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I ordered a heated mattress pad on Black Friday to be sent to my mom as a Christmas gift. I was billed for it, I was sent an email saying it shipped. When I tried to track it with the provided UPS number it said "a label was created but item has not yet shipped." I have called customer service repeatedly and they act like they have no idea how to resolve the problem.Most of them can barely speak proper English. I had to spell words to them. They can see it never shipped but they can't seem to tell me when they will actually ship a new item out. I was told I'd get a call back in 24 hours. No one called. I called them, asked for a supervisor, waited forever and never got to speak with one. Was told she was out and would call me within the hour. She never did. I called back and was told this same supervisor(Victoria) wasn't even in the office that week. I finally got another supervisor on the phone and after 15 minutes of arguing with him he said they knew there was a problem with this black friday item, the didn't have as many in stock as what they sold. YET THEY HAD NO PROBLEM BILLING ME! At this point they should reimburse my money and overnight me the item! That's what any other store would do in the same situation. I paid for it over a month ago and they can't even tell me when I will get it now?? Are you kidding? I will never order from this store again.

Ordered a Keruig coffeemaker on Thanksgiving sale for my grandmother, who has cancer and all she wants is a Keruig. It was supposed to be her Christmas gift. Here it is December 22nd and no coffeemaker has arrived. Called back on November 14th and wasn't able to speak to someone who's first language is English. Told a replacement would be sent out. Still no coffeemaker. I am on hold with them, once again trying to get this problem taken care of. They were quick to take my money, but haven't delivered. I tried to call corporate offices and when I punched in the number for customer service, lo and behold, the call goes to the same customer service center I already talked to. I am ready to call the Better Bussiness Bureau. Now they are telling me they can't check on whether it has gone or, or track it. Asked if there is a store in our area. Yes there is, but unless they give me a coffeemaker and they pay to ship it out overnight, Gram is not getting her coffeemaker for Christmas. I have told the representative that is what I want. Back on hold while he checks to see if he can do that. I have never had any trouble with other stores ordering anything! Bon Ton is supposed to be such a "high end" store. That's a laugh. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced! I am surprised they stay in business. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, the corporate offices, and telling everyone that I know to NEVER order anything from Bon Ton online. They are also the only store that I have ever ordered from that are not able to track what they ship out. If you are considering ordering from Bon Ton online, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DO IT! YOU WILL BE SORRY.

Bon Ton has the most frustrating customer service call center known to man. I ordered a girl's jacket after Black Friday and received a pair of boy's snow bibs in the mail. I've called customer service 2x to get an RMA to send back the snow bibs. I had to re-purchase the coat (which I will hopefully receive.) I'm lucky I'm only out $21. Lesson learned and I will never shop online with them again (no retail stores in my state.)

Bonton sucks. Go to Macy's or some other store. ANYWHERE but here. Probably run by a bunch of lowlifes who don't know squat about customer service. I won't give you the story, but overall, horrible experiences at this store. Anywhere from inquiring about a product to unusable merchandise credit. Screw you guys. I'm going somewhere else to shop. No wonder you guys are running at a loss in 2009 and 2010. 2011 is just a fluke. You guys are going down. Suck it.

