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I go thru the mcdonald's in spring valley ny and I can not believe how rude it is when ever I go there they are always speaking very rude towards others and to think tis is to be a family place I will not go back there again that's for sure

McDonald's chapel hill,Nc

I feel I'm wronged I work there and my manager is rude disrespectful etc, then I tried to call her boss he doesn't have time for my concerns. I work hard and give them 100% I feel I should feel comfortable with my job and I don't

Senior Discount

SHAME on McDonald's for not giving Seniors a discount on food. Who cares about your Senior drink.

Cleveland Clinic Rep.

The operator was not very friendly. Ubrupt and made me feel like I was bothering her by calling.


I am a stockholder of McDonald's and every time I go thru the pick up line at your McDonald's at Atlantic, Iowa, I can't believe the potholes that have been there for months. From the order window (1) pickup window (1) and several more before the pick up window.

Complaint: Store 13648

There is a detailed video of the manner in which customers are asked to leave after paying for food in Store 13648. I am very offended after having supported your restaurant since the early 60's. I am asking for a detailed review of this event which is recorded and being shown on Facebook

customer service

GRU location customer service needs a lot of improving. Sign says open at 6:00 employees says 7:00. And do they have an attitude with the customers. It's not our fault their sign says they are to open at 6:00

Waited 20 min for an egg mc muffin asked to forget order and give money back manager refused after 30 min with no food we left

food will not grow mold

what is in your food that inhibits mold not to grow even after the products have been out for months

Better Pay

As an employee, I feel like we should get Holiday and Time and a Half for working ANY holiday. It is increasingly sad that as a billion dollar company, you over work your employees and fail to take into consideration that they have families, bills and other obligations and struggle to make ends meet due to low pay.

mean managers

golden arches located in pearl river la....managers have a very nasty disgusting attitude towards employees....

I love u n thank u

Long story short McDonald's u saved my life ...


Not a review, but since you don't take suggestions, I thought I would post it here. Make a small cup of mac 7 Cheese to put in happy meals or sell by it's self. Kids love mac & cheese. Call it McMac.

lousy hamburger

I bought 4 hallipienia hamburgers, to put it plain they sucked.! I bought them at cty rd 42 in Burnsville MN. The hamburgers were just thrown together, small patties, small halipenias the cheese was on crooked and they put NO onion crunchies on it , they are supposed to have them. The hamburger patties did not line up with each other. They were terrible, sucked!!. I will not go back to that MC Donald's ever again, lousy burgers.

Store Complain

Store # 5548 in Dublin, Ohio needs to replace their receipt machine. It prints to poorly that a customer cannot read it. If paying cash or using credit it is not crucial, but if a person was using a debit card it is crucial because a person needs to put the amount into their checking account. That is impossible because of a receipt printed that is not readable. I have been going to thes McDonald's for at least 9 years. The past three this has been happening. I have talked to them about it, but nothing changes.

getting your order rght

if you want your order right then don't go to the mcdonalds on southwest blvd.in san angelo tx. the last three times that I went there my order was wrong granted the first 2 times they made it right but the 3rd time I didn't have time to wait around so I just took it dont get me wrong I paid for what I got they just they just punch in the wrong item I will never set foot in there again 3 times in a row give me a break talk about incompitant wolrkers


I was to go to Mcdonalds for an interview, when I arrived on time for my interview, I was told the manager was not there and never called to say my interview was canceled or even try to reschedule it. My parents took off of work and I took half my day trying to get ready and and get my self siked up to go. I would never go to that mcdonalds they are unorganized and rude on top. 2107 E. Joppa road.

Low carbs diet

I love bagels mc muffins wish you could start carrying them for yr breakfast and lunch items carbs in breads have been upsetting my stomach so I have been removing one of the buns or my muffins when I eat at McDonald's mabe have thin bagels and muffins could mabe thinner

mcd law to be inside

what is the time limit to be in mcd

Yelling in a foreign tongue

My wife and I went into the only Golden Arches in town. That is in the city of West Yellowstone, Montana. There were 5 or 6 young, I believe, Korean girls. They were more interested in Speaking in their own tongue and finishing what they had to say. Finding out what the customers wanted was second place. Shame on who ever lets that continue. We will NOT be returning to that location. That franchise owner needs to learn and teach customer service.

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