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GoodLuck with using the gift registry! I had to make several calls to the TArget registry department to have them show items had been purchased. Like I have all the time in the world to stay on line for over an hour. The registry is supposed to be helpful and it has turned into a nightmare.

Not Made In America

I received my on-line order of 6 drapery panels for my living room. My joy was soon removed when I discovered that none of the panels were the same length and two of the panels were a different dye lot. If it was made in America, I am sure this story would have a happy ending.

The worst service that I experienced.

I try to call corporate office but when I asked who am I talking to she hang up twice. Now I understand why is the service so poor, they know that they can do whatever they want and no one controls them. it's so disappointment


prices are way higher than Wal-Mart or K Mart.


SAve mart company for sale cash


no complaints,i like pretzel with cheese ,but no cheese just the pretzel how disappointing will you please bring the cheese back thank you.

Unfair Policies - bad customer service

Their corporate offices are always closed when I try to call- when working ppl can make a call. I paid off my card and missed it by one day. They charged me a late fee and late fees on top of that for 3 months. The only time I was able to talk to a person was when I was called by collections. When I told her my situation she just gave the number to collections again. They do not have supervisors. They are the managers. You can write a letter and according to, Griselda 02250816, the CEO himself does not have the power to overturn their policy, after 2 months Target cannot refund any late fees. I can understand if I had charged something, but late fees on late fees on a 0 balance. That's ridiculous!

Longtime Customer of Target

My mother and I have shopped at Target for years and years. While their employees aren't perfect ALL the ones we've met/encountered take their jobs very seriously and are dedicated to serving us customers. Time after time, I see them go that "extra mile" to help a guest. Furthermore, if they don't sell it, they'll happily tell you where you might be able to find it elsewhere. The Target employees I've encountered all seem to LOVE their job and get along with each other to get the job done. I'm ready to see some WALMART-BASHING!!! :) One thing to note-its NOT just Target involved with the Security Breaches. Its also Neimann Marcus and other retailers that haven't EVEN BEEN Disclosed yet.....more info on the horizon.

Refund for item

Will never shop any of your stores ever again.

Working for target especially T0928 has been very uncomfortable the stress they put on you isnt even worth the money you make the etls there hardly know much of their departments its a big mess there the tls and etls are never on the same page which results in the tms getting different directions and if they see you not doing what they want it results in you getting a coaching. Working for target is something I will never do again.

Target service is going down. Your store can and will lose customers if you keep this level of customer service up. I has to get a new bank account thanks to Target and then I go into your stores and get horrible service I am going to report you all to the better business bureau. I am sure you all don't care but you lose one customer and then it turns into 10 and so on and so on.


Any company that backs liberal agendas deserves what they get. LoL Thanks, a happy disabled veteran

Credit Fraud

I visited you Target Store at the Park Street Plazer on 11-30-13 and my information was conversated and used on 1-9-14 for 2 purchases. I applied for a new card and have notified my bank. Living on a fixed income I am very concerned.

Where is the Credit Monitoring

The credit card fiasco is now over two weeks old and Target has promised "RED" card holders that they will provide credit monitoring for them free of charge. However, we have heard nothing from them. Apparently their public relations department is asleep at the wheel. Shame on you Target.

Don't pay with paypal unless you want a gift card for a return

Ordered our sons Christmas online at Target. Had to return one of the items and we don't have a Target for 100 miles so shipped it back. After they received it give me credit back but only as a gift card because I paid with paypal. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, even small companies can credit it back to your paypal account. I called corporate headquarters and basically found out they are not updated enough to have the capabilities to do it. I won't shop there again.


Hey Target Here is a little suggestion, maybe just maybe you'll get some customers back when you stop with the social values mission you've decided to cave to a few years ago. Stop caving to groups like GLAAD. Bring back the Salvation Army Bellringers. Start saying Merry Christmas to your valued customers. You do that and we'll start shopping Target again.


I head to target to get last minutes gifts. My child decides that he wants a toy. I swipe my card with no thought of the card breach. Wake to check that account to see a check was posted by random person and withdrawn from my account. My question is. If you no your system is infected why allow you loyal customers to still swipe there card? That's not right. Almost a week later and I have received my credit from my bank nor a call. I'm a walmart shopper now. If I could I would sue yall.


It's amazing to me that Target CEO's sat on information as serious as their system being hacked and credit cards exposed. I will be hard pressed if I shop at Target again. I would have respected a company that said, "For your protection do not use your credit card..." I would have continued to be a customer. I still would have shopped, I just would have paid cash or with check. It has been a huge inconvenience canceling cards. I'm disgusted with the predicament they forced on me and millions of others.

Credit breach

Target has dropped the ball on this credit and debit card breach. I called concerning my 3rd party debit card if target will pay the 25.00 charge for expedited shipping of my new card the first person I talked to was in the Philippines I then asked to talk to someone in the US since you could tell she was reading from a script. Well I got someone in the US and she couldn't answer anything. I am done with Target the Ceo of the company should be answering calls.

Pharmacy complications

Well, every time I've tried to call today to check the status of my prescription, it's taken me at least 5 times. The phone continues to ring, and then I get disconnected and have to do it all over again. I finally got someone on my 5th attempt earlier this morning; and she put me on hold for so long that it disconnected me. I'm trying to call again now, and nobody will answer my call. It's been 6 tries. I'm frustrated--I love Target, but why is their pharmacy sucking?!

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