I ordered a Keurig for a family member as a Christmas present. This was a Black Friday deal, and the best price I have ever seen on these products. I was disappointed - appalled actually - when I received the item on my doorstep. When the Keurig was shipped, the distribution center just slapped a shipping label right on to the Keurig box!!! There were several layers of clear shipping tape on the opening so it would not come open while it was shipped. It was pretty obvious the box was damaged prior to the tape being placed on it. The box was all torn up, and was not presentable, in my mind, to give to ANYONE for a gift. To know an item of this quality, as well as cost, was shipped in this way was horrible! I sent several emails, with pictures, to the provided email address for customer service. After I had not received a response for a week, I finally called the toll-free number from work. After trying to get a representative to work with me (through her broken English), I requested to speak to a supervisor. The representative could not figure how to transfer me, and sent me back to the beginning of the system. Amazingly, though, I ended up getting the same representative, who then figured how transfer me. I then sat on hold for over 20 minutes before hanging up and calling back. I then spoke with the supervisor, who also could barely speak English, and offered no options to resolve the problem - other than offering to send me a label so I could return the item. (Obviously, when you say it's a gift, and you found it on sale for a great price, it means nothing to them!) I then hung up on the supervisor. I did drive an hour to a "local" store, and had absolutely no problem exchanging it for one in better shape. The associates that worked on me were as appalled as I was about how the package looked - but even more surprised when I explained there was no outer carton, nor was there even a receipt or packing slip with the order. Short and sweet....Don't order online, and don't hope for any SERVICE from their CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I would just like to know if anyone ever really checks the quality of products.I have a 15" mattress.Purchased a set to fit 17" and they fit my bed.If having to hold the bed with my knee and pull extremely hard with both hands is a good fit.The fitted sheet just catches on the corners and the flat doesn't cover the mattress.If you never wash your bedding maybe they would fit better.This was after one wash on cold and air dry.Oh yeah,living quarters flannels.Doesn't matter what brand,WHY can't a person buy sheets recommended for the size mattress they have and get them to fit? What are you people measuring to get these sizes? YEAH,YEAH people complain about this everyday,what a pain. LIGHT BULB ON! If it really was about the consumer and hassle free shopping,manufacturers would address this.Also $60 on sale,$130 regular,WHO is it really about? SOMEONE in a CORPORATE chair somewhere is reading these reviews and rolling their eyes. WELL MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY I GUESS

Once again I was lied to when trying to use a 40% off coupon on Friends and Family Days on NOvember 12. The store was at Harlem/Irving in Chicago and I was told that the $11.99 price for a box of 18 Keurig coffee cups was already on sale and could not be discounted the 40%. Check out the price anywhere and you will see that that is a blatant lie. I suggest that everyone just contributes to their local charity or school and stop believing the false advertising of the Carson Pirie Scott store.

I just ordered a cardigan jacket online as I was told that the actual stores do not carry what is on the website. I paid the extra fee to have it sent 2day. It arrived and I was very happy until I saw a small ink stain on the right shoulder. I had a non satifying conversation with an operator and kept getting well we are sorry for the inconvenience. I explained that I wanted to order another and also send back the damaged one. And was told another cardigan jacket was not available on their system and I would have to wait 7-to 10days. I planned to wear it to a wedding on Saturday and didn't have 7to10 days. And had paid extra 2 day shipping. I will never order nor shop at Bon Ton again. Very disappointed poor customer service. Do not even have the customer in mind.

This 1 star rating is for this experience only. Today I shopped at the BonTon store in Camp Hill PA. As always, I was pleased with the selection of Petite clothing. However, I was very disappointed by the absolute "don't care" attitude of the clerk when I paid for my purchases. She did not greet me whatsoever and, even more difficult to understand, she never thanked me for my patronage. This kind of treatment is inexcusable!

so if you work there report them to the state labor board...they break every law known to employee's rights....lunch break unpaid for so you are free to take it, coffee breaks paid for you, so they refuse to let you have them as they are paying for them anyways so you might as well work....only one woman per area and then smile and push the credit cards, but you can't get your work done and in one time period for 3 days was never allowed to go to the bathroom for a potty call as you can't leave your station....no water allowed near the floor either for a sip but no breaks allowed, no gum or mints allowed for the bad breath you get when you don't have a drink.....this place is hell....

Denise, You are so right about them. As a former employee, or should I say 8-yr veteran who got screwed, I can tell you that they stress customer service but do not provide enough associates on the sales floor to provide this so-called customer service. They maintain a skeleton for six days a week, Sunday - Friday. Saturday is the only day they have a decent staff. However, this staff isn't enough to deal with the traffic on the sales floor on a Saturday so the customers still get screwed. The management team treats the veterans, who have excellent customer service skills, like crap and they give their 2-week notice which is what I had to do. So the only people they have left are some of the good associates who can't afford to leave, but are scared of management because even though management stresses customer service, they actually yell at these certain associates for providing too much customer service and not getting their task work done fast enough. Or they are stuck with the crappy associates who don't give a damn about customer service and treat customers with disrespect to the point where the customers walk out of the store and complain to corporate. Their system doesn't work and I also believe that they will not last long. Corporate has no idea of what's actually going on in the stores because store managers sweep it under the rug so they won't look incapable of running a store.

Have cancelled my credit card with them and my family and i dont bother to even look at their adds anymore. sad that the few dollars they save ingnoring their customers and providing way less than satisfactory customer service in the end will put them out of business and rightfully so...

