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Please just list what we can use the coupons on! It is very hard to shop in Herbergers in Ottumwa, Iowa, you spend so much time trying to figure out if you can use the coupon on an item. Either list what you can use them on or just quit sending them out!

store policy

My daughter and i were shopping in your store in Butler,Pa on black friday,and we were so dissappointed about your coupons for $10 and the 25% off coupons you could not use them on anything and there were hardly any cashiers the lines were extreamly long,so we left this was my first time in your store and definitely the last!


I placed an order with Carsons on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) and received my order in two seperate shipments which was fine. However both shipments that came were WRONG. I ordered a size 8 boot in brown and received a 12. I also ordered a size 8 boot in black and received a size 5. When I called the customer service they basically told me there was nothing they could do besides send me a UPS lable and i would have to drive there and return them and of course they no longer had the boots in my size. They did nothing to help me they were very rude and on top of that. I had to drive to UPS twice to send back the shipments because this was two seperate occassions. I asked to speak to a manger and it's a week later and still have not spoke to a manager. I will no longer shop with them. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. Not to mention because it was a holiday sale I lost out on the coupon and could not get different boots at the sale price. I actually reported the company to the Better Business Bereau since they were so unwilling to help me with anything.

Bon Ton

The BonTon Black Friday sale looked good in the paper. I found my items and proceeded to the very long line at 11:45 I checked out at 14:45. At 1300 the Doorbusters ended and the registers no longer scanned the sale price in. The associates had to look up each item in the add. The sales ladies were very, very slow and questioned each item even if the customer in front of the other had the exact same merchandise. The coupons were a joke, the associates refused to take them even though we were in line before 1300. I will never enter the BonTon again. I am surprised they are still in business.

Olean Store, Olean, NY

I really loved the Black Friday sales. The clerks were very helpful! Keep up the great work Olean!


The only way they are getting 1 star is because it is the minimum. Those $10 off coupons in the paper a day before Thanksgiving to get you in the store is a big JOKE! You can not find one thing in the store to use it on. Can not be combined with any other offer or sale - everything in the store is on sale! Why even have them any more. It's so disappointing. I left feeling insulted.

after visiting the oil city bonton my husband and i have cut up our bt cards..so rude and the management is not anyone i would want to work with everyday someone should take notice of them alot of people are doing the same as we did the management needs cleaned up

not a good move

I went to the Bon Ton in the Southgate Plaza in West Seneca NY to shop; the new changes in the men's department were a bad move. They shoved the department into a back corner of the first floor. It was so tough getting in and around displays. I was so frustrated I turned and walked out and will not go back to that store to shop for men's clothing. I felt as if the department was simply an after thought.

Never shop there again

I have had it with Herberger's coupons. I bought a coupon book for $5 as a donation, which is fine, but next time, I will just give them the donation, the coupon book, like all coupons from the store, only work on like 3 items. Every item we tried to use the coupon book for was a "super buy" or "super double great bonus buy". Those coupons and the store are super double great bonus joke. Done and fed up with them, what the corporate office is doing to it's employees at the check out counter is disgraceful. The cashiers get the brunt of the consumer anger when they are told that their coupons are not good for this item or that, because it was a super duper fantastic great buy. Even though it is just the ordinary everyday price. This department store is a joke. Kohls and Macy's go over and beyond to give as many discounts as possible, not Herberger's.

I have never been in such a mixed up store in all my life. Oil City BonTon store 21. The HR person and the Loss Prevention is a joke and the General Manager is just as bad. He has to ask someone else for help for everything. Never see him doing anything to help a customer and be nice but a time when i did see it he gave the run around and he didnt fool anyone he had no idea what he was saying. There is alot of us that shop that store and we will not ever go back. What kind of a place are they running.Very irresponsible and I have heard them pushing there employees to the point that i would of told them Give Me A Break!

Bon Ton Management is horrible. They have uneducated people who think they know how to run a store, and end up looking very foolish and ignorant.

Worst store ever.(Wilmette Il) It is a mess, never anyone to help with customer service, and management needs to replaced with people who can actually do the job and have management expierence.

The service at the piqua Ohio store is horrible. You can never find help when needed. Management there is a joke. I have shopped at Fairfield commons and there store is not a mess like piqua's. they need management overhauled and soon or everyone will just go to kohls. They treat you better there. No questions asked ever on returns or coupons. Your coupon policy sucks.

