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You have a problem with the Lonview, Texas store on Eastmasn Road. The owner has not responded to my complaint on the 800 line for this. Let us just stop the 800 number since the owner does not appear to care to call the customer back. 2 cars pull up to the pick up window without stopping at the order PA. They served them and made me have to wait. They are not to do this according to the rule.I own Sonic stock for my granddaughter"s college later. At this rate I will have to sell the stock and only because Sonic did not care enough to do it right. Billy Martin

I placed my order this morning in the drive up, when I pulled up to the window I saw a guy that looked like he just rolled out of bed,, rumbled gray t-shirt and and gray jersey shorts,, his hair was sticking up all over and he looked like he just crawled out of bed or came off a bad drunk,, I asked the window person who took my money if that was the cook, she stated no it was her assistant manager, when I asked his name she lowered her voice and I think she said "bear". If that was his name he needs to go back into hibernation... I refused my order because I wasn't sure what his funtion was and didn't want to risk something gross showing up in my food,,, this location is in Denver off of Chambers and near 40th ave.. my suggestion is don't go,,, they don't seem to worried about how clean they are or what sheds off of their bodies,,, ick!!!!!!!! this will be my last visit to Sonic.

This is the second time that I've been there and my order has been wrong and I live 25 miles from the place... then i call up to the sonic in LANCASTER, SC... repeatedly mind you... and no answer at 2 in the afternoon? But what makes it worse is I looked up the number for headquarters and called... NO ANSWER, whats the problem? I will no longer be eating from this or any other sonic for that matter. GET BETTER EMPLOYEES

I was just at the Sonic on Davis Blvd in North Richland Hills, Texas. Generally, the food is fine. But, the service is always amazingly bad. People on the speaker slur their words (intentionally I think) and normally screw the order up. The real complaint is that no matter what the marketing on television says is the current deal the folks at this Sonic always immediately say the deal is not at their location. It is a deceptive practice and shows a major lack of integrity on the people who run the business. I guess that's business in America today. Deceive the customer and not even have the decency to be ashamed.

I called to ask if the meat they use is hormone-free, and I was told (rudely) that Sonic does not take suggestions from customers. Oh really? Well, every other restaurant does, so I'll take my business there. A burger is a burger is a burger. Sonic ain't that special.

I visited the Sonic in Oakwood Georgia on several occasions and the slushies are terrible, the first time I thought they were having a bad day, but since then I ordered a slush which always has a bad taste and smell like sewage. What in the world is going on Oakwood Georgia Sonic? I have gone to other Sonics to order the same item and only the Sonic in Oakwood has this problem. When I try to tell the person who waited on me about the problem they just look at me like I am crazy. OMG! Are these people so out of touch with their product and just don't realize what is going on? I've had it with the Oakwoow Georgia Sonic! They will never have my business again.

dear sonic HQ. I was the previous G.M. at sonic Drive-in Lexington OK, Sonic states in the employee handbook that it buisness is a fun, friendly, family oriented enviorment that encourages these values and goals. The drive-in expects empolyees to follow standards of conduct that premote our mission statement and core values. Standards of conduct are as stated in the empolyee hand book 1.if it isnt good for buisness 2.if it isnt good for the empolyees 3.if it isnt good for the guest 4.if its illegal or IMMORAL it could cost you your job with that being said i was dis-charged for not working the requireed managers schedule witch was 7 days a week. Mid Feburary 2010 my Grand Mother passed away i went to her funral and it was very tough on me and my childern i missed 2 full days and 1 half day due to the funeral and was terminated, by the franchise owner where are your morals Sonic?

I stopped at the liberal kansas store and everythung was amazing!! THe manager was working the drive thru and he used his marketing skills to the best, he had me ordering a combo and a large drink which I didnt intend on buying. He was so nice at the window and turned my bad day into a good one!! A+ to that manager I wish there were more like him and food was great!!!!!

If your commercials show people roller skating, then how come lynchburg, forest, and bedford, VA. sonic's never have anyone on rollerskating. why even have a sonic if the restaurant isn't living up to its name and idea.

The new commercials are terrible...bring back the guys in the car and the couple that banter!!!!!!!!!!

I stop at sonic because i usually have a great experience. i was on my way through a town that i did not of and it was the worse food and sevice ive every had. The person working the window was very rude when i told her that needed and additional sandwich she rolled her eyes an sighed and walk a way. I didnt get a recipte and i wasnt given a straw for my drinks and the was told to pull forward. when i got my food it was burned and the fries and chicken were hot, but it tasted as if they hadnt changed there oil in the frier for along time. it was gross!!! im not sure if il ever go back to one of your restruants.. it seems if yall are slack on managing your indavidual restraunts.

Hey! Where are the cherries in our Cherry Limeade??? We just left the Sonic in Charleston South Carolina on Shelby Ray Court. That's half the fun of ordering this drink, the surprise of cherries!! Yeah, you try to explain why they are not there to a child....it's not fun!!

The food at Celina Ohio Sonic is good.The management is absolutely the WORST!Her name is Cindy.The kids that work there call her cindy the communist! She screams and rants at the workers.She had one carhop crying the other day.She says if they complain and she gets chewed out,they will REALLY get chewed!! Can you believe it?She gives demerits for whatever.If one kid gets a demerit they ALL DO!She cuts hours,never has the schedules made out on time.Has mandatory crew meetings OUTSIDE! Then uses that time to chew out,wave her arms around,do the head bobble routine!All within hearing and eye range of customers!The night before last we went there and placed an order.Guess what?It was 8:30 P.M. and they were out of so much food they were pushing tator tots! The assistant manager said Cindy had forgotten to order more.He was seriously considering closing up for the night.Would you work under these conditions?I think not! But these kids deserve a LOT better than her!She needs to open her own concentration camp somewhere else.One more issue.Who can live on 9 hours a week?These kids are given less and less until they can't afford to even go to work.They don't get paid for the meetings either.If they don't go they get fired.Remember,CELINA OHIO SONIC MANAGEMENT SUCKS!!

I'm at your sonic on hwy 408; Baton Rouge, La, between I-110 and Plank Rd. One of your roller skating waiters has his pants down below his buttocks with his T-shirt covering his buttocks. This not a civil rights issue as many claim although it is a signal that prisoners use to advertise their availability. This is both a Safety (roller skating requires free mobility) and a health issue (serving food). I would not have accepted my order if he had been the person delivering it. I now wonder what the cook is wearing and what exactly are your corporate standards regarding safety and health hygiene practices. I think it will be awhile till I can stomach the idea of eating at a Sonic Restaurant again. Please cleanup your act!!!

I am very upset. I purchased a gift card for a tacher assistant of mine on the last day of school. When he went to use it it was empty. Contacted store said they would give another. The next day I called the employee was quite rude said there was no one to talk to. I asked for a manager and she just laid the phone down . (Hirty minutes later still off hook. (Hey took 15 dollars and gave me an empty card. That is theft!! (As small an amount it is still theft)

Store in Tulsa Oklahoma has terrible customer service. Employees are often rude and I have spent my lunch breaks on several occasions sitting waiting for order 20 min. It is located at 1627 N Peoria. They took 15 dollars and gave me an empty gift card. It is becoming a hassle to get card loade!!!!

Seems like everytime I go to Sonic for food something ends up wrong. Either they don't get the order right or they serve tomatos that have mold on them. The only reason I will return is for drinks!

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