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The Pharmacy in Carlsbad Calif is a complete joke, I have gotten the wrong Scripts rarely if ever is any ready for pick up even after I get a phone call telling me they are waiting to be picked up. The staff is rude and do not listen to anything you have to say only want to listen to themselves talk Don't go there unless you want to be frustrated

terrible service

I had waited 20 plus days on a prior authorization and during the wait I had been told as long as pay for em I would be refunded once the prior had been approved well after spending over two hundred dollars my prior went threw and covered the full prescription and guess what ? Of course good ole right aid refused to refund me unbelievable so there goes rent thank you right aid

Customer Satisfaction

Bad service they really don't seem to care of their customers. The hometown touch just isn't there I would not recommend.

I have a child with Cerebral Palsy that has nerve pain from a recent surgery. Without his scheduled medication, he is in agony. The doctor called in and spoke to the pharmacist personally this morning requesting my son's medication be refilled immediately. The insurance company only pays for 30 days of medication and there is no space for error. The pharmacist was so busy giving flu shots that she "forgot" to fill the prescription and/or tell the other staff members! After the 4th call from me and the doctor, someone finally checked with the pharmacist and filled the prescription.


just to let you know I have already made plane to change where I get my prescriptions because CRV pharmacy has made a good call

the rite aid at 3590 e Tremont ave., Bronx, ny 10465 store 10544..everytime I go to the pharmacy there is some problem or they don't have it on top of having to deal with all the nasty workers there the best was when my mom went there for the shingles shot & was told she couldn't get it until the year 2016 I called her insurance company & was told that's ridiculous have them call here & we will explain to them she is entitled to the script but my mom refuses to goo to that store anymore because of the treatment you get there mc

Washington rite aids

I have been to a few here in NW Washington, around Graham, Spanaway areas and they have been very nice and helpful! I love all the deals I get from there and the customer service is always very helpful.

debit screw up

I was at Rite Aid in Belford nj today and picked up a prescripyion in amount $6.60 and jar of mayo for$2.99 and asked for cash bach of $30.00when I got home and checked my bank statment i see 2 transactions One for $30.03 and one for $15.59 Called maneger and she said I need to come in to store so she can explain it to me I wANT THE DIFFERENCE PUT BACK IN MY ACCOUNT OR GIVEN TO ME IN CASH


Picked up my meds yesterday & again there was a label under mine with the name of someone I know showing his name, address & phone number. This is not the first time it has happened. I have called my Rite Aid and reported it each time, but it keeps happening. I wish they would take this a little more serious.

Ive worked for rite aid for 5 years and yes we as employees make mistakes but the gentleman that wanted the strawberry Ice cream and said the signs are deceiving if you were to look directly under the 2 for $6 it also says single purchase price 3.29* nothing deceiving about that it is clearly stated. Ya it's a little bit smaller but it's not impossible to see. Those sings are also not the cashiers fault but we always take the blunt of everything. You also can not blame ALL of rite aid for how 1 pharmacist treated you. Or how 1 or 2 employees treated you. I understand that you are mad. I completely understand that. I go wal mart in my hometown and they are the rudest people I have ever met and trust me I'm not the only one that thinks that but that doesn't mean I'm going to make a support group to shut them down. There are people in this company that do care and if you ever come to my store WE ALL will treat you with the upmost respect. To the lady with the sick small child. I do not know you or the store you were shopping at... But I do apologize for how you were treated. That was completely uncalled for. My manager would have cleaned it herself. The store is based on how the STORE MANAGER acts and treats associates. if you go into a store and the employees are ruthless more than likely there manager is not worth while either. Those store of the employees that just don't care are the ones who gives the rest of us that LOVE our job a bad name. I work in the front end area so I can not speak for the pharmacy. I kno mistakes are made and some of them can be life threating. But like I said I'm not part of that department and can not speak for them. I can tell you that I LOVE my job with Rite aid and I hope to work for them for a long time and maybe be able to move up into a position to where I would be able to change the attitudes with in the store and make Rite Aid a place where people would love to come and come back to even tho they were treated wrong. I myself as just a cashier want to say I'm so sorry for the way some of you were treated. I am so sorry.