Bonton treats employees like crap. If you are working in a commision dept you only get a percentage of what you sell and thats it! No hourly rate they will just "loan" you money.It is called working on the draw. You have to come in hours early to set up a sale add and they don't pay you for it because it goes against your draw. the minute the store opens you are in the hole for the day! i quit the minute I found out this. I don't do volunteer work!!!

Love The BonTon, Good for you. I'm glad you had a good experience. You must have gone to a decent BonTon. Everyone has different experiences there so please don't discredit the people who have negative reviews. Not only that, but the products have nothing to do the amount of customer service provided within the store. Most of the products in the BonTon are great. However, the amount of customer service provided depends on the store you go to. Just be lucky that you haven't had a negative experience yet. You might end up writing a negative review like the rest of us.

If I could give them a MINUS rating I would - unfortunately 1 star is the lowest - Echo the previous posts - I have been going round and round with them for several weeks on a web purchase that did not receive the "discount" posted - I WAS a customer since the 60's - because of this poor customer service and the fact that they have not taken into account my long standing customer support - I am NO LONGER GOING TO SHOP THE BON TON STORES or their affiliates. ACCUNT CANCELLED.

Love this store...nothing but pleasant experiences...I am glad I did not listen to all the negative comments...every retail store has there downfalls. If you are ever near a store check it out...very happy with everything I bought.

Linda, It sounds like you were treated badly by everyone you talked to, especially the person who said they don't checkout shoes. As a current Shoe Dept supervisor, I assure you that shoes can be paid for anywhere if its 5 minutes to closing or anytime actually. The company policy is Customer First which means we are to provide the best customer service possible. The only reason why they want shoes to be rung out in shoes is so commission salespeople get their commission. However, if you did not receive any assistance with your shoe selection, there is no reason to give that girl a sale, especially with an attitude like that. Not to mention that sales associates aren't allowed to close their register until the store is closed and the "All Clear" is given; meaning that the store is clear of customers. We, as associates, are paid until we punch out No associates should be giving customers a difficult time just because they got caught breaking the rules and closing their register early so they can get out of the building faster. My advice to you is to go into the store and request the customer service survey slip; its a yellow slip of paper with website written on it. You can go onto this website and answer a short survey about how you were treated, if you would ever shop there again, or if you would recommend this store to friends of family. There is a place where you can write down your entire experience in detail. There's also a place where you can enter information from your receipts that will allow management to figure out who they need to discipline. Believe me, they will take this seriously. There has already been someone fired at my store for receiving horrible customer reviews.

If you think this company is lacking in customer service skills, try working for them. They are extremely horrible to their employees, especially the pregnant employees. I know someone who has been a full-time associate at BonTon for 8 years and is now pregnant along with 2 of her younger co-workers. They've been the subject numerous discriminatory remarks from upper management. I've received many tearful phone calls from my friend, stressed out from everything she's been experiencing. I've never really shopped at the BonTon or any of its other companies, but I never will shop there after finding out how they treat their employees.

I just left the Carson Furniture Gallery in Edens Shopping Center, and it will be my last visit! When I entered the store the salespeople just looked at me, no greeting, no offer of assistance, nothing. I began looking at furniture--even taking one of the tickets that described one piece to ask questions. Salespeople just walked by! I went to another area that had several salespeople (by now I am wondering what is going on) just to see if anyone would approach and offer assistance. Not one came! I saw several pieces that I wanted to purchase, but after this treatment, I would not give that store one penny. I am new to the Chicago area, and if this is the way stores treat customers, I think my stay here will be an unhappy one.

Placed an order online for an iron on MAy 5, 2001. There was a shipping label printed on May 6, 2011 and provided a tracking number. Kept checking shipping status on order with the number they had provided. A week and half later still kept saying the same thing that a label was only printed. Called up frustrated and ask them to cancel order because they kept blaming the manufacturer. That they were not responding. Even though I ordered through the carson website. They cancelled the order label right away but I still have not received my credit back on my card. When I called back they told my it can take up to 7-10 days to see a return. I dont understant why. They were able to cancel the order right away but I have to wait for a credit for a product I did not even receive. Its already going on 7 days nothing yet. I dont know what to do. I WILL NEVER EVER SHOP ONLINE THERE AGAIN.

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