform all who go to, frequent or are thinking about eating at Cheese Cake (CCF) that you are being misled by CCF's corporate management, restaurants managers and servers when it comes to tipping. CCF's practice is to suggest to you all and me that we should tip on the the taxes charged to us after the subtotal. ie. In Tx where the tax rate is 8.25 you would pay in taxes $8.25 for a hundred dollars spent at a restaurant. CCF is deceptively suggesting to us that we should have to tip on those $8.25. I know this would help servers which I can sympathize with because I was one myself, but the principle is we did not eat, drink or enjoy the taxes. CCF should stop this practice.


Came to take my wife out too dinner at your location in Chandler Arizona. Now the waiter Josh was very pleasent and the night started off good until the food came. Now for this to be a upscale restaurant and for so many people to speak highly upon it am ki da doubting that now. Not only did we have to send our food back because it was under cook when it came back the Brown Rice that I had with my Sprimp and Chicken Gumbo wasn't even cooked, and all your manager s where just asking if I wanted another meal or a slice of Cheesecake....WOW!!! Of all the things in the world that was the best you where able to repsond. Never will I come back here or recommend this location to anyone I know

Horrible place to work

You don't get a set time to leave or time to go on break. They work you until you can't work no more. They'll laugh right in your face, worst job I have ever had!


I work at the one in orlando Florida and the management is horrible. I'm 7 months pregnant and there are 2 others that are very pregnant as well and the management doesn't care about the fact that our bodies are going thru changes. They make us stand for 10+ hrs WITHOUT a break even tho some of us have legal documents stating that we must take breaks. If you ask them to retrieve a heavy item for you the manager will take forever to get it on top of having the nastiest attitude. The bakery has roaches, the back rooms have gnats, and the plates are filthy like the just run water on them with no soap. Once I leave to have my baby I will NEVER work, eat, recommend or look at another Cheesecake Factory again. And I will be calling the health department.

Inappropriate preparation and service...certainly in comparison to the beginnings of this enterprise.

restaraunt dis

went for a drink with friend was told no skinny drinks on menu were available due to guava mix not stocked( REALLY) why give a skinny menu,only then to order a vodka tonic with absolute...and there was absolutely NO Vodka in this drink just a ton of ice and tonic.What a drag of and experience there is too much ice in all your drinks and what you charge is criminal.

In all

I worked for them in yorkers ny in 2011 but in 2012 new gm & ekm did Not like me and got me fired, they disrespect all workers in the work place & give food that is bad or spoiled to guest. Dishes are dirty. Ive seen to many bad and wrong things been done in there work place, i will Never take my family ever. :-(

poot excuse for a restaurant

I visited your restaurants various place with mixed results. Boston Copley, excellent food and service, Pittsford Plaza, same results, Albany NY, horrible service and food, Syracuse NY the same. I probably will never ever visit any of your restaurants again.


Generally love the cheesecake factory, but was given awful service by the manager in Aventura, FL on 2/8/14. Notified him the carrots were spoiled and he said that's too bad that's all we have. Would never eat at this location again.


I was told the booth was not available on Jan 16, 2014 but it was available to the caucasian couple that came in after us. I'm done!

Rats on the cheesecake factory Galleria

Be aware :) there is 2 big fat black rat at the cheesecake factory Galleria... We spoke to the G.M tim but he doesn't care... Be aware

Horrible service and food!!!!

The service in the Cheesecake Factory located in White Plains was deplorable and the food was worse!!!!!Cold and not edible for human consumption!!!!


Well I wish I could write a review about the food but since there is always a 2 hour wait at the new novi location I have yet to eat there. I think it is ridiculous and stupid that this restaurant does not have call ahead seating or take reservations like every other restaurant. I refuse to wait that long for anyplace! Horrible!

These folks do not know the meaning of service

I have a 9 year old who is a type 1 diabetic. I asked to see the box that the cheese cake came in for the carb count. I was refused by the manager as it was not Colorado law. Their website said 72 carbs, outside website said 157 carbs. For my 9 year old, that is 2 units of insulin. So I complained by email, never heard anything. I just hung up with the corporate operator who said the only people she could refer me to was the same department that did not answer my email. Why do people keep coming back to this place.

Be professional

Corporate office, trying calling the corporate office for an issue. Instead of help and service, I received attitude and hostile service. Go get your education and learn the meaning of service. Your bunch of joke!

can we see a server please!

I have been a patron at the Cheesecake Factory for over a month now. I was actually at the grand opening for the one in Novi, MI. Since I have been going there I have not had a wonderful experience yet. It seems like for the amount of money you are spending the service would be flawless. Don't get me wrong I believe that everyone has a hiccup or two, but for the service to be messed up all of the time that is mind- boggling. If it is not you receiving the right food it is something else. They need help; hire people who have passion for the industry not the one that is there for the check..... Good Luck

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