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I have a question

So recently I recieved an email from Microsoft saying I won 500,000 dollars I replied but now they want 400 dollars to ship the check to me seems more and more like a scam any thoughts

This Company acts like a boss.

Keep being a boss microsoft.

Surface Tablet 2

I really need to get a hold of corporate. I am having a very upsetting time with a product that I purchased and im am sooooo unsatisfied with this.

Poor customer service

For over 3 weeks and over 10 hours spent on the phone, I have had no help getting a replacement for my surface 2 keyboard that is defective and I only bought it in March 2014. When you call customer service no one can do anything, they just tell you it will be "escalated" to a higher department. This after I had to supply them with my invoice information for a product I purchased off their own website! I've tried calling corporate and can not get past the operator without having a specific name of someone to request. Totally disappointed with the lack of help.

Locked Account

I am very upset.Because Microsoft has locked my acct. ever since Aug. of this yr.I've have called dell.to no avail Dozens of times,I have called Microsoft they say to go to accountlive.com I have I have been on the phone with these people for hrs, and I am not kidding you. Today I get on the phone one more time this lady had me on the phone for one complete hr. than she like so many others left me hanging ahe hangs up on me. I need help my Tablet is of no use if I cannot log into the administrators acct. Help .

This is a huge scam and virus

Don't even call! My tech got into my computer and put viruses on it! Can't use it now. Hacked into my windows phone and windows computer! Frozen and compromised! I called the Sheriff dept. So I would be protected if my credit cards or bank account gets hacked.


Attempted to get assistance, tech put virus on computer unable to access IE on my computer


What a scam!! Buy office 2013 key from the store, download it and your computer crashes......you cannot reload it because it was already used. They want you to purchase a replacement key for $99! Download OpenOffice.org. It is free and you do not have to replace your key everytime you get a new computer.


what a scam.....cannot get competent help that speaks English nor can get a response from corporate office and who makes the big bucks and could care less. no choices in programs and someone paid to have Microsoft installed in hp computers but cannot get help from either company. guess they are taking their checks to the bank----laughing all the way


why are you trying to do? every time you come out with a great program, you think you can make a better one. I hate windows 8. I had to make a short cut to get to the control panel. I had to redo my internet connection. I do not like looking at a bunch of squares to find what I need. you added programs I have no use for. I feel you people only care about is the al mighty dollar. I will not up grade to your so called better system.


having major problems sending emails thru outlook and hotmail host not found , error code 0x800CCC0D, please fix this issue

awful service

Bad Bad Bad company and customer service

I have spent the last two hours trying to get through the jungle of diversions and roadblocks that Microsoft throws up to divert attention to a potential Microsoft problem by using third party contractors that want to be paid. While Microsoft has a good product, the customer relations part of the business needs a housecleaning. Unfortunately, some scam artists are taking advantage of the roadblocks and are capitalizing on unsuspecting customers.

Could I be more frustrated over anything? I don't think so!! What is it with the dancing cursor? I can't type anything without having to chase the cursor all over the screen. And this cursor is also rather fickle; it likes to switch me into other windows. Mozilla, you've got me back! Goodbye Windows!!


Tried to purchase in bulk for educational use and these agents weren't able to process my order in a timely fashion. Over the course of 6 days I was transferred to 10 different agents and the order wasn't able to be confirmed. This is the worst ever. The supervisors was no help.

windows 8 and 8.1

I thought windows 8 was bad until I "upgraded" to 8.1. I am an Attorney and now I am completely locked out of the Federal and State electronic systems. Time to go to Apple

Windows 8.0 / 8.1 is an awful OS

Windows 8.0 / 8.1 is a travesty. The operating system truely sucks. Microsoft should be ashamed of itself for launching such a totally inferior product. I'm surprsied there hasn't been a class action law suit against them.

Customer Service

I didn't realize customer service can be this terrible, especially from a well established and successful corporation. I have been dealing with returning a defective product for over a month now. No follow up when promised an update. The customer service reps seems like robots....too scripted. It's been a big waste of my time. So frustrating.

MSN your ads are really getting over the top!!!!!!! I wish I could find a way to turn them off !!!!!!!!!

Negative10 stars

This company should get negative stars. Support and customer service are awful. It takes hours and hours of communicating by computer and nothing gets resolved. I attempted to call the corporate office in a desperate attempt to speak with a live person, and the receptionist was beyond rude. My best advice..... Run the other way.

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