Is it true~you can not bring 'your' own plastic bag to Rite Aid to fill with your merchandise. The cashier said she would be fired if she filled it. Please tell me what your policy for Livermore, Calif. Thank You

i got my medicine the other day and i usually just pop a pill. today for some reason [god's angels] i dumped the pills out in my hand and notice that a random pill was in with my pills. needless to say i'm upset.however riteaid does not seem to think this is a problem. what do i do?

You people are insane.

Some of these reviews on here are insane...one man was complaining that ice cream was being sold as 2 for 6 dollars and he only wanted one. So they charged him 3.29 and he is upset about this..according to him the sign said 2..for...6 meaning if you buy more you get a discount...some of these others are just stupid...

Money Not Health

Rite Aid does not care about people's health only wealth. In their pursuit for profits, employees get mistreated by its customers and leaders. You can go into a store and get no help because upper mgt cut the budget so much that they would rather increase their bonuses than increase store staffing. People get upset and blame the staff for corporate greed. The customer and the associate are both being screwed over by John Standley and his cronies with golden parachutes. The company is in the face of multiple lawsuits and they would rather fight each and every lawsuit by paying lawyers thousands of dollars an hour to find a technicality and cover up the truth.

Sale items

Clearly marked on the freezer doors, 2 for $6.00. I wanted 1 Strawberry ice cream. At the check out the sales woman stated I would pay $3.29 because I only wanted 1. I must buy 2. I told her I thought that was unfair. It is unfair and mis-leading advertising. She charged me $3.29, never spoke one word to me, never said thank you, or did not acknowledge me in any way. I do not shop often at Rite-Aid because this kind of stuff happens often in our store close to our home. Your store #06538. I often try to buy Strawberry Yogert in gallon size and have requested it but it is never available. This is the first time I have ever written to any store, and this is for $.29. I can afford the $.29, but the practice of mis advertising is not right, and I decided to express my dis-satisfaction. Carolyn Miller

Out of stock

Even though you are a drug store you run out for 3-5 days. You have no regards for your customers time when you waste 45 min and find out you just ran out yesterday. Sorry don't cut it. Multiple times

Flu Shot

I was told that they would have the flu shot at the Rockaway Bch, NY store and so I went there. I asked and was told in a half hr. He took my insurance cards and my sons info and we waited for an hour. He then said that my son could get the shot, if he paid, but he didnt have one for me because I am 74 and needed another one. I then went to CVS and was told no problem we both got the same shot Will never deal at Rite Aid again Their pharmacist is useless.


While shopping at Rite Aid today, my 3 year old son suddenly feels sick and asks me to help him. I pick him up and he unfortunately throws up! While a few employees stand and stare at me doing nothing, I ask for help so no one falls, after I leave rest room, from consoling my son, an employee approaches me very nasty and tells me I should go back and clean up his mess, and she feels she shouldnt be the one to clean it up! I was furious that mangement just stood there and watched allowing her to tell me what I should do rather then tell her what she should be doing. I left with my sick son in my arms, shaking, because I was upset by the way I was treated! I will NEVER set foot in a Rite Aid again, apparently they allow their employees to treat their customers anyway they want! And safety is not their first concern, they allow their employees to argue with a customer, then clean the mess before a customer slips and falls!

Don't Write A Check

DO NOT WRITE A CHECK AT RITE AID!!!!! They process the check electronically, then kept the check when they should have given it back to me. Oooops! They processed the same check a second time. The nightmare begins. Now I'm blocked from writing checks at other stores that use Telechek. Promises from Rite Aid to fix it. Not done yet. After all, it's only been 5 months!!!!

Not having advertised items

I have been trying for weeks to get a product that was advertised 2 weeks in a row.....to no avail. The manager keeps ordering it but it never comes in. He says that they are "out of stock". If something is going to be advertised, it should be there for the customer! I've got 2 rain checks, but they aren't doing me much good. I'm really disappointed in Rite Aid and will NOT be even looking at their flyers that come in the mail anymore.....just not worth the aggravation. I've talked to others who say the same thing. I'm wondering how this store can even stay in business. Hardly a customer is in there when I do go in to check on this item. Frustrating!

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