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mail clerk customer customer service

I never received an interview or phone call and I applied for that position on January 24th. I would appreciate for phone call to set up an interview

wonderful job

I worked at a Mcdonald's in Brunswick, GA as a manager for 5 years, I recently decided to leave so that I could move ahead in another job which may require a move out of the state. I just wanted to say that it was the best job that I've ever had the pleasure of working. The crew was great as well as upper management. I would just like to acknowledge all of them for their hard work and dedication.

unfair practices

How is it that one employee is fired for going to jail for an he for a misdemeanor (driving without a license ) but, yet they continue to employee another person whom has been to jail and charged on 3 separate occasions for the manufacturing and distribution of methenphedaman. This person had been changed with 3 "Federal" offenses and remains working for McDonald's still?????

McD's Stocks

I earned a McD's stock in 1981 as part of the winning team in that year's Hamburgerology University Seminar in Oakbrook, Chicago, Ill. McD's seems to lost my address, I didn't receive any message, letter or stockholder status since 1991. I'm asking four support in order to get an e-address to write about my concern. I'll appreciate help from anyone, thanks again for your time. Best regards from Panama,

Unsafe food

Bit down on something in the food, made part of my white resin filling come out.

Dangerous Food

I went to the Mc. Donalds at the Murrabella Shopping Center in St. Augustine, Fl. I bit down into the food and there was something so gritty, hard, crunchy, and felt so unnatural it made my skin crawl. I tried to get it out and it was hard, I spit out bits of my white resin filling into my hand. I am livid to say the least and I want to be contacted ASAP. I have not yet decided if I will send you the Dentist bill or get a Lawyer!


I sent a letter to your headquarters on 24 December 2013 and did not even get an acknowledgement and/or response!!!!

We traveled 1500 miles last week and mcDonalds was our choice for quick access to the interstate. The store on Wade Green in Kennesaw Georgia was the filthiest McDonalds I have ever seen. The stainless equipment looked like it had never been cleaned. I waited in one line to find out it was a cash only line. I moved to the only other line open and waited 20 minutes. One bite of lunch and we threw away the meals. The burgers didn't taste fully cooked. This store gives McDonalds a bad impression!

Holiday Pay

I agree with the previous post. I believe it is a disgrace to have young adults making a little more than minimum wage sacrificing their family time to increase the profits of a management team who had the privilege to stay home and enjoy their family that day.

holiday wages

I don't understand how a multi million dollar company can get a way with not paying at lest time & half to those who worked on Christmas I talk to a lot of people who work for your company and they let me know they were paid only straight time. I wonderhow many people know this.


Would love to see a franchise in our town. We have to travel 20+ miles, both ways to enjoy McDonald food. There's two burger joints in our town, but food not as good as McDonald's. The County fair would help to boost sales. There's definately a market in our town. It would put people to work. Please cnsider my request.


the review i wrote before was macclenny florida

Misfit manager and crew

Approach the Drive Thru and placed order. Started to drive on and heard voice asking if order is correct. As I was driving,I said I hope the order will be right. At window, an employee was asking something and I responded that I was in hurry and I wanted my order. I asked about the cost and then the employee asked her manager for her me. I believe her manner was very unsteady. I gave the manager my money and manager told me not to return. I have had troubles with Fairbury, NE. MC Drive Thru and I believe the staff are unsure and unclear on their roles. The manager is well. Way off on her response to me and I will leave the action up to you and owner


Thanks Mcdonalds you made me fat!

macdonalds in greenfield

Im very angry i had a order that was 9 dollars and i paid with a 20 dollar bill they owed me 10 back simple right not rlly they lost it!!!!!! I dont understand it. So in stead of giving me 10 dollars they just too my name and number down and said they wont find it im pissed off!!!!!

Crack heads

Just went to mcd on chestnut at in Washington pa ordered food took 20mins to get it cuz the ppl working we're talkin bout smokin weed an crack. Then they didn't get my order right so had to go back in. Sandwich wasn't cook all the way. Still bloody. Never goin back. Think Wendy's for now on.

Somrthings missing

Why when I go into McDonalds, in general, and order a coffee with my breakfast choice do I consistently have to ask for a stirrer? I've seen people stirring with their fork or knife or finger. They have to be inexpensive so why not put them on the tray?


Every flipping time I come to the mc.ds on 16 and broadway in council bluffs I ALWAYS have something wrong with my food weather there's a hair in my food a finger nail in my food or it's not the right stuff I ordered..... I was just wondering if anything you guys were going to train the people who work for you how to do their job and not put anything extra in the damn food like hair or fingernails that's gorss and I think the health department would love to hear about the hair and the finger nail in the food too.......... Y'all need to fix some things at that store and by the sounds of it cuz I read most of the other comments you need to do a lot of work at a lot of your stores... To bad I can't give y'all a negative rating cuz it'd be a negative 10 from me

working with boyfriend and girlfriend

Can not get serviced wirhout all the kissing in your brentwood long island and comack location you should never have these kids working together playing and messing up orders very bad look please help fix this mess

served old food

your Grayslake, il store serves old fries, dried out quarterpounders, ive been there a few times and its the same problem, im paying for a large fry in the meal i dont think they are giving me a large one. thank you,

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