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Im sorry to hear about all of the bad experiences with Meineke. I am a frequent customer at the Meineke in Gilbert Arizona (Burk and Baseline) and i have rec'd nothing less then great customer service. They are always timely with my service and very friendly. I called them this morning for an impromptu diagnostic service and they gladly welcomed me in. The owner kent even gave me a ride back to work in his personal vehicle while they checked my vehicle. Best part is, they didnt even charge me a dime for the work done. Now thats great customer service!!! I certainly believe in giving any and all deserving parties a pat on the back for a job well done and these guys most certainly deserve one. Alex and Kent, you guys are awesome!!! Sincerely customer for life

I have had the worse experience ever with Meineke in San Antonio TX. I am in Texas because I have to report to my 8 weeks active duty in the Army. My car would not turn over a week after driving from CT to TX. AAA towed the car to Meineke at 6011 Dezavala Rd in San Antonio. The car came back with issues it did not have when it arrived. It has been brought back twice and now I am on base so can not bring the car in. I was charged for a fuel filter, the car does NOT have a fuel filter. I was made to pay BEFORE and with CASH to have the work done. I was told I was being given a break and was NOT being charged tax. My father checked prices back home and I was charged triple ($1,000) the cost to do the job. Meineke's customer relations was less than helpful. I have faxed the President of Meineke all papers showing quotes, misinformation and comparisions from a Chevy dealer. I have faxed everything to the Texas Atty Generals Consumer Affairs and BBB. I will NEVER recommend Meineke to anyone in or out of the service. I have a life time warrantee on the parts, but each visit makes another new part of my car have an issue. I should never have been told I had to pay BEFORE the work was done. This company is a disgrace. THe owner of this branch also owns another branch in Texas, beware. I will now on go to the Chevy dealership, and to think I thought Meineke was a reputable place. WRONG!

On May 16th 2012 I brought my 95 Honda Civic to Meineke in Palm Bay, Fl. to Resurface Front Brake Rotors & to do a Slide Service. They charged me $75.00 but also mentioned that they dont like doing other peoples jobs, & were quiete nasty about it. When I left the shop I noticed that the Brakes were still making noise so a couple days later I brought it back & they re-surfaced the Rotors & Resurfaced the Brake Drums but had an attitude about it, but they didnt charge me an extra fee so I was happy that after I paid them $75 & my regular mechanic almost $300 my Brakes are now working well. On June 25th 2012 I brought my car in again which was a huge mistake because of a loud noise coming from my Airconditioning that I just had fixed from my Mechanic. The same attitude continues with the Mgr. & staff talking nasty to me in front of other customers. Finally a mechanic took it for a test drive & came back to say The Blower Motor was making the noise. So, I made an Appointment to come back the next day which was June 28th & signed a paper stating I was giving them permission to work on the Blower Motor. So, the mechanic took it on a 5 min. test drive. He came back & I came out to see what was going on. He didnt take out the Blower Motor like I signed for but told me the Problem is The Expansion Valve. So, then the mechanic said Ok. your good to go. Which meant to me that he just diagnosed the problem & I was free to leave.. The Paper I signed was for 1/2 hr. $45 cost for working on the Blower Motor, but the mechanic didnt take the Blower motor out to look at it. He just said it wasnt the Blower motor but the Expansion Valve. I then left & came home later in the day only to find a Card stuck to my door from the Palm Bay Police Dept. Saying I need to call Meineke about my car. I did try to call but they were gone for the day. I tried calling the Police Officer & he was also gone for the weekend but another officer told me that the Dustin the Mgr. I was working with at the Palm Bay Meineke store reported that I left the shop without paying the $45+ Tax= $51 Labor charge, but all the mechanic did was take it for a test drive & turn off the Blower for a second & thats when he said its not the Blower but my Expansion Valve & was Free to Go.. I would never just drive off from a shop thinking I owed them money. It seemed very clear that I didnt owe them money because #1 the mechanic didnt take the Blower Motor out & He basically did a "Free" Airconditioning Check.. That Meineke told me they do for "Free" I feel that all these guys at meineke in Palm Bay, Fl. were all very Disrespectful to me but turned it around to make me the person who was Disrespectful to them. I will never deal with another Meineke Shop ever again.. This has been an Absolute Nightmare!!! & I will be calling the Meineke Corporate Office on Mon. to Settle this problem. Meineke in this country is giving themselves a bad name & needs to learn about Good Customer Service & not trying to take advantage of people, especially women...