As a recent former employee (of my choice! because of conditions) I must strongly state my concerns only in hopes that the newly hired president will utilize this information to help create a better work environment. I understand that many companies are struggling to compete and stay afloat today but get off your asses! and go undercover as an employee for just one day! particularly the day you decided to offer customers 50% off of a $100.00 purchase! This was my #1 reason for jumping ship, after experiencing this coupon chaos for the third time,and watching customers blatantly bitch out sales people who are understaffed and trying their hardest. Corporate has tied the hands of store management so it does no good to complain to managers, go directly to the Bonton president! And yes potential customers... the stores do have a product search program in place but the computer Guru that came up with it is the only one who knows how to work it! Prepare to wait in line for 30 minutes plus!I have been awarded every recognition possible for 30 years as the nations top service provider and have been proud to assist clients, In my last year while trying to measure alterations for gentlemen who are purchasing full wardrobes, I was constantly called away by load voices screaming across the floor "Hey You! does anybody work here?" Brandon, let me know if I can help you! You have my contact info.

I just shopped the Goodwill sale at the Herberger's Store in Stillwater MN. I had excellent service. My check out associate went above and beyond to assist me in getting the best use of coupons and deals. Linda & Rebecca are great ambassadors for Herberger's. Jan also assisted me with merchandise selection to put together an outfit for a job interview. Again, I can't say enough about the excellent service I received.

The Younkers store in Des Monies, IA is rude and unfair to the clerks. I witnessed a young lady calling for a break because she had been there for 6 hours and no one came to break her. A manager told her tough and that she would have to wait. There are labor laws and if this is the way you treat your workers I think that is told rude.

I was recently an employee for a store. I was hired as a supervisor. The manager seemed really nice at first. I had meet the supervisor of my boss shortly after starting my employment. He told me that they had a great management training program. Well that never happened. I was no. 1 in bringing new accounts and compliments. I always had a smile and a positive aditude with all the customers I was given projects and told that I could delagate some of the work. When I did try to I was told that I was the supervisor and I had to do it all. it was like he set me up to fail from the start. I was always at work and on time. I was pulled in to my bosses office and told I was not Quick enough. He proceeded to tell me that he would offer me a full time associate position for less money or be with out a Job. I accepted two days later he announced at our morning meeting that a position was created for me. Well a week later I was pulled in his office again and was told it was not in the budget and either I could accept part time or walk. There were alot of other things but I have never been treated so badly by an employer.I finaly had enough and Quit!

I will not be ordering anything else online and am seriously considering cancelling the Bon Ton account. I placed an order at the end of July for a Cuisinart Food Processor. When it arrived, it had not been placed in a shipping carton; instead it was pulled off the warehouse shelf, with the shipping label placed on it. Needless to say, the carton and inside packing was damaged. I called the c.s. number on the packing slip, and to my surprise, was speaking with a rep in Manila, Philippines. She apologized for the mishap, and assured me I would be receiving a replacement within 7 days. When I did not receive the replacement after 10 days, I called again, and thankfully, a rep from Ohio helped me. As it turned out, the Manila rep did not order the replacement. In another recent matter: I called the toll-free number to make a phone payment, using the automated system. After entering the information, the system had notified me that there would be a $30.00 charge to process this payment and my called was transferred to a call in Jamaica. The rep told me that she would waive the fee only once. I could not believe this since I have used this method previously. If anyone else has had these experiences, would you please post them?

Please people, open your eyes. This is absolutely the worst store I have dealt with in more ways than one. First of all I only shop there when I am visiting my parents in upstate NY every Christmas. Good luck in figuring out what coupons are really valid and what are not. They have so many exclusions that you are lucky if you get a discount on anything. But the worst happened to me today. I get a call from a very non-friendly gentlemen stating my account will be turned over to some law firm. All for a total of $130. Are you kidding me!! I never saw a bill and no one has tried contacting me until today. (the outstanding bill was from Dec 2010). They were sending letters and correspondence to a PO box I have not had for over 2 years. So now my outstanding credit is tarnished because they did not know how to reach me. They even have my email address I have had for over 6 years, and no one sent me an email. I was so angry. He said very abruptly that this will affect my credit and hit me with fees of over $200. Sick to my stomach and sick of Bon Ton. I will never set foot in that store again and I will do my best to let everyone I know how I was treated. And yes I submitted a complaint to the board, but I am sure someone may read it and probably ignore this. IF I could give less than one star I would. Thanks Bon Ton for the one and only strike on my credit report!

I have closed my account with Bon-Ton for what might seem like a trivial reason but to me was very frustrating. I paid my bill in full in July 2012 via a telephone call to HSBC and received a bill that the bill hadn't been paid and my payment was rejected. I had a confirmation number but between the time this happened and I got the new bill Bon-Ton changed factors and now some bank in Texas was handling their credit. There was a small interest charge (the amount was less than $2) but they blamed the other bank and refused to refund the charge. Sorry, I don't choose to change Bon-Ton's factors and I feel that I am dealing with Bon-Ton not some third party not of my choosing. Maybe the agent typed in the wrong bank numbers but this is not my problem. I closed my account and will not be shopping at Bon Ton any longer. Maybe they will have to issure more coupons to make up for the loss. Oh well.

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