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ny jets vs ne pats

this game was fixed,knew the winner when it started.ne nothing to lose by giving up the game. keeps people in ny coming to the jets games.

A Modified Bye-Week Proposal

While the NFL seeks to establish another night in the week for games, Thursday-night football causes problems for the team, primarily stemming from the short week of preparation that it forces. The shortened preparation time probably has an impact on the quality of the Thursday match itself. The following suggestion addresses some of the problems—that is, to alter the bye week to accommodate Thursday play. The suggestion is to eliminate the current bye-week scheduling for a different one in which the 14 days off is replaced with 11 days off between the Thursday game and 10 days after. Over a four-Sunday period the teams play the same number of games with the current-bye method and a revised one. For example, suppose the first day of October is a Sunday, then the games would occur as follows: Current Bye System Modified Bye System Sunday, October 1 Game Game Sunday, October 8 Bye Modified Bye Thursday, October 12 n/a Game (Thursday) Sunday, October 15 Game Modified Bye Sunday, October 22 Game Game The Modified Bye could be done on a voluntary basis by teams. That is, the current bye system and a modified system could be

extra point idea

My idea: Allow the coaches to choose if they go for 1 or 2 by kick or run/pass. If they choose to kick they get 1 for a 35 yard field goal and 2 for a 50 yard field. If they choose to run/pass, they get 1 point for scoring from the 1 yard line and 2 points for scoring from the 3 yard line.


This year's half time show was one of the best I've seen - done very tastefully and could be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Katy Perry was fabulous.


Goddell. Is this what has become of the NFL? I look forward to reading about the fines/suspensions for the disgusting TD celebration, gold sole cleats, fighting after the play, etc. at the Super Bowl.

1st downs

Since they can put chips to verify a ball in a certain game, why can't they use chip to verify first down and line of scrimmage


NFL HQ should move to Kansas City.


Lance Armstrong lost his title for cheating. strip there title......

Patriots inflated ball scandal

They should give the Championship to the Seahawks, forget playing the Super Bowl & fine the crap put, and suspend The Pats, for 2 seasons! And fire Goodell cause he don't know his rear from a hole in the ground!! The refs cheat, move them around, make it mandatory...Football is not football

Super Bowl Halftime Show

How about American rapper B.o.B for Super Bowl 50!

refs paid off

When is somebody going to investigate payoffs to refs to reverse calls. They screwed Detroit royally and now they are doing it to new England. I'm not even a lions fans but no team deserves that.

NFl stand on violence

Anyone else astonished to see a commercial shown during the Dallas-Green Bay game that combines scenes of a wedding mixed with the sight of a military sniper about to kill someone? For an industry that has tried so sanctimoniously to portray itself as family oriented, and violence intolerating, the truth is that advertizing dollars apparently trumps the rhetoric.

Catch, no catch?

Just like Don King destroyed the sport of boxing, the NFL refs are destroying the sport of football.

Dez Bryant catch

Your refs have made some awful calls this year and we urge you to remove the ruling that made this an incomplete pass. 3 steps in bound is clearly a possession made by the receiver. Correct this for next year PLEASE!!!

The NFL has hit a new low with the reversed call. I had no interest in the game except to watch a good game. After that call against the Lions I can't be bothered to watch another corrupt NFL game.


I think there should be a check on the officials in the NFL to see If they are betting on the games. Cause must of the calls were ridiculous this year. Instead of there being reviews on the field, there should be reviews on the crooked officials. They need to go back to school.

extremely poor refereeing

The pass interference call last night should never have been reversed. It reeked of Partiality on the part of Dallas, pretty much to the point that every time Dallas got into some trouble and needed help they got it from the referees. Unless the NFL does something about this, I'm Done with the NFL. You have lost a Fan.

Upset fan

All the ref's should retire or get glasses:)

Detroit/ Dallas game

Worst call ever in a game. Picking up that flag is ridiculous. It is getting old when a ref can decide a game.

Star spangle banner

That guy that played @ giant game last night. Sign him up 4 the Super Bowl

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