Charlotte NC. 5200 South Blvd Stay away especially if you are a woman. they will try to rip you off. They will sell you service and then substitute inferior parts or not even replace the part you went in to get fixed. When their robot follow up on customer experience called and I have a low raing for a multitude of reason, only me knowing I had been ripped off, the manager called to ask me to come back n to try to fix problem. They replaced all the work they did on original visit and actually put on a muffler made to my car. You know when a manager needs to start completely over there is a serious problem. After leaving thought well this is better, but wait...I did not make it 3 miles home before my car broke down in the middle of road and had to be towed, now back to my regular mechanic...and another 300.00 charge to fix. They claim this is just a coincidence, but I don't know anyone that doesn't at least make it HOME from a car repair service. I know there was definite deception intended from the start by the first crew that worked on my car, since you can look at the parts used on the original bill and then the warrant bill for the fix I went back to my long term mechanic that referred me to this Meineke and told them the horror story of my experience. They told me they were shocked since they did the muffler work on their racing cars...so guess this shop is capable of doing decent work for their friends, just more proof to me they will try to rip you off if they think they have found a woman that won't recognized they have been scammed, and then don't think they will do anything about it if you Do know you were ripped off. The manager of this store was on vacation the first visit nd is the one that did follow up after complaint, but one questions why anyone would leave their shop to a pack of crooks in their absence. Don't go there

I have been reading the comments that have been left by former customers of this company and I am very disappointed in what I am reading! The reason I say this is because I am planning on putting in a Meineke store where I live, but since I have read this I am not sure. There is one thing, I would run this store a whole lot better than what I have been reading! I am not a mechanic myself, but I have one top notch mechanic that will be working there. After we get established, I will reveal where we are so don't judge all meineke stores by their cover. Thanks!!!

Hyannis Ma was worst experience ever. they charged me all kinds of money to have my leak stopped and 4 days later i go to bring it back and the whole shopps gutted out and shutdown. Now that they are closed i brought my girlfriends car to get fixed and turns out they destroyed her braking system. Thanks for nothing but headaches and insult to injury they don't call you back because they know chances are that someone messed up something else. Its a wonder if they screen the people they trust to work on your car. you figure at the labor rate you pay you wouldn't have these problems it robbery if you ask me!!! Save your car go somewhere else!!!

I recently spent over $1500 at the El Cajon,Ca to have my air conditioner fixed and a wheel alignment to fix the shaking my car did when going down hills, well the air does not work and the shakiness still exists. I took my car back to Meineke and was charged $147 to be told that my car needed braces,shocks, struts also the Air Conditioner filter is dirty ...he also said the car needs a tune up and oil change which he forgot he did a month and a half ago. He now wants $1489. I took the car home and was told he would take the $147. off the bill when I return to have the work done. Stay away from this guy, his name is Sasha. I would hate to see this happen to anyone else.anyone else

On June 8th, 2012, we went into the Meineke store on SW 44th in Oklahoma City. Once the Manager, Robert, was finished with his personal phone call he reluctantly asked us what we needed. We told him an Oil change. He said there was 2 cars in front of us and would be an hour. Even though the Car Bays were mostly empty we agreed to come back in an hour. Due to friday traffic we made it back to Meineke in 1 hr 15mins. We went into lobby, asked manager Robert if we could get our Oil change now. He said there were 5 or 6 cars in front of us and it would be at least 1 1/2 hrs until we could be helped. My wife reminded him that we had been in earlier and we came back as suggested. He began to get really loud verbally. Almost Hollering, he said that we had been over an hour and we didn't do what he had told us. Keep in mind the Lobby was full of other waiting customers. We left after giving the customer service oriented manager, a 1 finger goodbye. Great job Meineke. I will be sure to tell ALL of my friends and family! Thanks!

