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I love Pier1's website, but am shocked to find out they let you put things in a "basket" but there is nowhere to check out. I understand they used to do online shopping, but no longer! I am eagerly trying to get several pieces of their dinnerware sets and want to hear from any Pier1 store who would be willing to ship overseas. Pleaae contact me on snowsurfa@yahoo.com.

Had an experience with two associates (Vera & Becky) at your Chicago Ridge Il store I would like to share. I was purchasing dinnerware for my future Daughter-in-Law, I went in the store a week ago with her and she saw this dinnerware she absolutely fell in love with. My husband and I went there today to purchase it and I have to tell someone what great associates they are. I have never seen two people that were so attentive to my needs. They went the EXTRA mile checking other stores that had the items they were out of stock on. I enjoyed my shopping experience and you have a loyal customer.

I recently moved to FL from PA. Through the years, I have probably spent $10,000 there. I went to the Pier I down here in FL. I changed my address having had a charge account. The moron at the front desk never changed the address. Consequently my bill (I had made some purchases) went to my old address and since it was over 6 months, it was never forwarded here. I never received any bill. All of a sudden, months later I received a statement from a collection agency. How could I have paid for something I never received a bill for? This will effect my almost perfect credit. My saving grace is that my husband is an attorney, and if my credit is in any way altered because of this incident, we are prepared to sue. Your company has gone directly into the toilet. Do not stop...do not pass go...do not collect $200.00. My spouse is working on it now - it may wind up costing you more than you bargained for. Look for my ripped up charge card after 25 years in the mail.

I was in Pier 1 Imports store #0829 2111 West Brandon Blvd. Brandon, FL today looking for something nice for a loved one. I was not greeted or acknowledged, but instead followed around (even though I was in the front of the store). After carefully watching the manager to make sure I wasn't overexaggerating, I decided to leave. It was then that the other young lady acknowledged me and asked if I'd found everthing! Not only am I taken aback, I am disappointed. I thought more highly of your company.

Please forward this letter to: The Office of Buying and Purchaseing: Pier One Import Stores will become a multi-million dollar Corp Account buying and distrubuting Fuller Brush/Stanley products to all Pier One Import Stores worldwide. All orders cash up front delivery. Signed: Randall Taylor 344 Grand Ave So San Francisco Ca 94080. Please email any comments to:randallgtaylor@yahoo.com. Pier one import Stores is one of the worlds greatest retail company establishments and am looking forward to a successful business relationship. Sincerly: Randall Taylor

Hedwig village, tx I went today to go shopping for my sister, I generrally like the store and everyone there, but sometimes they do get aggresive with the whole "can I help you?" Thing. But today while I was shopping I noticed there was a girl working who looks as if she's passing out! It was funny kind of but then I over heard some employee scolding another. Must of been a boss but It was very rude language and definitly not what you would expect shopping. I don't even think they remember I was standing there! Anyway, I like the store and will still shop there, it seems like they have changed there recently though. I like seeing the same friendliness, I don't know. Maybe it was the language and profanity... It seems to be tense. Anyway, just had it on my mindi

I am writing to express my great disappointment in the company and the customer service I received after MANY loyal years and MANY thousands of dollars spent with your company. After receiving a letter notifying me of an interest rate increase on my Platinum rewards card, I called to request that the rate remain the same and was treated as a common criminal! My account has been closed and I will NEVER shop a Pier 1 again! If you pull my customer file, you will see how much business you are really losing. Every holiday, house renovation and special occasion, I have utilized your products and timely paid for. It frustrates me to no end that a company can decide on a whim to disrespect a loyal customer in this economy when your products are the first luxuries to go! There are other companies that carry same products, at better prices I might add, that will now receive my business. Your agent actually had the gall to tell me that I would lose all my reward points if I close my account, which I reply to you now, my reward for being a loyal customer is to be treated like crap! I've never felt so violated and disrespected by a company in my life! There was no attempt to keep me as a customer, I was only told that there was nothing that could be done. I don't believe that for a second! The agent did not want to take the time or even care to work with me to keep my continued patronage. All I asked for was to keep the interest rate the same - THAT'S ALL!!! I do plan to send a copy of this letter to every address I can find for the company until someone cares enough to respond. I do not have much hope of that at this point.

We are one of the professional Chinese ceramic exporting enterprises with own manufacturing. Price is very reasonable. Ceramics items, house ware, dinnerware are our main products. If you are interested in our products, do thank for your taking time to browse our website: www.veraceram.cn aster Day is coming soon, may you all Happy Easter.God bless you all.

I just want to take time and mention that I really love Pier 1. The experience at the stores that I have shoped has been been great. You have so many wonderful items. I really wish that we had a store near our area. The closest store is in Mcallen Texas and it is a 45 minute drive. There was one in Harlingen, Texas; but for some reason it closed down. Is there any plans of of opening a store in this city again? It would really be nice if you did. Can you email me at TipofTex77@aol and let me know. Thank you, J.J.S.

