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The FAA should have this company closed immediately. No CUSTOMER SERVICE, false advertisement and they give you 100 or more phone numbers to call. Once you get someone to answer after an hour or so, they are worthless. This company is worse than the PAYDAY LOAN company's.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a live person on the line, once I did, they disconnected before I could discuss my issue. I was billed for the $59.95 Free Spirit club and forgot that I even signed up for it. What a rip off. The recorded messages state that no credit will be issued, I would at least like the opportunity to talk to someone about it.

Spririt should close its doors

This airline is terrible! Customer service is awful and its totally unorganized. Their policy is ridiculous and it seems like the agents are trained to defraud. I tried getting on my flight day along with a million other people. We were denied the right and sent to customer service. At customer service i was told that my since i missed my to flight, my return flight would be cancelled and if i wanted to keep the flight, I would be charged $125 and the difference in the fee even though i am not cancelling. The next available flight ws the next day. I had to book on another airline and pay additional fee to keep the flight. That was bull since i was there in time to catch the flight. Additionally, the security line stretched from one terminal to another. It was ridiculous and i hate Spirit.

Please do not give false advertisement. My sister was told she would get a free flight when applying for a credit card. So, she applied and was declined. When making annoucements in the future, please let customers know they will only get the free flight if accepted. I will never fly spiirit in the future and my friends and family will not fly also due to false advertisement that provided poor customer service.

This is the worst flight ever i was in the airport for 2 hours for delay then we board the flight and i am sitting on the plane for almost 2 hours now with no reason of whats happening ,nothing offerd to drink...so disorganize and unprofessional staff....flight 339 on march 6,2013...do something about it

Worst Flight

I was on flight 356 from Las Vagas to Chicago Il on March 6,2013 it was the 5:20 flight I was in row 22 seat c. The passengers in row 22 seat a and b where so rude the F Word was used for most of the 3 hour flight. She put her Butt in my face, she was drunk, and the FLIGHT CREW did nothing to control things. I would like to talk to someone about this,.

Horrible flight....not worth the price...u will pay in baggage fees

Worst company ever they charge for carry on bags...had to pay $140....for 2 checked bags and 2 carry on....land the flight attendants are so rude and ghetto ....real life soul plane

Dec 8 to Dec 15

this is one of the worse airlines I ever flew, the planes are dirty, bathrooms gross, flights are always delayed, misinformation about price of luggage, my reservations where made back in july 2012 before the price increase I was suppose to be grandfather in before the new price increase they charge me 180.00 both ways. the security at Latrobe sucks (you don't feel safe). Rude associates working behind the counter, kids & dogs in the back runnng around. I will never use Spirit again.


My college son missed his flight because he wasn't feeling well this morning. I called the airline to tell them we needed to re book his ticket and they told me the entire reservation including the return trip was forfeited. They just stole $450 from me. Why shouldn't he be allowed to use the return ticket? .

Spend your money elsewhere

I am in the Army and came down on orders overseas unexpectedly. I had booked a flight to Las Vegas for myself and my wife 5 months before my deployment. I also purchased the insurance provided by Chantis just in case. Unfortunately, my worst fears came true. We had to cancel our trip to Las Vegas and lost out on $651.56. I spoke to someone in India which I could not understand who stated Spirits policy of $230.00 cancellation fee and the rest will go towards a future flight. I'm sorry but this same situation happened to me with American Airlines 5 years ago in which my voucher expired. I called Chantis and was able to speak to actual American citizens who were very helpful and friendly. I made the mistake of not reading the reasons for a trip cancellation which are very few and military service is not included. My advice to those who pay their hard earned money is to read the fine print and research your purchases. I made the mistake of assuming I was covered and it cost me $651.56.

A breath of fresh air...

Thank you to Chris from Spirit for finding my 11 yr olds. school library book and a book he received from his momom. Not only did she find them, but she called us to let us know and them shipped them Fed Ex! This is old school customer service and a breath of fresh air! Going to the extra mile! Awesome!


Spirit Airline is the worst, on my reentry to the US coming from Haiti. I had to pay more money on a round trip ticket that was purchase in the US or they would not let me board the plane. Their was no receipt given when I ask for one the person walked away. How long will the public put up with this nosence.... there rating is zero.....


Horrible airline I would never recommend this airline to anyone. They swore at me and told me that the voucher was the biggest scam ever because it only is capable of being used on tuesdays. Horrible airline

Scheduled flight to Orlando on 2/3/2013

My flight was cancelled approx 30 minutes before takeoff to Orlando from Ft. Lauderdale on Feb. 3, 2013 because some crew members had called in sick. Flight was rescheduled for 24 hours later. Had to get a rental car for the trip to Orlando that Sunday morning. This performance is totally unsatisfactory.

Worst Airlines Ever

I have spent alot of money with Spirit and our last trip was the worst experience ever. I made my whole family book spirit and we had 7 passengers with us. It was around Christmas time so we spent much more on each ticket. About 700.00 per ticket. They tricked us into signing a form that they were not responsible for our baby stroller. When we landed in Chicago, the stroller was in pieces and they said there was nothing they would do. Then the manager said they would give us our money back for the stroller if we went to get the original receipt. We sent the receipt in which was around 720.00. They said we didnt send them the right receipt and the 30 days is up so the claim was denied. I will never fly this airline again and neither will anybody we know. Hope it was worth it.

Worst airline and dirty plane

My girl friend and I left this morning for Vegas. The plane was two hours late and when we got on, the seats were dirty, crumbs on the seat, sticky seat belt, dirty tray and insulation hanging from the ceiling on to our heads and no one cared. So freaking awful!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Where to begin with this garbage airline, I was booking 3 tickets from Chicago to vegas 7 months in advance and check out page said 802 dollar's get to confirmation page and it says 844 they added insurance after I clicked no thanks, took a hour of complaining to get it credited back to card, emailed a complaint get a BS response asked to be comped free carryon bag or conjoining seats they said no asked to cancel my tickets and fly with another airline they said no horrible customer service, im a call center customer service rep would never treat customers like that stuck flying spirit and my flight isnt for 6 months cant wait for a class action lawsuit on this conpanyj


I booked a flight through a third party on 01/30/13 to attend my uncle's funeral on 02/2/13 leaving on 02/01/13 and returing 02/03/13. I was email my itinerary/receipt for flight 667 leaving from BWI to FLL with round trip fare of $551.40. Hours later I receive an email stating to contact ticket agent there is a problem with my purchase. Spirit advertised price was incorrect and price was doubled. Spirit was not honor the price however they continut to advertise the same flight for under $600 on other other websites. I will never book directly or indirectly with Spirit. I am unable to attend my uncle's funeral.

Baggage liability

I was considering signing up for the Spirit credit card on our flight down to Orlando on 1/21/13 which included perks for free flights. I decided to sign up for the card on the flight back to Chicago on 1/26/13. After having my husband's camera and two new camera chips pilfered from his luggage on the flight down I decided we will never fly Spirit again. I will inform everyone I know about the company's policy to allow their employees free reign over the contents of your luggage. All employees I spoke with on the phone and at the airlines seemed unconcerned.

The worst company ever! Tried to book a group reservation on Monday when the price was $287. They got back to me on Friday with $472! No customer service whatsoever, phone calls goes straight to voice mail. Bye, Spirit....

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