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Charge issues

I was double charged at the Tysons store, first the cashier rang up one item 2times and when I brought it to his attention he rang me up again charging my card 2 times and then he said he will credit back the first incorrect charge. It has been 3 days and the money has not gone back on my card causing charges I made that day elsewhere to draft charges to my account

BBB report

Please every one report all your issues to the BBB as Marshalls should be shut down. Worst Corporate EVER. There should be a -10 in the rating!

called corporate office today and messae is office closed for Columbus day holiday except today oct 14 is not Columbus day

Don't write no on cares!!

If you write to headquarters no one responds! No one cares in this company!!! Horrible customers service. They will check you out when they damn well please!!!

My privacy violated know someone else know my information

I open a credit card at store the process easy! I didn't like the GRIL who keep standing near the register blonde young keep looking while the lady put information put in computer private! Nobody told her move from that erea!

Just Awlfull

Worst customer service I have ever had in your Cranston store!!


Secaucus store worst place you work for the managers so mean to the employee the work based

rude manger mall of the Americas miami fl.

I bought a pair of coach plastic sandals $35 and wore them once they broke and i took them with the tags and box i lost the receipt the manger wouldn't exchange them for me and they still had them there i will call corporate office to complain that so unfair

Marshalls in adventura

I wen to return a pair of shoes I wore for about two hours I lost my recite an d the manager said I couldn't return them I told her I just wanted to exchange them for a size that doesn't fit so tight she had attitude and walk away

In a Christmas Eve rush I bought Booda Bones from Marshalls and gave them to my dog when I got home. She is now not eating and is sleeping in the closet away from people. I looked on the Website and saw there was a recall for these bones if made in China. These say made in USA but she is having all the symtems of a sick dog.


I was in the Narragansett Rhode Island store last week, there was a small dog in a carriage with an older woman. Another woman was telling a manager that she is deathly allergic to dogs, the manager's response was that they can be in the store if they are in the carriage. The customer was begging for help and the woman said that the other customer has a right to have the dog. I was so disgusted by the lack of concern that I left my full carriage and will never return to any Marshall's store again. In the parking lot the other woman was starting to break out in hives when I went over to her, her lips were swollen and she was headed to the ER. I hope Marshall's realizes the danger they put people in for a few extra dollars


I was shopping in the Narragansett Rhode island Store, horrible treatment from a male employee whos name tag was suspiciously turned around. it was pretty quiet in there for the time of year, but he actually told me to stop asking so many questions and if I needed help to walk to the front of the store and ask the manager. (HUH???) I left my basket there and will never return.

Wilmington NC

This store is a disgrace and dirty ! The store manager is rude and a nasty. I will not shop here any more. I think the officials need to visit from the home office and see for then selfs without telling anyone that they are coming!!

Unhappy Customer Experience

I have been going to the store on Glades Rd in Boca Raton Florida and they have a Brazilian manager that is rude to the point that one should ask if it is worth to ever buy at this store ever again. Terrible customer experience and this person should be working at another job where she does not have to see people. Perhaps she should be in a zoo.

I was in one of your stores in Memphis, TN today but had to walk out. I could not walk the store. You really need to have some wheel chairs or the riders like Walmart. I was looking for several things but!

Terribly Rude Managers

The Managers at the North Naples store are very rude to there employees. I used to work there but I quit after the Manager changes There is a female Manager who barely speaks English and she has the be the rudest person there I had to return something and 1st of all she didn't return it by the policy and second I'm not even sure of what she was saying because her English was so poor. If you're going to work in the U.S. speak English, if not go back to Puerto Rico! And she was bossing the poor kids around who could speak English and were doing a great job. Those poor kids probably make $8-$9 an hour. A monkey could do their job. There was no need for that rudeness. In fact I wanted my son to apply there but after that I said no thanks.

Bad Management

I've never witnessed Managers talking so bad to there employees ever. The main age of the employees are 18-45 and the Managers talk so bad to them in front of customers. I was so Embarassed. They talk to them like I don't even know what. They only make $8 or minimum wage and a monkey could do there job. It's not they're fault that the managers don't have degrees and have to work there day in and day out. It was terrible what they do. I just had to complain.

Shopping Experience

Your store in on Jamaica Ave in Queens, NY is unreasonable. Items on clearance at other Marshall's in Long Island are full price in Jamaica. The manager is a pig. Many times there are only a few cashiers and a couple who are not helpful or mindful of customers. It's unfortunate that they try to take advantage of people of lower economic status. All in all, they are terrible. They don't give discounts for things that are damaged nor do they try to find you a duplicate. I guess that's the last time I shop there and all of my friends as the Marshall's attitude seems to be "we don't need your sale."

Marshalls #240 Buena Park, Ca .it needs a management over hall. These managers mistreats their employees on a daily basis in front of customers and talks down to them like they are stupid. In January I witnessed a female member of management telling a employee that they had been condescending to a shopper which they just helped. I personally have never had a issue with this long term employee, in fact she always went out her way with great customer service, but now I heir she has been terminated. You guys in upper management should be ashamed about how you talk down to hard workers.

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