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NFL HQ should move to Kansas City.


Lance Armstrong lost his title for cheating. strip there title......

Patriots inflated ball scandal

They should give the Championship to the Seahawks, forget playing the Super Bowl & fine the crap put, and suspend The Pats, for 2 seasons! And fire Goodell cause he don't know his rear from a hole in the ground!! The refs cheat, move them around, make it mandatory...Football is not football

Super Bowl Halftime Show

How about American rapper B.o.B for Super Bowl 50!

refs paid off

When is somebody going to investigate payoffs to refs to reverse calls. They screwed Detroit royally and now they are doing it to new England. I'm not even a lions fans but no team deserves that.

NFl stand on violence

Anyone else astonished to see a commercial shown during the Dallas-Green Bay game that combines scenes of a wedding mixed with the sight of a military sniper about to kill someone? For an industry that has tried so sanctimoniously to portray itself as family oriented, and violence intolerating, the truth is that advertizing dollars apparently trumps the rhetoric.

Catch, no catch?

Just like Don King destroyed the sport of boxing, the NFL refs are destroying the sport of football.

Dez Bryant catch

Your refs have made some awful calls this year and we urge you to remove the ruling that made this an incomplete pass. 3 steps in bound is clearly a possession made by the receiver. Correct this for next year PLEASE!!!

The NFL has hit a new low with the reversed call. I had no interest in the game except to watch a good game. After that call against the Lions I can't be bothered to watch another corrupt NFL game.


I think there should be a check on the officials in the NFL to see If they are betting on the games. Cause must of the calls were ridiculous this year. Instead of there being reviews on the field, there should be reviews on the crooked officials. They need to go back to school.

extremely poor refereeing

The pass interference call last night should never have been reversed. It reeked of Partiality on the part of Dallas, pretty much to the point that every time Dallas got into some trouble and needed help they got it from the referees. Unless the NFL does something about this, I'm Done with the NFL. You have lost a Fan.

Upset fan

All the ref's should retire or get glasses:)

Detroit/ Dallas game

Worst call ever in a game. Picking up that flag is ridiculous. It is getting old when a ref can decide a game.

Star spangle banner

That guy that played @ giant game last night. Sign him up 4 the Super Bowl

R. Godell

Why is Godell still in his job. Making the money he makes he is not allowed to make mistakes. He is a good ole boy and as long as the players do well in their job, then to hell with how they treat their girlfriends and wives. Shame on the NFL

England game

Let's have the best of the best play over seas!!! C'mon man!! Start the season opening there! You want to open up the market, what better way to do that. maybe not a repeat Super Bowl, but the two team that lost before the super bowl. #duh

personal conduct policy

commisioner roger goddell got the new suspension policy wrong 1st offense should be a 12 game suspenion with no pay 2nd offense should be a lifetime ban with no appeal for reinstatement after any amount of time.you are too soft on your approach of handling issues such as domestic abuse and drug infractions a failded drug test should be 8 game suspension for 1st offense not 4 games 2nd offense should be a lifetime ban with no chance of reinstatement.

Half time shows

I never cared for this half time, the songs just didn’t bring that spark of entertainment. This was just driven for the kids. Each year, these halftime shows get worse. The only song that I even cared to listen to was the 30 second last song. The rest was garbage. Who decides on the songs that are going to be played? This game should have been played in Miami, California, or any of the better weather areas. Those commercials are just as stupid as the regular ones on TV. This appears like a great fumble on the NFL.

Date change for Superbowl

Shame on the NFL .....football has always been a sport that has been played no matter what the weather is (- lightning). The Detroit game played in a blizzard that's what football is all about....why just not make it a summer sport, players can then wear shorts, t-shirts. Cmon folks it is the elements that draw the crowds.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has successfully overshadowed the entire play of Pete Carroll's team with his obviously undereducated remarks after the SF game on Sunday. It truly puzzles me how a Stanford Graduate could have slipped through the cracks and advanced to a media event without being wrangled by one of his betters or at least one of his peers. It seems only obvious that this dirty little thug truly has no class at all, and is obviously overpaid. Surely the Seattle Seahawks could find some one else to represent. As a team representative they should be ashamed and check this individual at the door! No Class!

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