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The Younkers store in Des Monies, IA is rude and unfair to the clerks. I witnessed a young lady calling for a break because she had been there for 6 hours and no one came to break her. A manager told her tough and that she would have to wait. There are labor laws and if this is the way you treat your workers I think that is told rude.

I was recently an employee for a store. I was hired as a supervisor. The manager seemed really nice at first. I had meet the supervisor of my boss shortly after starting my employment. He told me that they had a great management training program. Well that never happened. I was no. 1 in bringing new accounts and compliments. I always had a smile and a positive aditude with all the customers I was given projects and told that I could delagate some of the work. When I did try to I was told that I was the supervisor and I had to do it all. it was like he set me up to fail from the start. I was always at work and on time. I was pulled in to my bosses office and told I was not Quick enough. He proceeded to tell me that he would offer me a full time associate position for less money or be with out a Job. I accepted two days later he announced at our morning meeting that a position was created for me. Well a week later I was pulled in his office again and was told it was not in the budget and either I could accept part time or walk. There were alot of other things but I have never been treated so badly by an employer.I finaly had enough and Quit!

I will not be ordering anything else online and am seriously considering cancelling the Bon Ton account. I placed an order at the end of July for a Cuisinart Food Processor. When it arrived, it had not been placed in a shipping carton; instead it was pulled off the warehouse shelf, with the shipping label placed on it. Needless to say, the carton and inside packing was damaged. I called the c.s. number on the packing slip, and to my surprise, was speaking with a rep in Manila, Philippines. She apologized for the mishap, and assured me I would be receiving a replacement within 7 days. When I did not receive the replacement after 10 days, I called again, and thankfully, a rep from Ohio helped me. As it turned out, the Manila rep did not order the replacement. In another recent matter: I called the toll-free number to make a phone payment, using the automated system. After entering the information, the system had notified me that there would be a $30.00 charge to process this payment and my called was transferred to a call in Jamaica. The rep told me that she would waive the fee only once. I could not believe this since I have used this method previously. If anyone else has had these experiences, would you please post them?

Please people, open your eyes. This is absolutely the worst store I have dealt with in more ways than one. First of all I only shop there when I am visiting my parents in upstate NY every Christmas. Good luck in figuring out what coupons are really valid and what are not. They have so many exclusions that you are lucky if you get a discount on anything. But the worst happened to me today. I get a call from a very non-friendly gentlemen stating my account will be turned over to some law firm. All for a total of $130. Are you kidding me!! I never saw a bill and no one has tried contacting me until today. (the outstanding bill was from Dec 2010). They were sending letters and correspondence to a PO box I have not had for over 2 years. So now my outstanding credit is tarnished because they did not know how to reach me. They even have my email address I have had for over 6 years, and no one sent me an email. I was so angry. He said very abruptly that this will affect my credit and hit me with fees of over $200. Sick to my stomach and sick of Bon Ton. I will never set foot in that store again and I will do my best to let everyone I know how I was treated. And yes I submitted a complaint to the board, but I am sure someone may read it and probably ignore this. IF I could give less than one star I would. Thanks Bon Ton for the one and only strike on my credit report!

I have closed my account with Bon-Ton for what might seem like a trivial reason but to me was very frustrating. I paid my bill in full in July 2012 via a telephone call to HSBC and received a bill that the bill hadn't been paid and my payment was rejected. I had a confirmation number but between the time this happened and I got the new bill Bon-Ton changed factors and now some bank in Texas was handling their credit. There was a small interest charge (the amount was less than $2) but they blamed the other bank and refused to refund the charge. Sorry, I don't choose to change Bon-Ton's factors and I feel that I am dealing with Bon-Ton not some third party not of my choosing. Maybe the agent typed in the wrong bank numbers but this is not my problem. I closed my account and will not be shopping at Bon Ton any longer. Maybe they will have to issure more coupons to make up for the loss. Oh well.

I went to the Bon Ton in Carlisle Pa. I saw outside that they had children clothes on sale. I went up and after carrying my granddaughter in her car seat at Kohls (because of them not having carts for children)I just couldn't look around anymore and carry her. A nice gentleman (an employee Tim Aby) came with a cart for me. That was so kind of him. Because of his kind gesture I was able to buy quite a few outfits. Otherwise I was going to leave. I didn't know they even had carts at Bon Ton for children. Thank you Tim!!!!!!

