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That guy that played @ giant game last night. Sign him up 4 the Super Bowl

R. Godell

Why is Godell still in his job. Making the money he makes he is not allowed to make mistakes. He is a good ole boy and as long as the players do well in their job, then to hell with how they treat their girlfriends and wives. Shame on the NFL

England game

Let's have the best of the best play over seas!!! C'mon man!! Start the season opening there! You want to open up the market, what better way to do that. maybe not a repeat Super Bowl, but the two team that lost before the super bowl. #duh

personal conduct policy

commisioner roger goddell got the new suspension policy wrong 1st offense should be a 12 game suspenion with no pay 2nd offense should be a lifetime ban with no appeal for reinstatement after any amount of time.you are too soft on your approach of handling issues such as domestic abuse and drug infractions a failded drug test should be 8 game suspension for 1st offense not 4 games 2nd offense should be a lifetime ban with no chance of reinstatement.

Half time shows

I never cared for this half time, the songs just didn’t bring that spark of entertainment. This was just driven for the kids. Each year, these halftime shows get worse. The only song that I even cared to listen to was the 30 second last song. The rest was garbage. Who decides on the songs that are going to be played? This game should have been played in Miami, California, or any of the better weather areas. Those commercials are just as stupid as the regular ones on TV. This appears like a great fumble on the NFL.

Date change for Superbowl

Shame on the NFL .....football has always been a sport that has been played no matter what the weather is (- lightning). The Detroit game played in a blizzard that's what football is all about....why just not make it a summer sport, players can then wear shorts, t-shirts. Cmon folks it is the elements that draw the crowds.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has successfully overshadowed the entire play of Pete Carroll's team with his obviously undereducated remarks after the SF game on Sunday. It truly puzzles me how a Stanford Graduate could have slipped through the cracks and advanced to a media event without being wrangled by one of his betters or at least one of his peers. It seems only obvious that this dirty little thug truly has no class at all, and is obviously overpaid. Surely the Seattle Seahawks could find some one else to represent. As a team representative they should be ashamed and check this individual at the door! No Class!

Sherman is disgusting

Sherman will be enshrined in the HALL OF SHAME, if he isn't there already. He has an NFL ALL-PRO body, but the mind of a child, and probably an IQ far below most children, and the mind was on full display Sunday "after" the game. I don't think ESPN or CBS Sports will be seeking him out for future interviews, pre-game or post-game.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is a disgrace to the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks organization. (NFC Championship) Poorest display of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed watching an NFL football game. What a black eye for the NFL! This young man is nothing but a thug collecting a big paycheck!

Officiating NFL Games

I would like to see Accountability of Bill Leamy & his crew for the lack of Officiating on Sundays...Dec. 29, 2013's game. An apology doesn't cut it! They call it "Illegal Formation" for a reason. You hold the players accountable for their actions...it is time for the Officials to be held accountable. A fine/suspension for a few games...SOMETHING!!! We are talking about Professional Football here... Let's Keep it Professional.

Helmet to helmet

How can a ref tell a players forward motion stopped on the one foot line but can't see a helmet to helmet hit in the middle of the field that breaks a players jaw??? I thought you were all about player safety yet that happens. Talk about defenseless players! Of course Steelers have been doing it for years. E.G. Carson Palmer, Keith Rivers, etc. I guess the Steelers were grand fathered in on dirty play rules! Pathetic!!!


Is the NFL ever going to do anything about the referees this year. There multiple referee teams that are doing a terrible job and the NFL does nothing about it.

Daniel defense

Since the NFL as deemed the Daniel Defense add unacceptable rest assured I will no longer support, or watch any NFL game. As a veteran and supported of the 2nd amendment I find the NFL position disgracefull


This is political regime now. Now I see why Tebow was put out, he acknowledged God and the NFL, whom I always thought stood for American values, is standing up for evil.


This is political regime now. Now I see why Tebow was put out, he acknowledged God and the NFL, whom I always thought stood for American values, is standing up for evil.


DANIEL DEFENSE, the most American commercial I have ever seen and the evil has now corrupt the NFL so they will not show it. This is a political machine now, un-American. Greed, money, that is what it is all about. This is no better than a union taking the money of the people they support to spread their political agenda

Daniel Defense Commercial

The NFL has denied Daniel Defense to sumit their commercial during the upcoming superbowl. However, they will allow alcohol, secual inuendo, violence and other inferred commentary. This is a matter of 2nd amendment rights. They should allow the Daniel Defense commerical which is very well done and expresses a right that we as americans have. Lets not let the NFL be one of many that are eroding this right.

Superbowl ad

The NFL has recently denied a superbowl ad that advocates personal defense of home and family. It is a tasteful commercial done by Daniel Defense. The NFL has said it does not comply with their advertisement rules. Even when Daniel Defense offered to change the logo at the end the commercial was denied. This is their choice. I only hope they do not show some type of anti gun commercial in its place. That would be hypocritical.

Buffalo in Toronto

Which one of you egotistical corporate morons decided to let Buffalo play in Toronto? Really? Support the local businesses! Not to mention losing home field advantage... Bills play outside. Not in a DOME!!!!


Does the NFL get that people are tired of their leftist viewpoint? Now you are against our second amendment rights. It is getting so I cannot stand to view your games anymore with the likes of Bob Costas and now you are refusing to run ads for legitimate companies that sell guns when the guns are not even shown in the commercial. Still, at the Super Bowl we see questionable entertainment that many see as immoral.

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