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will never return washington pa ponderosa

I ordered 10oz sirloin steak dinner well done with lobster over it. I got my steak cut into it and it was so raw in side. This is the second time in a row my dinner has not been right. I spoke to manager she did give my money back but i told her i won't ever be back. I had to tell the waitress to please take the dirty dishes.the ponderosa in Washington pa needs new staffing to work there .i should of never went back and i won't. There are other places that sell steak that will cook it the way you want it.like golden corral .

Well it was a good lunch with a life long friend. But Ponderosa needs to hire people that can at least be able to make change. The bill was $6.35, so I gave the kid $20.35. Now lets do the math here, how hard can it be to see or know I had $16.00 coming in change. She got it wrong and not only did she get that wrong but she tried to say I gave her correct change. My response was, did I not give you a single legal piece of tender. Response was yes it must have been a $10.00 bill. My response, if that were the case would you not have one in the cash drawer (of which there was none)! After gettin my change I realized she still screwed up and gave me $.65 in coins along with paper money, I said here's your coins that I shouldn't have. She took them and then slammed the drawed, I din't even ask where thje other dollar was as I only got $13.00 back. We are in big trouble with the incompitence of these uneducated people today!

Poor management

They have hard working employees that need better management in Washington Indiana good food but service and lack of quality management shows at this place I say fire the to magagers n make get in 2 quality one and that give fair opportunities n don't favor anyone

not happy

I am not happy wirh them. They said that all the tables was for big crowds and we couldn't sit there and we could only eat at a booth and they got all snobby. There wasnt many ppl there and they wasn't hardly anyone there. So we just got up and left.

Not happy

I have gone two Fridays in a row for your all you can eat crab legs . Get two plates of them then be told there all out that's not all you can eat . If your not going to have enough you should not run this special that's false advertising . Or you should do something to please the people who pay for your special and get told you get no more . That sure is a bad way to run your chain .


I LOVE Ponderosa! My only complaint is that you moved out of the Albany, NY area. PLEASE come back!!


We visited the ponderosa today in south point ohio. The server was friendly and only because of that did we not run for our lives. I let my child eat some ice cream. Everything was dried out and rotted. Pretty sure the Mac and cheese is the same cheese used on nachos, the stuffing looked like soup. I was embarrassed I even went in there. And sadly we could have eaten at McDonald's for half the price and not risked food poisoning. It won't surprise me when this entire franchise goes out of business.

Cold & Bad Food

Went into the Ponderosa Steak House in Traverse City, MI. It was AWFUL. The hot food on the buffet was cold, dried out of what they had to offer, nothing was full. Had to ask for hot food. It was their lunch time. Their menu is terrible on the buffet. I complained, you'd think they would have taken something off the bill, NO!!! I will never go there again. No wonder they don't have alot of people going in there. I live in Traverse City. It use to be a good place to eat but has gone down hill.

piss poor service

I came to the Ponderosa In Arnold Mo. With a funeral party with 49 people when i accidently knocked over 2 high chairs the manger kicked me out and then called the police piss poor customer service

bad experience

We where on our way to get something to eat and we seen ponderosa on telegraph and Warren rd and when we got there we where over charged by 4.00 and the person at the register did not know what she was doing and said she would get the manager then 15 min later she give us our money mean while we start getting our food and everything looks horrible but I get passed that start eating everything is cold and not done all the way the chicken wings that they specialized in where pink in the middle then after eating we go and get desert from bar everything is old and the ice cream was nasty for paying 15 dollars a person I would never go back sorry about my long rant but I would never go back or want anyone to experience what we did

Food & Quality

Upon my visit today at Ponderosa 10/6/2013 - In Urbana, Ohio - I would strongly advise any customers NOT to eat their PISS POOR Buffet - Food was just Unhealthy to eat - Complained to the Manager of how bad the food was - told me to write to corporate headquarter or hit the door! I was appalled and totally ruin my day. Never did get my refund on the purchase for 2.

I went to Binghamton ny last night "ponderosa" and sad to see the writing on the wall saying "this will be the next restaurant to close". The restaurant was sending people away saying no credit card machine working..are you kidding me!! Having worked for Visa there is always a back up procedure. Usually merchants will do this when they can't afford to pay their discount fee any longer. The food was old and dried out. Their summer buffet they call it had watermelon and uncut pieces of pineapple. The staff were standing around laughing loudly with the waitress flinging her hair about next to the buffet fixing her ponytail. Good bye ponderosa...too bad you have lack of management and pride.

Harborcreek Closing...

Can anyone tell me why Ponderosa in Harborcreek closed with out notice to it's employees ? Some of them worked there for a large number of years and deserved more then a 1 hour notice ! First shift staff was a great group of people and like family . Even the bosses are heart broken due to the closing. It has been since March 22 ,2013 and NOTHING has gone in there . Why the abrupt closing ? They were making money ! The regular customers are dumb founded too .

I went to ponderosa steakhouse in syracuse n.y. for a celebration dinner for my family. I was very disappointed with the food /service at this restaurant. IMy son wanted mac and cheese and pizza we kept going up to the buffet for these items and there was none of either just a empty container. fifteen minutes passed before more was put out. there were plenty of crackers out but no soup of any kind out. taco meat container empty except for a few dried up pieces of meat only two taco shells out and they were broken. The dessert sectiion was a mess broken cake pieces all over the counter. not a good selection of desserts. I usually always go to this restuarant but I dont know if there was a problem the night i went 6/4/13 at 540 to 630pm, but i paid 60.oo to eat here with my family i am not rich and we were all disappointed. I dont think i will risk paying 60.00 for a bad experience again..


I went to New Hartford Ny today and it wasn't worth two dollars let alone the eighteen I paid for two people... Everything was either low or out and no one seemed to care... It was so hot in there I couldn't wait to leave! Won't ever go back!!!

Dont give rats as-s.

Forget telling these butt holes about your dining experiences, no one gets back with you, and all you get is a recorded message to speak too.Trust me, corp. doesnt give a rats as-s, because i've called 7 times,, No one ever called me back.

Restaurant experience

On 4/29/13 I came into ponderosa in new Hartford I wanted to say that my past experience wasn't the best but I went into the restaurant recently and must say it was a lot better. The food was food good and hot also the buffet was also clean which I was very pleased with.I also wanted to compliment the waitress that I had because she showed me very good customer service that I was pleased with. I will be back again hoping to get the same experience I received this time

orlando ponderosa

Horrible. All food orders were messed up and we were told to sort it all out on our own. Shrimp was extremely rare and no one seemed to care after we complained. Didn't even offer to take anything off the bill. The waitress basically said it wasn't her fault. Steak was extremely overcooked and not much on the buffet line. Unfortunately we only left $3 for Nancy, our server on an $80 bill because of poor food quality and lack of respect for people ls money. Now we know why Sizzler is dominating the "budget" steakhouse market. Good luck staying in business. Doesn't even rate half a star. Expect a call corporate and a surprise health inspection of your facilities.

Sad to see closing

Sad to see Ponderosa close in Harborcreek, Pa. The food was always good, prices reasonable and the management and employees were like family. What a shock

I am very disappointed

Unfortunately I was shocked by my first visite for restaurant Bandaruza ((Amman,Jordan ).it's my favorite restaurants since I was a resident of one of the Gulf countries .. site restaurant is good,Restaurant Cleanliness is very good, but the food,Terrible food I am very disappointed.

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