0 stars to the Bon Ton. I have been a customer for many years and have finally had enough of their ridiculous rules and regulations when it comes to the coupons they mail me. I can never use any of them! This last time they emailed me a $50 dollar off $100 purchase. I read all the fine print for all the exclusions (just about everything in the store) but coffee wasnt listed. So i went and gathered up $100 worth of coffee and when i checked out I was told I couldnt use the coupon because coffee is considered small electronics! How stupid! No more Bon Ton for me

I have absolutley had it with the Bon Ton and all their rules and regulations with coupons. They mail me coupons and I can never use them for anything! Today I printed out a $50 off $100 purchase that they e-mailed me and carefully read all the exclusions. I figured I could use the coupon for coffee. I printed out the coupon and went to Bon Ton (my ink, my gas) and got $100 worth of coffee and when I went to check out they said I couldnt use the coupon because coffee was considered small electronics. How ridiculous! Thats it, no more Bon Ton for me, I will stick with Kohls.

billing department worst I have ever had business with!!!! Like Herberger's - but don't go there anymore -

upon visiting my family in Burlington, Vt. this spring,we went to the University Mall for a day of fun and shopping~~~~that is until we visited the BonTon Store~~it was around dinner or a little later when we arrived in your store. this store looked like a ghost town - we saw maybe 2 assoc. , no one in cosmetics, or that half of the store, since we live in a rural area, my sisters and I WANTED

I would just like to say that corporate doesn't care about the employee's or the customers. I asked for help in an issue a few times and the answer was "it's corporate...". This store needs to get it together, especially corporate people and store managers, and the employees need to be more helpful. I will stick with Macy's before every going to a Bon Ton chain.

So far you get 1 Star or less. In December after Christmas I bought a winter coat, a month or so later I notice the seam was torn in the hood. Your Easton store took it back with no problem. I had my credit card statement because I had misplaced the reciept. I had the tags from the coat and since I had only purchased the one item that day, they were able to take it back. However I was told it would be a pain to put it back on my credit card and would I mind taking a merchandise credit instead. I was assured it would work in store or online. I have used it twice in store and attempted to purchase somethings on line. However, after several failed attempts I called the online help. They informed me that I can't use it online but that the store could either place the order for me over the phone using the merchandise credit or convert it to a gift card. I called the store and they said they can't do either! The items I want to buy are website specific and this is really irritating that because someone was lazy and didn't want to be bothered to take the time to put my money back on my credit card and convinced me that it would be fine if I had a merchandise credit..now I am stuck shopping exclusively in the store...which by the way...I have a very hard time finding things that I want to buy. The first time I used the merchandise credit I bought one pair of jeans for my son and recently I used it to buy some over priced kitchen items. I have 57.90 left and I feel as if now I am forced to buy only in the store...which really irritates me, since I was assured by your employee I could shop on line.

I was just helped in purchasing merchandise and having it shipped to my home by Veronica in the Quakertown store. She was excellent. If all associates had her kind of attitude and helpfulness, there would be complete customer satisfaction. I want to commend Veronica and trust that other associates would follow her example. Thank you.

I wish there was an option to give a negative rating. I will never shop at Bon-Ton again, either on-line or their store. I purchased a piece of fine jewelry on-line and needed to return the item for no fault of Bon-Ton. However I shipped the item back as instructed and after 1 month I am still waiting for a credit back to my account. I have never seen customer service this terrible.

I would give 0 stars if that was one of my options. I ordered several Xmas ornaments on 12/27/11 from Younkers(on line), and after waiting 3 weeks and having received no shipping information, I called the customer service number only to be connected to someone in the Phillipines. I asked to speak with someone in the US and was told that this is the only number to call re customer service. I was told that my items were back-ordered and that I had to wait several more weeks. I then looked up the corporate headquarters for Bon-Ton and called to inquire about my items. I asked to speak with a supervisor and I was told that they could ship me half of my order from one of their stores, but I would have to wait several more weeks for the rest of my order. After waiting 2 more weeks and not receiving anything, I called again today and asked to speak with a supervisor who informed me that the items were out of stock and that I would not be receiving my order from 12/27 ! What kind of operation are they running? I wish I had found this website sooner as I would NEVER have ordered anything from this company. Stay away from this company - they are irresponsible and don't deliver on products that they offer for sale. NEVER AGAIN !