I had breaks done at the Arnold, MO location on the West outer road. The customer service was excellent. Charles Shelton the owner went out of his way to get us in asap for a break job. He also thanked us and was really hospitable. We had our breaks done and the car was finished within 1 hour. I came back to the shop, got my car, and paid.(He even gave me a new customer discount.) I drove the car for 2 days and it was making a loud, awful noise. I had my husband look at it and come to find out, they did not fully attach the rotars (sp)! He could flick them loose with his finger! My children and I could have been killed on the road with no breaks. I called and they had a tow truck come to our house to correct the repair. I asked for a refund, but Charlie said his shop doesn't do refunds, and that we could have our next break job on the house...I am not planning on coming back. I would however, like corporate to maybe reimburse us. Thank you. p.s. I am not usually a complaining person, but this experience does not set right with me. Nor does the fact that mine and my children's lives were at steak.

I took our car in to have an oil change this morning in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. When they weren't able to up sale me any additional services, the technician became less customer service friendly. My car was returned in 20 minutes. As I was driving home, I noticed that the oil change sticker usually placed over the driver windshield had not been changed. I immediately took the car back and ask why the sticker hadn't been changed. Well, THEY HADN'T CHANGED MY OIL. I basically paid for nothing! Had I not had the presence of mind to look at the sticker on my windshield they would have gotten my $24.95 and not delivered service. When I brought the matter to the attention of the manager, nothing was really done. He didn't comp my oil change or even offer any additional coupons for my next oil change for my inconvenience. I made it very clear that they would not be receiving my business any longer. In addition, I would be letting others know of my experience. If you choose to go, just make sure the work is done. I still have no REAL proof that my oil change was actually done..I probably should have asked to see the old and new oil filter.

I stopped in to meineke to have my vehicle maintenance done. I asked them to change transmission, transfer case, front and rear differential fluids, along with oil. They did not change my transfer case fluid, added a $10 tire rotation without my knowledge. And the worst part is they put dexron/mercon transmission fluid in my transmission that takes ATF+4 Now my lifetime warranty is void due to them putting in the wrong fluid. Furthermore Transfer case is out of warranty because they NEVER changed it. I asked for them to fix it now that my transmission is slipping, he gave me a bunch of b.s. and couldnt fix. The store manager Lon has been allowing this to happen for years. NEVER go here! I am very experienced in vehicle maintenance.. Do the research on what happens when they put in dexron/mercon in a transmission that takes atf+4. Now i am left with a irreversible problem. He first told me he was going to fab up some paperwork to make it LOOK o.k. (felony) Now I am going to do some finger pointing.UPDATE 6k miles later my transmission has brown fluid.AKA burnt fluid. atf+4 lasted 57k and was still red. They have not yet responded to my replies about my transmission yet Call for action is now on this. They wont even give me a case number for my files.

i took my car to Meineke in colorado springs colorado on platte ave they said my car needed a water pump they lied i took my car some where else and noting is wrong it took them 2 hours to do a oil change the price was $9.99 but then they said $15 but waiting 2 hours in there stinky building they waived the cost it was free but i dont think they changed the oil even and there very rude i hope people dont go there you will just get scamed it worth it to pay more to get good work done some where else bye ever one god bless

this has to be the worst shop ever...i dont even see how there in business something is really wrong here..BAD EXPEREINCE

I have taken my truck there and they didn't put the tire back on tightly it was about to fall off, and then i had seen them test drive a customers car very recklessly out of the parking lot almost hit another truck backing out of a parking space drive down the road and fly back into the parking lot back into the service bay. If the customer was there they would have been appalled i was, they have no care, this was on W. Washinton Street in Indianapolis, In. I would never recommend or take any vehicle i have there ever again.

Worst customer service ever! Smelt a weird smell after getting my oil changed. Popped the Hood and cap was off and oil was everywhere!!!! Went back, Guy "in charge " was very rude. After they were done they come to get me and ask for the mean and rude customer. Never going back agaaaain!

