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Love it!!

I don't know what these negative reviews are all about but, I must say from my personal experience massage Envy is a very special place for me to go and just relax. The service is top notch and the therapist I go to is very friendly and caring. I live in San Jose California and I love it!!!

Mislead and Dissatisfied

Massage Envy is a company with no integrity and no core values. The customer is only valued at the time they sign a contract . However, once you've made the commitment and they have your signature the customer service to the individual is void. I encourage anyone that is looking for a Massage facility to do their research on this company. Their associates are great at the dog and pony show, they even fill out your contract all you have to do is initial. This is a complaint against the facility Beware when joining this organization as they charge your credit card for every service,which is expected,however there is a hassle when you want to terminate your account. The service was great at first, however they seem to utilize individuals that do not speak English or do not understand English, or barely legal "adults" . The therapist are almost always fresh out of school and never seem to last for long for some reason. Perhaps due to being dissatisfied? I can only guess that their pay is low based on how cheap the massage is. . I was never satisfied, so I went to another location in Imperial Oaks,Spring Texas,who is more accommodating,than The Woodlands,Market Street Location. It has been my experience,you are penalized/charged, when you are not able to keep an appointment, however it is okay for them,to cancel,or change your appointment on their behalf. I submitted my letter to cancel my account, however they say that I must speak with the Manager Barbara,who has yet to call me. She really does not want any of this. The fight is on.

satisfied customer

I have been to several locations and all have been clean, and quite with a professional and friendly staff. As far as I've known this has been a great deal for a massage once a month. I am a satisfied member for almost 2yrs now. My only complaint is that I've lost a few massages that I couldn't make and was still charged.

I moved and tried to transfer my membership to my new location (VA). Until I decided to cancel my membership in Feb with last charge to my card in march. My card was compromised so they weren't able to draw the last payment. To my suprise it was the new location who tried to collect the payment. So I told the VA location I canceled my membership with NC. Of course VA do not have a record of it. Then NC could not explain what happened and why it got transferred. Bottom line they just want their money for the extra months that they got confused. Neither of the branches were apologetic nor claiming responsibility. I have an email traffic confirming my cancellation but VA is still insisting that I submit a cancellation form to them that will,cause,me to pay 3 more months of membership. They also send me a letter because I will be delinquent with my payments for the 3rd month which would have been canceled if they didn't make a mistake. No resolution yet. Just being bounced between the two branches. This company don't even deserve a star. The massage therapists are good but their business practice is horrible. I do not recommend.

appointment messed up

I purchased a membership in Jan or Feb2013, I go every third Wed of the month. When I went to my March app, I scheduled my next app for April 17th. The girl put me in for May 17th, & guess what they did not have an opening for me.

SCAM Company

Massage Envy is a scam. We suspended our service. Our credit card expired and they kept trying to charge us. Sent us into collections! Do NOT do business with Massage Envy!

Terrible Customer Service

Do not use this business!! I bought my wife a gift card and she did not want to use it. I called 2 days after purchasing it and I was told I could not get my credit card refunded. I spoke to the manager and asked to speak to the owner. I was told on multiple phone calls that he was too busy. I found it interesting that he managed to find time to respond to a better business bureau complaint. Still no solution, so I am filing a complaint with my credit card company and another complaint agency.


I got a massage 3 weeks ago at massage envy and I believe I have a bruised or cracked rib. I don't have medical coverage and can't go see a doctor. It would be nice if you all would cover the cost of a doctors visit xray included. Hillsboro or office tanasborne.


I have a membership ! I can never get in to us my membership! I find the women that greet you at the front at the one in El Paso Texas off Joe Battle very stuck up and not pleasant at all!!! Why have a membership if you don't get carts blah over walk ins!!! As soon as I get caught up I am canceling my member ship they always rip you off and cheat you on your hour and the messages are not that great!

Horrible all the way around. Rediculous everything. Stay away.

I wish I read these reviews

I wish I read these reviews before I signed a membership. The Laguna Beach, CA location fits in with all the rest of the negative reviews. Awful management. Don't ever go here! Don't ever sign anything!! They will say anything, but do not trust a word of it!!

Stay Away

Never have I been more insulted, such rude people and I would never go back. They refused to give me my scheduled massage because I had a glass of wine before the massage to relax and they accused me of being drunk, slurring my words and refused to refund my money. There will be a lawsuit against Massage Envy from me and the two other friends that were with me.

massage envy sucks

Massage envy is running a credit card scam once they get your info they keep charging you after your term is up

Law suit waiting to happen!

This establishment has the worst service and is certainly a scam. Don't be tempted to believe what they tell you and do NOT give them your credit card. They will hold it hostage and give you very little time to use any services that you have already paid for! The more I think about it, the more I believe that there may be cause for a class action law suit. I will look into that for sure. Buyer beware! The ratings are 1 starred for good reason.

Don't do it!!!

While the massages are average, they run a crazy racket on getting your money. They make you sign up for a membership and then if you don't have the time to use the massages your membership "expires" and you lose the massages that you already paid for!! Additionally, when you finally decide to stop paying for massages that you aren't able to use, they require a 30 day notice to cancel your membership. It's a huge racket! Don't waste your money.

rude to employees

I was employed by Massage Envy for a while until one day while I was waiting to be paid at the end of the day and was told I would have to wait to get my pay regardless of the appointment I had to go to at the end of the day. They told me "customers first, employees second" and that I would have to wait for my pay regardless of my appointment. Employees sometimes are what makes the company and brings in the customers. Needless to say, I am no longer there.

always loved going to massage Envy. I have been going for years. At this time in my life I have decided to stop. I was told I had to give 30 day notice, so I had to pay for an extra month. Now I am told I need a doctors note to leave the program or I will be charged again. What a scam. Great when you are a member but they keep you a hostage

NOT a professional establishment

I wanted to become a customer and wasnt given a chance! I made my appointment online for a first prenantal massage at Massage Envy at the Dana Point location. I received a response saying someone will be contacting me shortly to confirm my appointment. Well that was 4 days ago. I have called the office multiple times as well and have never had anyone pickup the line, After listening to the voicemail and being able to press 1 to leave a message, it then tells me this part of the inbox has not been set up. The appointment times that I requested have come and gone at this point. I have an appointment with Burke Williams this evening, a true PROFESSIONAL ESTABLISHMENT that I can count on. Massage envy in Dana Point lost a potential customer this week. I will reflect my feeling of Massage Envy to anyone who asks me recommendation of a place... my response, "go anywhere but massage Envy".

Excellant Service

I have been going to Massage Envy in Palm Desert, CA and in Bend, OR for three years. I have always gotten personal, friendly customer service.There has been some minor problems with billing which they have always corrected immediately.

I'm an employee at a massage envy and a few of us have noticed our tips have been short. In other words our cash tips seem to be disappearing. Management seems to be dragging their feet and unwilling to verify if these clients are just not leaving a tip. If the clients aren't leaving a tip then that's fine, it happens, but if they're leaving a tip and we're not getting it then there's a serious problem. I have never had this happen before and I don't know what to do without the fear of possibly losing my job or being forced to leave. So I'm posting this in hopes of someone being able to point me in the right direction. Also I found out that this has been a problem in the past and no efforts were made to reclaim the tips that were stolen from what I was told anyways. Any suggestions would be really appreciated, thank you.

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