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Horrible Customer Service

My car was burglarized at the Georgia location. I have called and left messages attempting to get information and a copy of the incident from their security office (just security as they do not have a police force or cameras on this lot) and have not received any information. I have called and spoken to several people, left several messages with absolutely no response. This is ridiculous.

I bought a season pass from six flags but use my card please tell my why they havnt took the money out yet 3 weeks ago

Worse experience ever

My daughter went to six flags on a school trip. The night before, I printed off a voucher to get two cups for a discounted price. I had already had the price charged to my credit card so my daughter wouldn't have to deal with it. The place that my daughter went to in order to get the cups charged her again, even when it said it had already been paid. Ever since I called the park, it has been a huge game to them. They send me to numbers that go straight to voicemail or people who dont even speak English! Worse experience with a park ever.

Customer Relations

The customer relations for this park is horrible!!! They over charged my card and no one will call me back I have left tons of messages!!

Very poor customer service from the vallejio six flags. The recording says some will call me back, that was 1.5 weeks ago have not hear anything. Very frustrating,l have not been to the park yet, when I do my expectations will be low because of the service I have rec'd thus far.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Vallejo CA

Six Flags still polluting the lake it operates on here in Vallejo. Just google "discovery kingdom litter" and decide for yourself just whether or not this Corporation cares about anything besides your money...

Impossible to reach a human to resolve an issue

Beware! If you purchase a membership on a monthly plan and have any type of issue - you will get no where online or even worse if you try to reach someone by phone that can help you. I am so disgusted with the customer service. Will probably never go to a Six Flags resort or take my kids or future grandkids either.

I called the six flags payment line because i noticed i am being charged more than my cost of tickets n they are telling me that i cant even cancelled my passes until a few months later. I asked to speak to a manager because the lady was being very short tempered with me and kept talking over me. She stated that she was the manager and that I could not speak to someone else and resfused to tell me her name.

Season Passes

I ordered two season passes online as gifts. When I got your confirmation it tells me to register and print the tickets. When I click on your instruction it directs me to a site that shows more tickets you can buy but NO place to register and/or print tickets. Your tech support was useless and I have called the NY corporate office and left a message for a return call but have not received one. I will never order tickets from your company again. This has been nothing but a lesson in frustration and aggravation.


i just arrive to six flags to the both and pay for parking then when i arrive to my parking spot a security approach me and told me if my card smell like marijuana because the both worker said it smell like marijuana so security told me to leave the park for no reason security still smell my car and smell me no smell and still i needed to leave the park i did not even spend had a couple of seconds in the park parking spot when i got kick out make it short i just pay for the parking park got off then approach by the security and told to leave less then five seconds that sucks never again going to six flags disney land will be my chose next time

How an employee bad day and lies cost me

I am a season pass holder and recently moved in the area around six flags great America for the last two weeks I have taken off my job to hang out with my kids at six flag the other day we parked our car now granted I am hard of hearing and from what I gathered I crossed were I was not supposed to but by the time I realized what I had done one of the security guards was yelling and screaming at me and proceeded to chase me down and I paid it no mind but when I got to the front gate another security guard told me would I step over here so I did when I got in the office the Gurnee police told me that I was being detained. Now granted he ran my name through there files to see if I was a criminal and when the young lady got there and gave her false statement the Gurnee police officer came out and said I am not pressing any charges against you but you probably wont be able to come in the park today but when the park security came out the back now granted I had no chance to dispute the charges against me and was given a year not to come back I have been coming to this park since I was a kid and never had an incident in my life and my understanding of a confrontation is when your face to face not walking away I know I will never go back ever I would rather drive to wissconsin instead of giving them one red dime I don't like to say that there was racism but I am black and all discision were made by white people.

Customer Service

I love reading all of these posts and knowing that I am not alone is Six Flags take your $$$$$$$$$$ and run attitude. That has been my experience as well. My children and friends were at a park in Arlington Texas & had ALL of their things stolen! Shoes, shirts, IPhones, wallets, money etc.. When I contacted "Cust. service Supervisor, Wendy and Lexi" they gave me attitude! When I told them I wanted to talk to a manager , I was told " I am as good as your going to get"!!! At park closing my kids were told to leave. They had to sit in front of the park waiting an hour for another parent to arrive with keys etc... to go home in one of thems car. Again, no phones, $$$ etc... Scared and alone!!! When I call corporate, I too get the run around! WOW! I hope all will learn from my experience in that there are PLENTY of other parks etc.. to spend your money at that actually HAVE customer service!!!!

Discovery Kingdom Vallejo

SFTP operates on the shores of a 55 acre lake here in Vallejo. Lake Chabot. They have ignored their environmental obligations for years, past Presidents made promises they didn't keep. The integrity of Discovery Kingdom Vallejo is shameful. They just ignore the little guy, time for some videos...

New England six flags

As a customer I felt I got rob whift out a gun I paid top of the line season passes the (gold) packege and I was told that I could use it any six flags corp I repeatly ask the seller if I could use it at the one close from home at Jackson nj it's 45 minites away from home and they usefull over here I'm a very unhappy customer

Very poor customer service

They keep on forgetting that the park is only as good as their service. If they keep on making customers unhappy they will lose. Specially, making locals unhappy. NOT GOOD. Stopped going to the Gurnee, IL Six Flags because of racism. 10 years later it still exist. It is so sad.

Workers at sixflags in Jackson nj

I have never been to a more disgusting place in my life. We had an incident of which one of our friends was joking around with a kid and the kid was laughing and playing around back and no harm nothing inappropriate was going on. We had to wait for our friend while he was in the questioning room... The security guard treated us like criminals. Make us wait for our friend for more than 3 hours.. Didn't let us speak was disrespectful. They handled the situation totally wrong... We are now on the process of getting sixflags sued because we has the most worst experience ever we felt harassed and like we were criminals. This is ridiculous. I'm going to have to go corporate because I am so upset with six flags I plan on never returning and telling all my friends to not go.

Terrible Service

Six Flags over Texas In my Opinion is not Disabled Friendly. I cannot enjoy the Rides because I have artificial disc in my neck and 9 Screws and 11 rods in my back. This all after spending 27 years in the Military. I asked the park if there was a Discount or maybe even a no charge for disabled people! I Said I would spend my money on drinks and souvenirs! I just wanted to watch my family have a good time. They said No. Everyone pays full price. In my opinion The Military and the Disabled veterans of America and any other disabled organization should encourage Black Balling Six Flags over Texas!

HELP! My daughter lost her iPhone in Sr. Louis

We are from Winnipeg, Canada and yesterday Thursday May 23rd, my 14 year old daughter lost her iPhone at your St. Louis location. If anyone is reading this who found an iPhone 4S PLEASE return it to Lost & Found to a gentleman named Chris ( he is helping us) My daughter is more sad about the irreplaceable pictures from her very first a school trip than anything else. Thank you. Our contact email is attached to the phone.

Six Flags Reading Club

I have been the coordinator of my schools reading club for more than 20 years. When there is a problem, it is virtually impossible to contact anyone for help. This year teachers wanted to go back into the website to see which students were to get the tickets after they arrived and they were told that their passwords wouldn't work. When they requested a new password they either didn't get one or were given another one that didn't work. All we want to do is pass out the tickets. Why can't we get help?

really really bad experience

me and my family are always driving to Six flags over Texas and the last time I was there I had a problem with some tickets I bought in advance, when I tried to contact Guest Relations they gave me the runaround and never called me back like they said they would. I ended up paying for tickets twice. Once at the door and the ones I got in advance.

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