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I believe that someone needs to step in and possible take the McDonalds at 4200 Chapman Rd, Orange Hills Ca away from its owner and bring in a whole new team. This place has gone down is not up the the standards that i think McDonalds is at. The owner is very rude and so is the managers. Believe me when I say that word of mouth will kill a company and they are killing the McDonalds name.

If it wasn't for kids McDonald would never survive!

The only thing mcdonalds is good for is employing complete idiots! Without McDonalds these completely incompetent morons would be bums on the street and on welfare! Oh take that back, most likely 99% are on welfare. It's a trillion dollar company due to kid's inability to know the difference between chemicals and food. The burgers can barely be broken down by the stomach, the "ice cream" is made of a million different chemicals, the apple slices resemble apples but taste like bug killer, and don't even get me started on the so called "chicken nuggets". Most disgusting things I've ever tried. The only tiny positive is that their fries taste good, even tho they probably don't even contain potatoes.


What is a meal when get half of a meal

When did McDonald's turn into a barrio?

I went to the McDonald's on Cicero in Chicago tonight and they had Mexican clown music blaring like it was a Quinceanera. There were these ghetto looking guys just sitting at the tables not eating. The employees had to talk louder to hear each other and still got my order wrong. I thought McDonald's is the All American Restaurant well its not now. All I can say is if I wanted to hear loud obnoxious music I would go to a Mexican restaurant to hear the mariachi. Its a sad day in America when you cater to illegals.

Apple slices

You need better quality control on the kids apple slices! I ordered the 6 piece might kids meal today and got 2 apple slices in pack and this is not the 1st time like this.

Poor Management Skills

Today July 11th at around 2:00pm I went to the Baraboo WI store. While I was there one of the managers addressed on of the employee's right in front of several customers. The manager raised their voice and showed that they do not have the skills to be a manager. This was done to two separate employee;s while I was there. Several customers just appeared to be shocked at what had happened. This needs to be taken care of or I will never step foot in a McDonalds again.

Predator manager

My 17 year old daughter was pursued by her 30 year old Supervisor and involved in a sexual relationship with him. This is the Mc Donald's at highway K And N . In O'fallon Mo . Parents BEWARE of Mc Donald's management. Rate this as a very Dangerous place for your children to work. This system made me give them one star to complete this review but they are a negative rating and disgusting employer.

Predator manager

My 17 year old daughter was pursued by her 30 year old Supervisor and involved in a sexual relationship with him. This is the Mc Donald's at highway K And N . In O'fallon Mo . Parents BEWARE of Mc Donald's management. I had to give this site a rating or they won't publish this. My Rating is a disgusting negative 100 % .

Your customers service in Memphis Tennessee is the worst customer service I have ever see. The main one I go to on Lamar and Airways their night crew members are have the worst customer service ever.

false advertisement and embarassingly rude

I went to Mcdonalds last week with a disabled woman I care for..we both went to get the dollar frappee..which i have a photo of the ad in the window and on the register. my friend order a caramel one and I a chocolate chip..the deal was 1.00 from july 17-20th..when I went to pay..the manager said the chocolate chip one is not a dollar..when i pointed to the sign..he rudely said loud no..its more than a dollar here for the chocolate chip. also 90 degree weather and no..a.c. on..the kids working there were covered in sweat..pittiful..lynn mcdonalds lynnway lynn mas and photo and spoke about the commercial..all flavors were included..he said No..and wouldnt give it to me for the dollar


your renton stores have a major problem with their total operation. it has been bad for quite awhile and getting worse everyday. read the reviews.


, in Chicago the rock n roll macdonalds does not offer the advertised prices ie sweet tea $1.50 ice creme cone $1.00 not .49 this one rips off the tourists and is usually not full of eaters. I live here and when I said I was going down the street to the State/Chicago store the manager agreed and said I should go. it does not make the customer feel good when he is getting ripped off.

disrespectfull and rude

I know what you're going to think, I don't want free food. I frequent this establishment 4-5 times a week. This is the second day I ordered a bacon mcdouble, and they left off the bacon! When I brought it back in the manager rolled her eyes and said "so what". I find this lack of customer service despicable and will NEVER spend a nickel here again. I will also tell all my friends and family to boycott this store. This was the Mcdonalds on Holiday St. In Wichita Falls Texas

mC donalds main st. greenbayt

I used to go 4 days a week to eat as a cab driver.. I can count on them messing up 3 of those days every time.. Your store there is pathetic and mgr needs to be replaced... Burger King is my new place and I'm extremely happy.....

pitiful store

My complaint is the McDonald's in Jacksonville Florida in the Wal-Mart on beach Blvd they have roaches they fries salty and the general manager lovie be flirting with her employee in front of customers


My Macdonalds In Monroe, LA By Wossman High School Always Lies Like Their Frappe Machine Is Down. I Went In The Inside & They Said It Was Broke But I Went Through The Drive Through A Few Minutes Later And It Worked.

Horrible service

Waited in line got pulled up and they forgot my order store number 29445 in mandeville, la


The McDonald's in Farmerville La, is horrible my food is never right, ice cream is always down or something is wrong with it. I only go there now when I know this one young lady is there because I know she's going to make sure my order is made correct. She never have an attitude like the rest of them she's always smiling and telling to have a great day. Sometime I go just to see that smile it makes my day...

Bad food

The food at Mcdonalds in Lugoff, sc 29078 is literally slapped together & very, very messy not to count cold French fries!!!! Please help??!!!


Mc Donalds has un-healthy food change it on my family will not go to Mc Donald's

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