I ordered a gift card on line to be sent to my email address. After three days and multiple emails back to the customer service dept. (I think in India), I still cannot get the gift card printed because when I try to open the link they send me, I get a screen message saying the web site is not available. I was also told I cannot get a credit. I WILL NEVER ORDER A GIFT CARD ONLINE. Iintend to file multiple complaints to the store, the credit card company, the Better Business Bureau and the Division of Financial Institutions. I don't know if I will ever get my credit or the gift card but I will have at least made some noise.

On December 16th after hunting around all over for a set brown queen sheets I found them on line at herbergers. So I checked and I was told I could order them and they would be received at my hold by December 23rd. I was pretty pleased. So I place the order online. I receive a shipping notice from UPS on 12-19-11, that the item has shipped. I am happy. So a couple of days later I check again to make sure it will be here on the 23rd and it just says the item has shipped but shows no tracking info. Well I am busy with all the Christmas stuff and on the 23rd I realize I haven't received them so check the tracking which still says the same thing, so I call the customer service line and speak with a foreign woman who puts me on hold and says I am very sorry but they have not shipped yet but I can ship them out now. I said no please cancel the order because that will do me no good as Christmas is in 2 days and they can't get them here and I will just have to run out and find another gift. So she has me hold and tells me that they will credit my account and that the order is cancelled. Ok, now it is a week later it is December 30th and I call back as I see there is still no credit in my account and I once again get a foreign speaking woman who checks and says the request is in there but it takes 7-10 days so be patient. Ok so now today is January 10,2012 still no credit and there is a knock at my door and it is a delivery and I think it is something that I have ordered from somewhere else and I open it and it is those sheets!!! So I am super frustrated and I call the customer service back at bonton and I get Raika the foreign speaking woman and she has to look up my order again and I tell her what happens and she asks me if I want to keep the sheets? I tell her no I cancelled them on 12-23-11 and have patiently waited for my credit, I have to go out at the last minute shopping to replace the gift and now I receive this. She proceeds to tell me that the only way now that I can get my credit is that I will have to take them to a local herbergers store and go to there customer service department to get my credit!! I am just so frustrated with the run around I have received for merchandise that should not have been delivered and I should not have been charged for the is insane!!! I told her, that I felt this was one of the poorest examples of customer service I have ever seen. I work in customer service!!!

I wish I could give them no stars for worse than poor. I agree with the person who stated that the stores are very good, but Bonton online is the worst I have dealt with. It is very hard to understand most of the representatives. When you call with a problem on an order they just reiterate what you have in your email from them. I had tried to make a purchase online and the last page of ordering my computer froze. I did not want to be charged with an extra bill so I called the store. They checked and said that no payment was made so they went ahead and put the order through. Lo and Behold, 3 days later I have 4 withdrawals for the same amount on my bank statement. I called. They said they would refund 3 of them. They refunded 4 of them, I called and said that I needed to pay for one of them. They put 3 charges back on. The money comes out immediately but the refunds can take up to 7 days. This was not a small order and it was Christmas so the amount out of my checking account hurt. It took several phone calls, snotty representatives and hours of my time to straighten it out. One of the items I still have not received, I have tried calling but the nightmare continues. I will NEVER order on Bonton online again. If you decide to use your Bonton credit card as you have some time before you are billed to straighten things out. Although, it might take longer than a month to do so.

I am a frequent visitor to the Bon Ton Store at the Westgate Mall Store in Bethlehem, PA. They remodeled the store to make it look better but the general appearance has taken a nose dive. The shelves are messy, employees look disinterested when you can find one and during the Christmas season one of the cashiers in the service area near the mens polo section was intoxicated on two of my visits. Same one twice - that's a problem. Anyone paying attention. The booze would knock you over. Not all the employees are useless. Judy and Monna in the same sevice area always go out of their way to assist. There is also a couple of managers named Sue that are very helpful.

I live two miles from a Bon/Ton store, and, I've shopped there for thirty years. I know many fine employees and managers and always enjoy going to their store. However, online Bon/Ton shopping is a nightmare. I've been getting the run around for over two weeks now on an item I purchased in November and had shipped to a relative in another state. I finally took my problem to the local store and they took care of it in short order. I will never do online business with them again. When you receive the initial email from them telling you your problem will be addressed within forty eight hours, don't believe it for a minute. I waited a week, only to be told it had been forwarded to another department. No word since that time. Just how many customer service departments would this online store need? Outcome..............Instore, yes. Online, never again.

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