I wrote an e-mail to you which i bhave not see posted yet. that was a few days ago after almost year and four seperate "new compressors for a/c. and this that and the other to leaks that they caused, and all kinds of problems with the belts they charged me for and did not fix or replace, to much much later in this saga. they have after four days having my truck. sent a paper with it saying that the a/c compressor warranty wears out from the time initially purchased. this is such a travesty i am almost speechless. i have only gotten the fourth supposed noew on last month. can you do something about this?????

VERY VERY poor service the manager Christine is very nasty should no be a manager at all no customer service . New Carrollton Meineke is the worst. Took my in in for an oil change would not take coupon which clearly has there name and address printed on it. The so call manager stated that She is out to make money . Did not know the this business was hers only. Called to speak to her to get the Corporate Headquarters number she hung the telephone up on me. Very Rude!!!!

I took my truck in last June 2011 for belts, from that the a/c compressor needed replacing they said for 1600 dollars. i have been lied to, cheated on, till i am sick, and my truck is sitting at theier garage still not fixed i have had them suupposedly put in 4 different compressors. i have been back so many times in these 11 months and none of the problems they suupposedly fixed and i have paid for are fixed. Ever tiime I took it back in the caused another problem. After they just old me it still wasn't fixed (i had to call them, they never called me) after having it since Tuesday, it is now Friday evening, i lost it and told them to take it to a Nissan garage and get it fixed or iI was getting a lawyer. Never, ever, ever, will i recommend Meineke to anyon. I am also going to go to the BBB.

I was at the meineke shop in pensacola florida on4/30/2012 and heard the manager down talk the mechanic. HE ALSO TOLD THE MECHANIC TO ROTATE THE TIRES AND PUT SLICK TIRES IN A DANGEROUS POSITION, HE THEN WENT ON TO TALK EXTREMELY DIRTY TO THE MECHANIC. THE MANAGER has the foulest language I HAD EVER HEARD IN A PLACE OF BUSINESS. I will never go back to them again . I would rather pay more for my services.

Chesterfield Missouri Location I had a catalytic converter replaced at this location back in April of 2011. Around March 2012,it started to rattle and make all kinds of noises..My friend who works at a dodge dealership looked at it and confirmed it was the converter that was making all the noises.. I called the shop and told them i was bringing the Van in and told them that its the converter they replaced less than a year ago..I went to the shop and proceeded to tell the manager named DJ Mitchell what was going on with the van.I can tell from the get go that DJ wasnt too thrilled to handle a possible warranty repair.He started saying that there has to be something else wrong with my van because he sold 30 plus converters the previous year and none has came back defective.he said the engine must be running rich and dumping fuel on the converter,.from the way he talked, i was convinced he was trying to find excuses not to replace the part i believe is defective...i sat down for a second then came back up to the front desk just to talk to him a little bit more about the van....i could tell he wasnt in the mood to hear what i had to say.when i told him that my friend at the dealership looked at the van and didnt find anything mechanically wrong with the van(except the cnverter) He just snapped and said" I dont care what your mechanic friend told you!" "Do u want to pay for this repair out of pocket?or do u want us to fix it for free??"I suggest if u want it to be free ,to sit down and be quiet! I was shocked and could not believe the way this guy is talking down on me!.I said "jesus christ man, you dont have to be rude about this" He yelled back and told me not to cuss in front of customers.I said Jesus Christ is not a profanity and he threatened to kick me out of the store along with my van.HE told me to sit down and shut up..I was so upset i wanted to stab this jerkoff in the neck with a pen i had in my pocket,but since im not a violent person,i turned around and sat back down and bit my lip.I have never been so humiliated. Ive worked in retail,and was sure that if i treated a customer like this,i would have been fired on the spot...after they cant find anything wrong with van,they ended up replacing the converter..I highly recommend going somewhere else and avoid this meineke location..the manager is an arrogant douchebag..AVOID THIS LOCATION!!! well at least till the owner gets rid of this prick

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