I absolutely love the concept of your business/stores. I truly enjoy the shopping experience when I am in any of your stores,the atmoshpere,merchandise offered,customer service all blend so beautifully together for me. I have just purchased my outdoor furnishings from your Long Beach , NY location. while I was shopping in there it dawned on me. I have a wonderful new gardening product that can be a great match for your targeted market. It is a multi-functional gardening tool holder.It is very unique,useful and elegantly designed.I am in the process of seeking a licensing agreement and I felt that it may benefit your company ,as well as myself to present my product to you ,first. IF you may be interested in viewing my 3d prototype ,please contact me. I look forward to speaking with you. Regards, Natalie S. Isleofnatalie@hotmail.com Natalie Santos 917-903-6347

I am an employee at pier 1 and I agree they are very racist something must be done

I just wanted to take a moment to make you aware that the store manager "Jason" in the Long Beach NY store needs a serious attitude adjustment. I have been a customer of pier 1 for many many years...many vistors to my home often say it is so beautiful, and so "Pier 1". I recently went to pick up some candels & air fresheners....when I open 2 of the candels, I realized the scent was way too strong. I went back to exchange them for unscented and Jason said he could not take them back because the packageing had been opened. They were not used, and I explained my reason for the return....he said "with an attitude " "I can't re-sell them". I suggested a discount on my new purchase & he said he could not do that either and walked away. Needless to say I did not make a new purchase and will not be shopping at Pier 1 anymore....what a shame over 2 candels....what happened to "customer service"??? Hello Crate & Barrell & Pottery Barn!

Your customer service is not very appropriate. It is never correct to address anyone as"sweetie" or "honey". But it is particularly insulting, as I am 65, and the sales person was a 20 something female. Perhaps a letter from Corp HR to all the stores should address this problem, as it is patronizing and you lost a sale. I was going to buy a couple of stackable chairs but left with hand soap. Also a male calling any female "young lady" is equally insulting. Give me a break! Barb McFarland

Please foward this email to: Worldheadquarters Pier One Import Stores: Please send me information/applications on how you do business with other companies. I would like to become a supplier/vendor. I am a dealer with the Fuller Brush Co of Great Bend Kansas. I would like to establish a corporate account, distrubuting Fuller Brush products to all Pier One Import Stores Worldwide. Thank You I can emailed at randallgtaylor@yahoo.com with any comments.

I purchased the "Sanctuary" dishes from the Wilmington,NC Pier One store located on Oleander Dr. approx. 1 1/2 years ago. I was happy that I finally had my first set of brand-new dishes. Well, much to my disappointment most of my dishes look like they are 50 yrs. old now, with black scratches from silverware. Even the cereal bowls look awful from eating with a spoon..... made in China! I was so under the impression that Pier One carried top quality items. I will never buy dishes or glasses from your store again! You can get the same quality at Walmart.

I was victim of racism on febuary 06 2011.. i went in to a pier one store in cypress texas 25837 spring cypress upon entering the store i was apporeched by the store manager asking if she could help me i stated to her i was fine i found a item tht i liked befor i could look at the item for 4 seconds the manager quikly ran over to me to get it out of my hand and said she would hold it for me i continued to walk through the store and another employee ask if they could help me by now im like geesh so when i was ready to purchase my total was 55.00 i handed the manger 100.00 she sd she didnt have change did i have anythign smallier i stated no and showed her 300 dollar bills and sd thts all i have .. she sd sorry no change i sd ok i will pay with a check she said oh no wait let me see if i have change i looked so confused .. then she stated well if you pay for it with a check you cant return or get a refund i stted mam if i buy somthing i wouldnt return it so she then ask me for a id handed her my license and a bank card she stated she needed somthng eles i pulled out my social and another bank card she stated that wasnt good enough so i told her i felt she was being racist she just had a silly look on her face when i askd for the number to corporate she refused to give me the number and sd it was on a auto speed dial then when i asked her for her name she refused i have called coporate and noone has called me back ....with the economy being the way it is i think people like this should e fired when its causing the store to loose money ..

Not all Pier One store customer service is the same. There are 3 stores near where I live. Two of them offer really good customer service. The other one is just average. The one I shop at the most, has the best people working there. Honestly, there is not an unpleasant one in the bunch and they always seem to be having a good time and make you feel really special, giving you lots of their time and if you shop there often, they know you and remember what you last purchased to follow-up on. They seem to bend over backwards to assist you in any way they can. It would be nice to be able to expect the same service at any Pier One. Hopefully corporate will see this comment and investigate. Perhaps as 'regular' secret shoppers in their various stores.

Store 0308 (Phoenix, Arizona) Transaction 3479 Associate #038 (Sandi) This is the second time in this store that I have encountered untrained staff who are unable to process a return and managers either outside smoking or on personal cell phone calls. Have you ever tried to return something in one of your stores? You have to give the blood of your first born child. Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, fill out a form, sign the form. You haven't even updated your computer systems so that the associate can scan the register receipt and then scan the items and be done with it! This discourages people from buy (or at least it discourages me). Have you looked at the Nordstrom or Costco models? Have you seen the number of people flooded into those stores? Did you ever ask yourself why? BECAUSE RETURNS ARE NEVER, EVER A PROBLEM! Pier One Corporate - WAKE UP!

I am a frequent shopper at the Pier 1 near my home. I believe the store number is 554. I am so tired of the insistance by the eemployees there that I give them my phone number and E-mail address. I have also seen quite of few new faces, some of which seem to have changed to atmosphere of the store. The manager with whom I checked out with was very rude. I will go into the store less frequently because of the pressure to buy and give out personnal information

Store 20610 Stevens Creek Blvd 408-253-4512 I purchased a dress drawers. I have the receipt in my possession. The regional manager told me their books are balanced. No one in the store told me I had to pick up the item in 3 months. I did not receive a letter in the mail. My Dad died and I did not pick up the furniture on time. Since my receipt does not have my name on it and the store books do not have my name with the purchased item anymore. I lost the furniture and lost my money. No refund. Make sure you understand the store polcies to pick up furniture. If you do not pick it up in the given time you will not get a refund. This store took my money and has terrible service. I will never go to this store every again. They do not care about thier customers. They are dishonest and still have my money and the furniture. They they sold it to someone else. Transaction #7894 Store #0374 2295551 SPRNGPAR LINGER

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