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Target sucks!!!!! I ordered a pair of boxers and it took 3 weeks to be delivered

Cancelled Order

I placed an online order on 12/5; 1 hour later called in to cancel this order. Called back on 12/8 to confirm cancellation had gone through; was told the first person did not cancel. Requested it be cancelled again. Called 12/10; was told there was no record of my request. Will never order online again from Target.

work 2 jobs for the pay of one-half

Got a job at Target after being made to watch "training" videos which consisted in substantial part of anti-union propaganda. After 6 days I quit and have never worked in a non-food industry that needed a union more.

black fri. 40" tv for $119. Start at 6 pm. on line only. Was out of stock B/4 it started.

Frozen Dolls

Now that I am a new citizen because President Obama says so, I am now going to tell you how BAD your employees treat my people from Colombia. They look down upon us like trash, no respect,

Transactions have talked to 15

Lousy corporate office!, I was trying to get a copy of my bill 2 years ago no one will help. They say they don't keep transaction longer than 18 months. All employees that I have spoke with are to lazy or stupid to help!!! I'm closing my account........I have to give one star or they won't post

I was in your canton store today at the checkout counter and I asked for the balance on my bridge card and she told me that they can't do it. I've been shopping at this location for several yrs. They do have the ability to get your balance before the customer makes a purchase. Anyways they have done it many Times in the pAst! It took three employees to get it right. I was very upset and pissed off! I'm ill right now and my experience in your store was horrible! I will be taking further action by reporting this to the city!

Store 1546

This Target has poor management and they don't keep the store up. They have carts lined up all around the store with merchandise that shoul be placed on the shelves. It is always junkie in the front and never enough cashiers

Price match?

i bought a ps4 with my gift card and asked about the price match , I was told yes the do I tried this but come to find out That they only price Match on Wallmart Really target you need to put that up with your signs , as I found a lower price by $50.00 at SAMs club and of course if I did not have a gift card I would of gone there . I will never buy gift cards to a store , as you are forced to to pay the higher prices price match not there

Apreciation for Team members

All of our Team Leaders and Team members are very dedicated and always put 100% into everything we do for our stores. We, family and friends shop at Target stores all the time. My thought is, since we must wear red shirts and kaki pants as required by Target Corp. as uniforms, it would be a very kind and generous gesture from Target store management to give to "all" minimum wage Team members a red shirt to wear instead of buying both shirts and pants for their orientation and on first day of work.


a relative of mine was FIRED because she didn't sell enough RED cards! After the current id security breech why would anyone give Target access to their bank account? My relative "sold" at least 1 Red card per day, and that wasn't enough! After 15 years of employment!


Target has turned me down on several occasions for employment by just sending me an email and saying there r no jobs,when there is a hiring sign in their store in Wasilla alaska.the HR department,I think,one person in there does not like me as she told me before to go find another job besides target and then I complained about her,so she's a not so good employee...I have lots of experience with the public and cash handling.no matter if someone does not like u or not,they should not judge who u r or what u look like until you know what the person is about.they r just judging on the outside.i thought target would be great to work for so I can peruse a career and learn and grow as a team member....

Pre order of iphone 6 plus delays

I preordered an iphone 6 plus at my local Target Store in Virginia, Mn. This required a purchase of a $25.00 gift card to secure the pre order. What poor business practice when the store's head of the electronic department, has no information of when the store will receive an order! Is it another month out? 2 months? Understand it is not his fault, it is the fact that there is no flow of information!

Tryingtrying to get into my account on line

I am so tired and frustrated - no matter how many times I input my info (thinking that I had made a mistake inputting), I am repeatedly told "not valid". I phoned and talked to someone that said my account is frozen, I said: that's pretty good - I just bought several hundred dollars of goods. O, your phone number is incorrect, that's why. I said: sure - I didn't even give m y phone number. I just want a copy of the transaction I made buying a carpet cleaner, and it is impossible. I am so frustrated and angry, don't think I will be buying from Target anymore.


Target has the "Freedom" to adopt any rule it desires in it's stores. Get your own TARGET if you want to carry/purchase/shoot guns in areas where all types of people are innocently shopping. They have security - that's good enough for me. Get a life you gun-crazed, NRA lovin', mass-shooting lovin' "Americans"

Target Canada Unbelievablely Poor Services

REF: Target Canada Unbelievablely Poor Services... It took THREE months to get our RedCard abd when we finally got it they would not honour our invoices from dates prior to getting the dam card. Please bring back ZELLERS in Canada with great deals, services and super friendly staff, that assist you right to the cash...

Adrian Peterson Jersey

I will no longer shop at Target for anything due to you not selling Petersons Jerseys. This goes for all my family and friends. Bad move!!

No guns?

I will no longer shop at Target. Not allowing guns in the store by people who have been approved is outrageous. Just wait, you will rethink this when someone takes advantage of it by robbing you or worse, shooting customer.

I'm Done With Target

They started off well. Then there was the breach. Then the slide began. Had a problem with a late charge which was their accounting problem. Called customer service..couldn't understand rep, asked for supervisor, told none available. I asked where they were located and they said The Phillipines. I cancelled my red card immediately and will not use Target for my shopping! We need to stop supporting companies who outsource jobs that should be kept in America!

Just got my 5^ discount card for buying 5 prescriptions at pharmacy. Expiration date if 11/08/2013. Obviously old date. Called store, they told me Corporate has to handle this. Called Corporate and was given many sales pitches but couldn't find a way to talk with a person. Went on line and got another number. Called but sure out of country person didn't understand what I was saying. Gave me a reference number and said to call them when I got to store. Asked for their phone number. He said "don't you have it?" I said not sure since I had called so many numbers. I said "don't you have it? He said "yes, but put me on hold while he got it. Lousy customer service. Won't bother because 5% doesn't add up to much when I don't buy that much there to begin with.

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