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I think the 2-men in your commercials create the most irritating scenes we sit through when watching tv. I change channels every time they come on with their stupidity. I have even sworn off Sonic as a form of personal protest against idiotic babble.

Big problem!

My wife works at the sonic in los alamos nm there is an employee who has put visine in employees drinks so they get sent home and she gets more hours. My wife came homesick yesterday but was fine in a couple hours after vomiting.....as did the head manager....what to do what to do....

poor service

on 7/26/14 ...placed an order for 1 egg/ham sandwich, at 9:06 am. 3 cars went to the drive thru after the order was placed...order was ready at 9:11am ( pretty quick ) after all 3 cars were services my order came out at 9:22am, cold and very badly put together. Had to put it back together to eat it. Asked for Salt and Ketchup. car hop had to go back for it.....returned only with the Ketchup. Never did bring the salt. Bad service. Called local office on Sat. and as of 1:15pm on the 28th no return call. Way to go Sonic. ( I think they want to beat Wendys for the bottom of the pile. Be Very, Very Careful


Me and my family went to the Seymour Indiana Sonic and we waited 23 minutes for three shakes that were melted and one we had to throw away because it had way too much flavoring. And this stupid kid makes me some stupid excuse about changing the shake machine. I work at Steak and Shake I know he was totally lying. It takes us about 2 to 3 minute to make a hand spun shake.

Ripped off

I tried complaining at the Sonic site but the comment section would not connect to complete my suggestion. I spent over $2.00 on a drink and saw there was an additional .10 charge for a straw. What a joke, didn't you rip me off enough with the overpriced drink. I will NEVER return.

My friend and I went to Sonic and ordered around 4.00 dollars worth of food. The waitress give my friend her drink. When my friend gave her a bag of change and said I am sorry about this, and the tip is in the bag. The waitress said give me back the drink I cannot sell this order for you .. We said money is money. My friend said I understand I have been a waitress before ..My friend said make change at the desk. So the waitress said I will talk to my manager. The waitress GAVE us the order and said this is the last time we will do this for you . I think THIS COULD OF BEEN HANDLED IN A FRIENDLY MANNER.


i`m writing to let you know that the sonic in Brevard north Carolina is the biggest mismanaged cluster f**k of restaurant that I ever seen & iv been doin this kind of work for over 20 years, they hired me on july 4th & I am leaving today. they wash & reuse cups, drain greace into the sewer drains & they waist a lot of water. If someone speaks up or threatens to report it they get fired or demoted. this place needs a management overhaul. The so called manager cuts corners to cut cost. The employee`s their are good workers it`s the manager that needs to be delt with soon.


Three times recently my order has been wrong at sonic drive-in on spillway rd in Brandon Ms. Someone needs to do better service training.


I would like to recommend that a sonic be opened in La Porte Indiana, I love sonic but always have to drive to get some, sincerely consider this request as this city is steadily growing.

Never going back

Hamburgers are just disgusting. So slimey and always cold. Got a coconut shake the other day n just half was coconut the other half was plain vanilla. Got a route 44 lime slushy today n was surprised that i was charged . 10 for the flavoring. Ok they changed this a few months ago according to the manager. They didnt drop the drink price just adding another .10 whats next do we pay for the straws napkins plastic spoons. I will go a little further to get a treat from now on. Sonic in lees summit mo u suck oh n the tots taste like they have been frozen n defrosted over n over. Just disgusting


Sorry to say it was the nastiest hamburger and drink i have ever purchase. The meat was on cook, looked pink and gray and had no test. It was dry and with hardly any mustard on it. I ordered a cherry coke and got a watered down coke without any cherry in it. I will never go to the Sonic located at 7112 Ed Bluestein Ste 160, Austin, TX again and may never eat at Sonic again. My hamburger was cold too.

Love sonic but???

I love sonic but only one thing gets me!!! Why does the sonic on Willow in Enid Oklahoma not mark their drinks. This has been going for over a year. It is bad when certain people cant have sugar and we have explained this over and over to them! Why have lids you can mark and them not do it. Just ordered a diet Dr Pepper and a diet coke. they brought them out and 1 was marked diet. Did not say if it was coke or Dr Pepper. We are tired of doing the tast test everytime we get a drink there!!!!!

I Can't Believe It!

I went to Sonic tonite with the 86 yr.old lady I take care of and my g'daughters I get milkshakes I can't believe the service or the prices not to mention the wait! After we waited for 20 min. I paid over $15.00 I can't believe the attitude when I ask for water! He told me it would be .20 I told him ok I had to ask for a straw I seen were someone else had to ask for a straw, what is it? Are we having a straw shortage? And did I mention the girl taking my order? She was a real...I don't want to say but she acted like she did us a favor by taking our order! This was the worse trip to Centerpoint yet, I can't believe it!!!

Can I get a straw with my shake!!!

Visited Sonic Drive-in on Dulles Ave in Stafford, TX to get a shake. I waited over 10 minutes for my shake after the guy came out with the wrong order. Then he forgot the straw. I asked for a straw and waited another 2 minutes. Never came with a straw. Does Sonic have straws??? Can I get a straw with my shake???? Maybe I should have asked for a spoon!!!

Sonic Drive-In

I went to Sonic Drive-In on Eldridge Dr just past Westheimer Blvd. I ordered a shake. There was 1 other vehicle there. Several other vehicles came and made their orders. I waited 13 minutes and watched 3 of the vehicles received their orders and drive away. Still did not get my shake, so I drove away. I have been to that Sonic before and received less than satisfactory service. Never again will I visit that location.


The sonic in our town can't seem to get our order right most of the time!They need more training I think.We might go there more often but we get so disappointed almost every time.We just take what they give us. But tonight was the last straw for us!Not planning on going back.

Making the Employees work in unsatisfactory conditions

No AC- One female is getting sick from heat and the girls are all sweating real bad. Shame on the Owners


I go to the Sonic on E. Little Creek Road in Norfolk, VA daily. I find the staff warm and friendly, the service excellent, the food good and the appropriate temperature. The manager, Chastity, is fast, efficient, and friendly. She has obviously taught her staff well, because they are too. I will continure to go there even when it is very busy (which is often, since they are such a great store), because the wait is very short and the food and service worth it!


The bell TX sonic at 9:00 am I take my good back because I have two pieces of paper in my toaster sandwich I had a cheese rapper and straw rapper in my food they send the cook out and not even the manager to Handel me and not help me how do you justify two pieces of paper in your food you send the cook out to play managerit want happen again PS tell them not to judge people by there cars it's a big mistake

Worst service

I went to the sonic on grand ave in fort smith ar and had a good sized order all of our order was cold the buns were hard and they could not even get a shake correct will NEVER go back

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